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  1. Climate related health issues. Seems on topic? https://files.catbox.moe/2lp077.mp4
  2. The list for excuses in the media for sudden death and heart problems has been growing more and did I miss any? covid/long covid goes without saying. Causes for sudden death or heart attack: Any physical activity sudden death, plowing snow, taking paracetamol, moving clocks forward an hour, skipping breakfast, weather, being a football fan, pandemic stress poor diet, cannabis use, referee whistles, fizzy drinks cause stroke, Flu, rising bills, climate change changing babies more chance of heart problems, ukraine invasion, being sarcastic, napping, artificial light during sleep, extra serving of red meat linked to big rise in heart disease risk, over thinking poisons the brain, extreme weather rise in heart disease, video games, tennis practice, tiny particles in the air causes heart attack, breathing too many times per day, stress from christmas holidays and change in schedule, compound found in eggs linked to an enhanced risk of blood clotting, soil, air pollution leads to irregular heart beat, gardening (as activity), hot weather causes breathing problems, taking a shower, common cold causes blood clot, being too happy cause heart attack,
  3. it is fucking dumb How we put up with this for so long you know it is not all bad there is still a lot people that are aware of this ridiculous shit
  4. Either way I doubt our government is even aware of a fart in a barn
  5. The athletes are edge cases in the grand scheme of things. The first to show up as potentially problematic.
  6. Let us face the reality they poisoned the blood of billions of people.
  7. You have to take the heart poison in order to be eligible for the heart transplant
  8. it took him 6 boosters to finally realise that they are not as effective as they said they were.
  9. https://x.com/disclosetv/status/1757151287026561417?s=20 Covid vaccine injured man to UK PM: "We're silenced."
  10. Not sure if jab related but this guy died coughing up blood on an airplane, never heard of anything like that before https://uk.yahoo.com/news/horrified-plane-passengers-witness-man-081925645.html
  11. https://archive.is/rihT2 Strategies to reduce the risks of mRNA drug and vaccine toxicity
  12. At this point we need a name for died suddenly. I am thinking pfized or jabbered.
  13. If they turbo jabbed the king with boosters. That should be a national security risk. Good job we don't live in the real world.
  14. Hoping for him that it is not a jabbed turbo cancer and it is just a normal cancer.
  15. Listen to this story from a guy at work. His wives, father in law, developed cancer of the pancreas and his symptoms were basically upset stomach/pain. When they looked in to his cancer, it had already spread to his bowel and kidney. This guy had turbo cancer, within 6 months he was dead, in the end he weigh 19kg and was in so much pain as even morphine stopped working. He had developed cancer in the bones by the time he died. All within a short time frame from healthy to sick. Oh by the way he was 59. Now we are seeing Dr Makis did a report on canadian doctors dying and getting turbo cancer and now doctors and police were some of the first to get the jabs. So if we see mass deaths we should notice it first in their groups and that is exactly what we are seeing.
  16. Thailand Issues Warning About COVID Jabs: ‘They Cause Cancer and Brain Tumours’ https://thepeoplesvoice.tv/thailand-issues-warning-about-covid-jabs-they-cause-cancer-and-brain-tumours/
  17. There is two of them now? Those are massive, what causes them do we know that?
  18. https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/85717/european-parliament-votes-to-keep-secret-pfizer-contracts-withheld-from.html EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT VOTES TO KEEP SECRET PFIZER CONTRACTS WITHHELD FROM PUBLIC
  19. Local woman 34 in the local news for having inoperable cancer tumour and few months left to live. Seems to be becoming the norm now people in their 30s dying.
  20. Funny I was thinking about that trust the science line that they came out with and strangely I didn't think of it at the time but trust the science? haha the same science that still thinks two buildings collapsed in to their own foot print at free fall speed. haha.
  21. The whole thing is shocking. The government granted the suppliers complete indemnity, why do that, especially on an emergency approved medicine that was apparently only tested in one study before it was approved for all ages. It makes little logical sense.
  22. I suspect they will phase our embalming and burials as well eventually, that will help cover up all the artificial blood clot deaths if they do manage to do that but there is still a lot of religious that might insist, so we will see. I suspect they will get away with it for all non religious by making it cheaper or subsidizing it.
  23. Apparently NASA did a survey of a saturn moon and came to the conclusion that it had oil and gas, that would prove that either they are not fossil fuels or oddly the moon had animal life haha If it turned out that oil was made in the earths crust the question would still be how quickly can it create it, because if it takes like millions of years to create a reserve of oil then it wouldn't matter if it was not a fossil fuel or not.
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