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  1. Did you hear about Fenbendazole for treating cancer? https://internalhealingandwellnessmd.com/fenbendazole-for-cancer/
  2. https://kirschsubstack.com/p/covid19-vaccines-linked-to-myocarditis March 1st 2022 is when I uploaded that pfizer document side effect list to pastebin and that was released by court order that listed all the side effects. https://pastebin.com/rjRv8jai
  3. My grand father who was a holocaust survivor and escaped by crawling through a sewage pipe, he knew Biden's great uncle. Well he had covid and bird flu at the same time and survived it, probably because he has had 9 covid boosters 3 bird flu boosters.
  4. bio security Health security agency
  5. Some argue that the original description of NLP was more around manipulative public speaking but that has been hijacked in the search results to mean something else.
  6. "According to NLP theory, the approach can help you improve communication with your unconscious mind and modify your mental “programs,” or the models guiding your interactions. Clearly expressing conscious needs and desires to your unconscious mind makes it possible for your mind to “get” those things for you."
  7. Sorry I did not read the thread, but did anyone mention neuro linguistic programming or NLP? Would you consider that different?
  8. https://vidmax.com/video/228428-celine-dion-releases-horrific-video-of-one-of-her-seizures-that-has-ended-her-career Celine Dion Releases Horrific Video Of One Of Her Seizures That Has Ended Her Career
  9. It is a shame the graphics never show the grey skys and raining and the litter and drug addict that just puked on the corner. The unkept landscaping, the graffiti, the brown water. haha
  10. New film about covid hospital protocols, looks like he is asking for money though. https://badmedicinemovie.org
  11. Labour to allow more ridiculous on shore wind, as it eases the restrictions. https://montelnews.com/news/357824c0-789e-4428-aaec-4391a80301ad/labour-would-overturn-ban-on-uk-onshore-wind-shadow-minister In its manifesto, released last week, Labour confirmed it aims to “work with the private sector” to double onshore wind, triple solar and quadruple offshore wind capacity by 2030. We are have situation where the inmates are running the asylum.
  12. Labour party going extreme on solar power and wind because they need it for their new energy company.
  13. They are estimating that life expectancy for children born in the last 10 years would have been 103 year old, if they had not intervened and committed vaccine genocide. We couldn't have 6 billion 103 year olds now could we, for one we don't have enough walkers or tatty wool rugs or rose curtains.
  14. Great talk on regenerative agriculture vs the big farming aka Bill Gates death farming.
  15. 37% reduction in life expectancy, damn, genocide it is. In other news a Dutch scientist calculated that the covid jabs have caused 35 million deaths globally so far.
  16. If bird flu kicks off, I am buying this costume and wearing it every time I go to the supermarket
  17. https://odysee.com/@redicetv:1/the-covid-to-hate-pipeline-and-imprisonment-for-protesting-covid-rules-morgan-may:0 Morgan May joins Lana from Canada to discuss her association with Diagolon and how what started as a funny fictitious meme nation became Canada's scapegoat to usher in new totalitarian hate speech laws. We'll also cover her outrageous imprisonment for protesting against Covid era lies near the residence of Nova Scotia chief medical officer Dr. Robert Strang and what followed.
  18. I didn't realise Australia was still at it.
  19. yea I think I was technically wrong they are saying now it is 59% and 20% of the total voting population. Still the point remains a large portion of the people voting for the winning party are government employees. It would be like mcdonalds employees voting for the manager that promises them to biggest raise and most time off. But of course they are civil servants, they are gods workers in human form. Wait until the voter turn out gets to 40% and then 20% haha. The government employees and the immigrants will be the only ones left voting.
  20. haha Lammy as foreign secretary what a clown show.
  21. So Labour got 33% of the vote with a 50% turn out so 16.5% of the voting population. 46.5 million total voting population of which 16.5% is 7672500 total government employees 5.95 million 5.95 million is 77.5% 7672500 Basically we are in a situation where government employees could be dictating the party that runs the government of the country, a conflict of interest anyone? OK, Surely not all government employees vote or vote labour, I would love to see a poll on which way those government employee's vote, my mind suggests close to 100% vote labour. Another thought, 10 million immigrants in the country, if those 10 million immigrants banded together and voted, they could quite easily dictate the party that runs the government.
  22. Watch out for what they inject in you at the dentist.
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