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  1. https://ourworldindata.org/soil-lifespans
  2. The epitome of health. Poison on your hands, cover your mouth with a cloth to prevent fresh air, stay inside do not exercise, social distance from other people reduce immune response, take poison in the arm muscle. I am surprised they haven't mandated a diet of mcdonalds and starbucks coffee.
  3. Festival going ahead in Chicago no outbreaks but they still pushing masks and vaccines in Chicago.
  4. He just a new people always come in with the same questions and sometimes they just need the same answers that we all already aware of. Not sure how to avoid that.
  5. In fact there is a lot of evidence that they cause far more harm than they do good. Here is two studies that suggest the flu vaccine increases the rate of flu. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0163508 https://peerj.com/articles/10112/ Here are two articles that claim vaccines increase health problems in children https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/lessons-from-the-lockdown-why-are-so-many-fewer-children-dying/ https://archive.is/DHYt3 (now retracted probably due to death threats from big pharma)
  6. Polio and other viruses they "cured" with vaccines were already in decline due to improvements in refrigeration and sanitation before the vaccines became mandatory. They basically took the credit for it.
  7. Here is a video that covers the topic in more detail https://www.bitchute.com/video/KayV6LW0MBo5/ Personally I think bacterial infections of the throat and lungs can be transferred through coughing and similar. The question is whether this is a virus or not, i think that is technical argument.
  8. The reason they say that covid doesn't exist is a technical one. If you look in to seriously, many people have explained it in detail. It has not been isolated and the way they say it exists is through a study and with the study they used a computer to generate most of the gene sequence. I am not a scientist, so better listen to a scientist explain it in more detail.
  9. Whether viruses exists or not is a different topic than whether covid exists or not. There has been people that have disputed the germ theory of medicine. Some argue that it is only nutrients and environmental factors that contribute to ill health, as well as parasite or infections, like food poisoning or a cut that becomes infected or a fungus. The idea that viruses are in our saliva and floating through the air and landing on surfaces where they can be exchange between people is disputed as well. What we do know is that it is clear that people do experience what we call flu like symptoms and cold like symptoms.
  10. No one said they made the entire thing up. The pharmaceuticals are trying to sell the vaccines so manipulated government and society in to the pandemic and while doing so the government played fake emergency and went full commie in the process. The full commie lockdowns does appear to be preplanned as to achieve the restrictions on travel that has allowed them to take global control of all the borders. This will allow them to eventually implement global open borders at the behest of their control. Where they can dictate who can travel and can't based on criteria they invent. Once those systems are in place for a medical justification, it will be merged in to general justifications. Also the negative impact on the economy was pre planned as well, they want to destroy as many small businesses as they can and reduce productivity. Not to mention the vaccines designed to make everyone infertile not to make people immune from a made up virus.
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