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  1. #Meningitis due to cerebrospinal fluid leak after nasal swab testing for COVID-19. CONCLUSION Cerebrospinal fluid fistulas appear as a result of the rupture between barriers from the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses from the suba- rachnoid spaces. A woman in her 40s presented with unilateral rhinorrhea, metallic taste, headache, neck stiffness, and photophobia. The patient had recently completed nasal COVID-19 testing for an elective hernia repair. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaotolaryngology/fullarticle/2771362 The patient had completed a nasal r
  2. At a Moderna site in Texas adverse reactions are caught on film. The procedure right after being injected is to sit in your vehicle for 15 minutes and honk your horn for medical assistance if any adverse reaction takes place. (1min) IMG_6005.MP4
  3. The question is are they needlessly killing 100k animals because of some misdirected and corrupted health official who thinks he sees sick animals or are there realy sick animals and a contagious virus leading to the need for killing so many animals. I assume they tell the farmers you can either pay for expensive vaccine/medicine or kill all your chickens because otherwise we will not permit for them to be sold or used for production. They did the same in Denmark with minks and I wonder if they will be using this more now that they have managed to lie about virus contagiousness. Next they will
  4. What do you think about these virus scares in animals that causes them to kill 100ks of animals? Is it all a fraud? for what purpose? pushing farm health compliance laws? https://www.naijanews.com/2021/04/11/__trashed-28/
  5. Just keep seeing 1000s of reports of people having their lives ruined by this bloody vaccine and then hearing my family are still going to get second dose, even though they can't travel and they can see fuck all is going back to normal because they got it. It is madness.
  6. No the Vaccine is their god, the government is Jesus Christ and the masks are the holy spirit the trinity of covid.
  7. Church of covid with The Mask as their god?
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