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  1. Yea the guy says two completely factually incorrect statement. 1) There is no harm wearing a mask 2) There are no clinical studies showing the harms of mask wearing. Both are dead WRONG!
  2. Here is a video from 7 years ago of his with 79 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oA3W1BHpfI So not realy a result of covid. I would be interested to see his sub and viewer stats. I am surprised he made 800k in one year from youtube. Must be some other income.
  3. wow the guy has 2.3 million subs. That is a lot for a guy who talks about what he does.
  4. They all lined up for the mrna injectables so *shrug*
  5. The attacks on the food supply are constant. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/chickens-killed-in-fire-at-connecticut-egg-farm-17749860.php https://www.theblaze.com/news/egg-farm-fire-prices-chicken-killed
  6. https://seedsforgenerations.com/seed-shop-fire/ Family who sells seeds to help people grow their own food has “mysterious” fire that destroyed their seed barn
  7. Can you imagine being responsible for killing your own child and boasting about it on twitter?
  8. The problem with butchers I find is the opening hours, they close too early and don't open on weekends. Their own fault for going out of business in my opinion. Sure supermarkets destroyed the butchers and bakeries but they didn't try opening longer hours at all, their own doing. They could easily have a young lad there at the counter selling the meats after they gone home and stopped cutting etc. It is just like the bakeries, they closed by lunch time on Saturday. So have to get rubbish Tesco bakeries open to 11pm or buy those rolls/buns that last 9 months.
  9. I try buy from local butcher if you can find any non halal that are left. What else can we do? it is fucking bad situation.
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