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  1. It's going both ways, for every one waking up, there's a thousand getting into deeper sleep, furthermore the pile of lies keeps getting bigger and more complicated every moment. I'd say it's not a matter of being stupid or misinformed, not knowing something, it's all about deep feelings, particularly a feeling of safety. Subconsciously, people don't want to part with it no matter what. Let go of it, and even the "dumbest" person very quickly will become open and be able see what's going on. But the thing is, there's nothing one can do, you can't force someone, neither yourself to l
  2. Whose hypocrisy? Do you think Trump can press a button and magically make everything he doesn't like disappear but chooses not to? It's complicated, there are all kinds of reasons that change everything, legal and whatnot you're not aware of, in this case the obvious one is that these are US companies. Notice how with these kind of short-sighted conclusions you're creating and fueling your own bias. It's all damn complicated, Trump isn't a god who gets to decide everything. http://www.madnesshub.com/2020/07/google-ceo-admits-company-engages-in.html
  3. I only got a couple of posts and risk of sounding like a shill because Icke seems anti-Trump but... it's a slogan, abbreviation of a phrase related to Q persona and movement, which basically is a US military intelligence group throwing info breadcrumbs anonymously, clues on what's happening behind the scenes. They're going against well...the Illuminati, the deep state, globalists, whatever you want to call it, all of the branches and the entire system that's trying to enslave us. Trump is part of it, directly working for them, he's 100% involved one way or the other. That's just the very basic
  4. It's absolutely sickening. I thought at least the mask thing was over, I got used to most people not wearing them too anymore, but now it's obvious that until things drastically change in the US, nothing will change here too, we will see a 3rd, 5th, whatever wave of whatever bullshit. People can see, feel, think about reality with their own minds and eyes but they're conditioned into not doing it. They're not too stupid to see the truth, it's just that the truth scares them too much. Nobody wants to live in a world where the media, the state and literally everything is against you while e
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