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  1. To macnamara: i think psychopathism is a major element of intellectual music, whether jazz or classical. everyone who listens to intellectual music will act like a psychopath with the first attempt to scare the other listeners with facial expressions or other such behaviors to become the dominant listener to then pick harmony melody and inversion to then proceed with thoughts of slutty women groping themselves all at once. I know well enough of what intellectual listeners do to be the top intellect. I know in the modern world there is a diplomacy with psychic entities as to be given extra dimensional abilities. The psychic listeners have many psychopathic methods and techniques to be the most superior musician or listener. This is just a fact I have grown to understand. That’s why I take breaks and just pay attention to dead space. So with that, Frank Zappa, Anton Webern, John Coltrane could have been superior entities that achieved a human conspiracy.
  2. I ponder this in realization at how advanced some music is. Frank Zappa described his guitar solos as air sculptures and describes music as controlling air particles. Varese spent his time drawing out spirals of many mathematical sequences. Such ideas and habits I have felt are other worldly. Jimmy Carl Black, the drummer of the mothers of invention stated and I paraphrase, “Frank did not sleep once on our three month European tour”, “he was not of this earth”. One thing I’ve learned from intellectual music, the composers steal all their material. This fits in to a conjecture by David Icke I once heard concerning archons, David Ickes name for reptilians, he stated there was a recently discovered an Egyptian scroll which described that humans can create a new idea from scratch and that an archon as titled, can not, but instead steal ideas and concepts or art and reorganize them. Igor Stravinsky once stated, “the best composers don’t copy, they steal”. The bizarre one scale modal technique that Frank Zappa is institutionally known for is actually derived from the classical Indian music method of improvisation. Also Zappa is known for stealing ideas from his musicians. I think if these composers can be so smart and write the most advanced music it would be possible they were space entities. This fits into my suspicions and is my haphazard argument.
  3. Could there be made an argument that Frank Zappa and other intellectual musicians and composers could have been reptilians?
  4. Could there be made an argument that Frank Zappa and other super intellectual musicians and composers could have been reptilians?
  5. rtf

    grey aliens

    Is there such thing as grey aliens and has David Icke ever discussed grey's?
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