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  1. Hi all. My name is Nicolas Dekeijzer born in Belgium living for the last 22 years on the Canary Islands. I am so happy to have found the Icke family including critical thinking and using common sense. On the other hand I am angry that I start realizing that I am living in a world of sheep. The other day an image crossed my mind that the state of the world of free and strong thinkers is that weak that if a newspaper would write that putting babies until 6 months old in a microwave, because that would make them virus free, people would probably mail them with questions like how many minutes they are talking about. It just blows my mind (and then not again) how obedient the general population is now a days. On the other hand it is obvious that it is time for change. Hopefully this way of forming groups of free and critical thinkers will have any input in the matters we live in today.
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