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  1. Very good Steph. That was a brilliant synopsis. Thanks!
  2. With all due respect 'Free your Mind', you sound hopelessly naive. There will be no threat of terrorism in the skies if the people behind Covid 19 gain control. Muslims don't have the clout or intelligence to organize the takeover of American airspace or even the rape of prepubescent children without the help of Shin Bet, Mossad or Unit 8200. What planet are you living on for God's sakes. Please don't tell me that you believe a Muslim living in a cave with a funny beard and 19 friends, planned and executed the destruction of the twin towers? I will be deeply disappointed if you do.
  3. Of course their is. The Jew fears the white man because of his intellect and ability to reason months in advance. They learned a mighty lesson from Adolf. Blacks and Asian are easy meat cannon fodder for the Jew to overwhelm because they will submit to a box flat and food in their bellies but the white European man with his culture, traditions and war like history behind him is a formidable foe. The only way they can overcome this 'infidel' is by swarming the leaders with copious amounts of money which they earned by altering the stock markets and subjugating them. The rest is easy.
  4. Great videos which made me laugh so much I was slapping my thighs. I didn't know until now that Des O'Connor was a 'Front Wheel Skid...... O' Conner is not exactly Jewish but when you know what to look for, he has very Jewish features. At 2:35 he announces the fact that there is a very 'Kosher audience'. That's the cue for Manning to proceed with the Jewish jokes. O'Conner wasn't a rancid Zionist..how could he be with a name like that. There are good Jews around...the trouble is finding them.
  5. I loved Des O'Connor and I've been overcome with grief since his passing. Des was a 4 x 2 but not noticeably so. He interviewed some people posing as comedians who had no respect for political correctness. I think Manning is an Anti-Semite who should be exhumed and have his body / bones fed to rabid dogs.
  6. Apologies BC, I'm so engrossed in 'masonfreeparty's post dated 11th October regarding Pier's Corbyn and the solar minimum that I won't be able to respond until tomorrow. It is such engrossing and fascinating literature and I'm just thankful that such a masterful, cerebral work of literature wasn't beamed off somewhere before I had a chance to fully absorb all the intellectual detail. When my mind is taxed so heavily, I instantly fall asleep. Thank you for not removing this post.
  7. Ok Basket Case, I get where you're coming from now, thanks. As long as posts contain pictures, links and a video without any kind of cerebral writing content they will remain in the general chat forum. This is an obvious disadvantage to me as I have long been intrigued by artistic expression where I can observe the brains patterns of thinking which become unusually active in the brain. I have absolutely no idea what the message is you are trying to convey but I shall follow the comments, observe any subsequent video and click on the links. Hopefully, by employing this methodology, I will become wise.
  8. Without him perhaps there would have maybe been no Beatles. There are a few films of the early Beatles as 16/17 year olds - how they met, how and where they formed a band, the Hamburg days on YT which are brilliant (for me.) I've watched them over and over. It just reiterates the fact that because they all knew each other so well and came from the same background etc, that is 75% of the battle won when you have four people with the same personalities, the same aspirations and the same level of creativity. Harrison was younger than the rest so wasn't too bothered about bursting the McCartney, Lennon monopoly.
  9. Not a chance! The music nowadays is beyond atrocious. My dad was a jazz musician and he said the exact same thing to me about rock and blues bands but it really is a whole new degenerate and abysmal level nowadays. Take this video above you..... 'Starlight - Numero Uno' . If you take away the computer manufactured synthesized sounds you'd be listening to a deafening silence. It's worse than atrocious and cannot be called music. And these hip hop guys? Some of the lyrics are quite meaningful and I thought that guy Immortal Technique was worth a listen as there was a soul and depth to what he was singing about, albeit that the best song of his was an old Andy Williams song. Kids hear a cover version by by Taylor Shit or Ahell and think its great when in fact, the original song was by Bob Dylan, Billy Joel or the Eagles. They kill the song. The old Blues masters like Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, Muudy Waters, Howlin' Wolf all had their songs copied of course by Cream, Led Zep but there was still an awful lot of originality and the songs that were copied were infinitely better versions. Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads' was nothing compared to Cream's version. As for those black musicians nowadays...an absolute fucking drugged up degenerate disgrace considering it was Blues, Jazz and Gospel music which derived from the slave trade that spawned modern music. Their only motivation for becoming a pop star is to get inside the pants of a white woman. By the way, I think Queen were awful. Not surprising really when there influences came from the likes of Sweet Give me Emerson Lake and Palmer any day. Have a whiff of this Fifth Element and you come back and tell me how good your offering was!
  10. I guess I get that! I think I expect too much here. I like reading about other people's way of dealing with things concerned with authoritarian and political matters. There will be another site somewhere no doubt but always the same problem persists. The trouble is shocking standards of literacy not just among mentally ill people who have their obvious problems but with your average person. I've led a very privileged life having been born and grown up in this particular era and over the past twenty years I've fucked with the heads of people who thought they were more powerful because they had a title . I get so sick of all those posts containing videos and links by people who are barely able to read and write. There are handful here who do appreciate a good fable and make good comments but I was hacked off this morning when I saw my last post had been removed to some obscure section of the forum as I thought it was worth a read. I guess I would.
  11. Firstly 'SOATB', may I recommend to you that you buy your own coffee beans and grinder instead. This instant gratification that pervades and penetrates our society only highlights itself when you realize that even mundane foodstuffs such as mashed potato and coffee are more attractive to some just because they are 'instant'. It's all rather vulgar. The Indonesian 'Robusta' and 'Arabica' bean are of a special significance since both exude a deep aroma during the peculating process and contain a higher than average caffeine level. A particular brand favoured by me is the 'Indonesian Blue Dragon'. The Ethiopian and Ugandan Arabica beans are also superb roasts with the latter having a wine like acidity to it. Only four children are killed every 100 kg of coffee produced in hose regions so you sip comfortably with an eased conscience knowing you are contributing your bit towards children's health matters. Yes, these designs on tins and packaging are dreamt up by little Karen, Tracy, Andi (with an i), Jacqui (with a qui), Josh, Gideon, Debs and Mohammed who you see regularly in Pret a Manger, holding a power meeting round a table all focused on the team leader Josh and his top of the range Apple laptop looking at some obscure chart. It's the focused and intense looks that get me - almost as fake as 'the virus'. Presentation over, it's then time for the absurd and ridiculous questions, the corporate jargon and the risible, farcical buzzwords..... 'Touch base offline , Blue sky thinking, Punch a puppy, Singing from the same hymn sheet, Thinking outside the box, It's on my radar, Close of play' etc etc. It's precisely at that point I stand up put my jacket on before retching, heaving and puking all over Josh's keyboard. Take that ya cunts!
  12. Disagree 'mason'. Truth has rather an acerbic tone to his comments (which I like tbh) and is rather cutting but having looked at his other comments and the post on the Freemasons, I tend to agree with him. I get it that there are people out there with mental illnesses that I obviously avoid in real life but which I can't if I join a forum like this. Truthspoon's comment was worthy of a reply but you couldn't come up with one. He called you out and you retaliated with calling him 'an establishment shill'. I'm also going to say your post was a shile of pite, only additionally, you will be receiving a letter in the post from my solicitor for 7 minutes and 47 seconds of my life that's been wasted in looking through both backgrounds to ascertain true position.
  13. Personally, I think 'gaming is wholly destructive. It shouldn't necessarily mean that kids vegetate in front of a TV if not banging on a console. What about tennis, squash, ice hockey, football, rugby etc?
  14. Your grandmother would probably have said much the same thing and these children today will be saying the same things in forty years time. I have no idea what the extent of video games have on the population but judging by some of the comments here, it seems quite prolific among adults as well as children which says something about our society. You notice that to date you have four likes for your comment? This really pisses me off about the way we communicate. Even a simple five or six word sentence would be better than a click of a mouse to signify appreciation. This is real 'Karen of Facebook' stuff. No one is going to respond to your comment bar three or four people here who are able to write coherently to a comment that is well written using the correct syntax, grammar and paragraphed appropriately. Your on a loser there. If you look at the main post by History Is Complex - the C&P post has some valid points but if that was me (and I suspect you), I would have taken each point and expanded upon or elongated them with some personal experience. The 'Everlasting Schoolyard Bully' and 'Music, Film, and Arts Have Gone to Shit' points alone were valid topics on their own worth commenting on as they have a huge impact on certain demographics. Instead, it's C&P'd as is and is either acknowledged with a dreaded 'like' or a one line comment with a link. There is no meeting and exploring of the minds which ironically is the generic overall theme with the points made being the reasons. Imagine 4/5 people sitting round a table at home and someone starts conversing in the same fashion as what's written in main post while others just sit in silence giving a thumbs up or down or worse - producing their phone and telling you to go to a link? We are a social species and computer exchanges will never compensate. The absolute irony is the 9th point made where HOC says 'Quality print magazines have largely given way to trashy Internet Blogs and such'. It should include 'quality conversation and relationships.
  15. You're obviously hurting from all this kestrel. It's only a chat site and it shouldn't impact on your life in any way. A lot of people have lost relatives, jobs, businesses etc. Try and put things into perspective.
  16. Why is it that when I write something in Word and C&P it onto here, the writing is always so small no matter how much I try to increase the size? I lived in Islington, London from 2007 – 2014 and I had a two or three surgery meetings with him as well as attending a town council meeting for the public about a year before the Charlie Hebdo murders. I couldn't stand Corbyn ever since I saw him from atop a bus that was going past Islington Green in 2005 a few days after the 7/7 bombings addressing a huge crowd of Muslims. (I was living in Cape Town but had been returning to London for four or five months of the year between 2004-2007 in the summer to do cash in hand, tax free work. ) I found out later through the local press that Corbyn had been giving a speech pacifying Muslims ensuring that they were safe etc. Nauseating, but not nearly as bad as Galloway. Corbyn in his day, was one of those guys standing outside the South African embassy in the 80's campaigning against Apartheid – that same political ideology that Israel now adheres to. At least he's consistent. I met Corbyn through his local surgery meetings where he let slip to me that South Africa was a basket case (under the ANC black government.) I didn't have the confidence or nerve to challenge him and I bitterly regretted it the moment I left Mildmay library. I suppose I was just grateful he was sitting listening to me. In December 2013, Islington town council held a meeting where the audience was made up mainly of immigrants in and it was a question and answer type meeting with Corbyn sitting alongside the usual suspects banging on about the glorious and intense orgasms they all have daily regarding immigration, immigrants, multiculturalism and diversity. I stuck my hand up and asked the panel (headed by Corbyn) what he thought of Jack Straw's outburst which was first picked up by his local paper in Blackburn before the Guardian splashed it on the national press. (There were only two other people in the audience who could speak fluent English so I had no competition really.) This little spineless, repellent creature Straw had said that 'mass immigration was a spectacular mistake' a few weeks previously and I hesitantly blurted this out - aware that there was a good chance I'd be knifed upon exiting the hall. All these black and brown faces in the audience turned to stare at me before Corbyn looked up at me and said ' I know nothing about that but thank you for your question'. Everyone gave me that same, intense look that a queue of women give you when you open the cubicle door of the toilet only to discover that in your inebriated state, the missing urinals didn't register as much as the desire to empty a chronically full bladder. Prior to this meeting, I had been in contact with some American female who was taking calls on what the meeting was about, time date etc and I got into some deep discussion with her over the phone so half of me was interested in trundling along to the Islington town hall on a cold wet December night to listen to these councillors and the other half was wondering if there was any chance of me getting inside this American female's pants. (I was a serial shagger in my day.) She sounded nice but I suspected that she was a bit of a bunny boiler since she was pouring out her heart to me about her chronic housing situation in our first conversation. I really wasn't too concerned about that as I was only after a month of unbridled and uncomplicated sex. I went down to the floor where the speakers were after the 'show' had finished and introduced myself to the councillor Richard Watts who had earlier told the audience that he just loved the fact his children went to a multicultural school (where 70% of the school children couldn't speak English.) I also managed to speak to the American female who I had spoken with on the phone for twenty minutes and who turned out to be pretty fit looking - definitely shagable. I called her two days later with the intention of asking her out for a drink and my phone started to glow red before exploding. She told me to f*** off in no uncertain terms ending with a 'don't you dare call me again'. I'm extremely handsome and had never been spoken to like that before by a female so I managed to call her a f***ing lesbian in retaliation to console and satisfy my bruised ego. Four weeks later in January 2014, Corbyn flew out to Iran as guests of the Iranian government with a delegation of four people to talk about nuclear disarmament, one of whom was JACK fucking STRAW. All the while he was telling me he knew nothing of Straw's effusion, he was arranging flights, hotels, itinerary, speeches etc with him. He was practically sleeping with the little f***er. I arranged another meeting with Corbyn after he came back from Iran but when asked what I wanted to speak to him about, I stupidly told the truth and said I wanted to know why Corbyn feigned ignorance about Straw stating that mass immigration was a mistake. His secre...sorry assistant Ruth met me instead and said 'Jeremy is indisposed today'. I had photocopies of the Tehran visit, put them on the desk and told Ruth it was impossible that Mr Corbyn didn't know what Straw had said when they were the best of buddies. I just wanted to know why Corbyn lied to me. Ruth puffed, sighed and rolled her eyes and asked me if there was anything else that she could help me with. I just walked out but there was that anger in me that was ignited when Corbyn, after campaigning vigorously for years against Apartheid, admitted to me (without me telling him I had lived in three countries in Southern Africa for 25 years) that 'South Africa was now a basket case'. Inside a decade, South Africa went from being the the most stable economic powerhouse of an entire continent where law and order reigned over crime and dishonesty to just another African crime ridden, corrupt shit hole where nepotism, cronyism and corruption overruled any semblance of a stable democracy. With 55 million Blacks and only 5 million Whites something had to give. The major problem was that Hendrick Verwoerd gave the segregation policy a unique name whereas the clever Jews in Israel didn't. The amazing thing is that even today there are millions of people who think that the first settlers in what is South Africa today were Black Africans but that's another topic. I learned from David Icke that Kier Starmer is a rabid Zionist – that the 'Labour Together' office is in the same building as the CCDH (Centre for Countering Digital Hate) and that Starmer's campaign manager is also a director of the CCDH. Another director of this organisation is Kirsty McNeill whose maiden name was …..Rothschild. I also learned from Icke that the CCDH receive their funding from the Pears and Schusterman Foundations, both ultra Zionists 'charities'. I'm willing to bet my life savings that Corbyn is also fully aware of all that David Icke has exposed and of Jewish extremism in Western politics. As the saying goes, there's good and bad in everybody.
  17. Not for me. I know exactly what methods the police, politicians, lawyers and judges will use to subjugate people but I will read this book when I can get a hold of it. TR didn't sell himself out as such. He succumbed to temptation. He fell for Satan's credit card and in thirty years time he will be able to see the folly of his youth. On the other hand, he was never ever going to be accepted in the job market so at the time it was his only option. He exposed himself and extended his hand to the mark of the beast.
  18. That was the only statement I could fault you on Grumpy. If I remember (I was right at the front) he couldn't get his app to work on stage. I just admired his nonchalance and easy going manner with the crowd. Two things people fear most in life is death and public speaking yet this guy considered a little 'nyaff' was so unconcerned remaining cool, calm, and collected while battling with his phone. There was a silence of course but that was only because he stopped talking. I spoke to Lord Pearson that day about an hour before the event started. I saw him walking around in front of Jonathon Pie's camera and asked him about the new laws coming into place to stifle free speech. I spoke to him for a full 5 minutes lol. I was then interviewed by Carl Benjamin before some 78 year old twat dressed up in army medals and flags stepped in front and hijacked the whole interview. My 15 minutes of fame obliterated in 2 seconds. I trawled through all the charity shops for 'Enemy Of The State' because me being a tight arse cunt, I wasn't prepared to pay £16 plus for the book. Tommy Rubenstein speaks straight from the depths of the soul, no doubt. I would love to read this book. Unfortunately he was young enough to be enticed and seduced by those we cant talk about without being labelled ' anti- semitic'
  19. Yea ...or that in light of events today like multiculturalism, diversity, Pride parades,, LGBTQ, gay marriages etc., the history of the Israel, Rockefellars, Rothschilds and banking cartels..... Shakespeare, Wagner and Hitler had valid and constructive points only Hitler got a little carried away.
  20. I like Tommy Rubinstein. I like anybody who has the guts to stand up to authority and put himself about. I thought the PanoDrama doc was class with only one fault. He should have led John Sweeney on a lot longer. In the EDL days, there were quite a few Israeli flags and there was this one woman called Roberta Moore who was always there giving it large. In December of 2018 at the UKIP event in Whitehall there were still a couple of those flags waving around. I was there wondering who paid for all those stage events in Whitehall. He always kept thanking Daniel Pipes and the Middle East Forum so it seems they were the middle men working much like the Rockefellars funding the ultra Zionist charities like the Schusterman and Pears Foundations who in turn fund the CCDH (Centre for Countering Digital Hate) who just happen to have an office in the same building as Starmer's 'Labour Together'. It was when Tommy started boasting about the £30K lawsuits regarding the Cambridge incident and his general lifestyle that it was obvious (along with that £950K home). There are videos of him in Israel on top of IDF tanks and of course his buddy who also boasts of his High Court encounters, Avi Yemini is a proud 'Front Wheel Skid'. As D. Icke always says ...'control both sides and you control the outcome'
  21. Good video! He said the same as I did a couple of months ago to some guy who was looking for advice on relocating to Mexico only he said a little more diplomatically. What do these people expect to find? When someone asks for advice on relocating to another country to escape the Covid chaos, you can pretty much bet that they have little knowledge of travelling to foreign countries other than a package holiday or perhaps even backpacking in safe countries where millions of other Westerners are seen regularly. My point was the same in that if you think running away to a country (especially one where English is rarely spoken) is the answer, think again. If the shit does hit the fan in wherever you are and you need wood, food, oil, water or whatever, you can bet that you will be last in the queue for anything as you will be considered an outsider. So many people just take efficient cell phone signals, wifi, water supply, electricity and ability to communicate easily for granted in the UK but very soon they start pining for home comforts. I've lived in six different countries and I'm glad I made the move back here in 2019.
  22. I was watching some video of a guy showing the stark emptiness of central London and filming all the shops and units all over the West End that are closed for good. Empty arcades, shops boarded up, desolate tube and train stations. The place looks like a Sunday morning around 7:00am only this was video'd last Tuesday during peak hours. Only now do some people realise how much these cities and expensive real-estate are actually worth. They have no value -they provide no value. It's just the collective deluded inertia that keeps them going at the pace it has been accelerating at for more than sixty years. One woman was being interviewed on the radio recently saying 'now that all the cafes, bars, swimming pool and little shops are closed in the residential block of upmarket' flats in Kensington, her £2 million flat seems so basic and ordinary now.' She now suspects that the estate agents knew all along that the block of flats she resides in, enticed by glossy brochures glamorizing the frivelous add-ons was just another heap of overpriced bricks and mortar. Personally, I like watching all those (contrived) programmes on CH 5 about the lifestyle of people living on farms from my small flat in the Shires as it wasn't so far removed from my life in Africa when I used to breed and train German Shepherds. (So many programmes now on farming lifestyles when part of the Climate Change mob's deceit is supposed to be discouraging people from rural lifestyles.) It's not all doom and gloom though. Areas like indoor farming and real value building skills should boom and should be the first thing for people to learn, contrary to what people have been told for years regarding the 'importance' of obtaining a place at the indoctrination factory in order to obtain a useless degree in Communications , Social Sciences or Media Studies. 'Roll up, roll up, read all about it – get your degree here – get your piece of paper designed to create a consciousness for a mass production economy ensuring you become a consumer, producer and follower of corporate business. Oh, and we'll be taking a few thousand quid off you and placing you in debt for the privilege.' When I was living in Slovakia up until last year, I watched these two guys prancing about in a stall at some weekend festival grilling hamburgers, flipping them over with phony exaggeration, squirting oil or fat to create two foot flame flare ups every so often, before charging €30 + per hamburger to unsuspecting asinine tourists who just paid up. Find out what is really needed and focus on that. A £26 hamburger and farcical fashion clothing is really not needed as most of you know here ...and was never needed in the first place. What a catastrophic waste of resources. If you really need a hamburger, perhaps a £1.50 one without grotesque neon lights and lit up menus will suffice and good quality cheap clothing will be more common. Just sell what's needed - provide what's really needed. I went through passages of a book recently that I read years ago... 'Theory Of The Leisure Class' by Thorstein Veblen from 1899 where the term 'conspicuous consumption' was coined - defined as 'the spending of money on and the acquiring of luxury goods and services to publicly display economic power of the income or of the accumulated wealth of the buyer. The economic consumption of goods and services which were motivated by the desire for prestige the public display of social status, rather than by the intrinsic, practical utility of the goods and the services proper.' Create value. Don't suck value out, create it. Capture some of it for yourself. Don't let middlemen suck the value out. Make it - it's the only way. It's the way it's always been. Very simple and very basic. Go back to the roots of the issue and ask the real questions. Questions like - why is our civilization so phenomenally fragile? Why is one perfectly normal and perfectly predictable virus changing things so much? Who's behind it, what do they want, who benefits? Why are cities so fundamentally useless? Nature is built around robustness, around anti fragility so why are we breaking those principles? It's not about governments, elites and other shit that people keep spouting about in comments on MSM sites all the time. Is not about what governments and elites want. They are irrelevant. It's about what you want....and what the universe "wants". The masses want dumb shit and if you are part of the masses, you also want dumb shit... like overpriced land, overpriced buildings, overpriced cities, overpriced bad quality food, overpriced labour with out having any clue of what the real price of things are and what it should be. People want to get paid more than they are worth then they want to vegetate and sit around doing nothing of real value, sucking value out and somehow keeping things going despite that being fundamentally unsustainable. The real world and real life is built around efficiency and links which generate more output from less input, relatively speaking. That's what the universe 'wants'. Every time the masses want something which is against what the universe 'wants', things go bad for the masses. Life is the definition of efficiency. Things which grow must be allowed to do that. People must respect these principles or else they will collapse. None of this big city shit is efficient. None of it is effective. None of it makes for high quality life or high quality minds. As the weariness of the planned-emic drags on, ask if what you see is not somehow a gift. A once in a lifetime chance to get back to the roots to ask the hard questions. What really matters for building a robust civilization? None of the answers include overpriced clothes in an overpriced store on an overpriced street which is filled with people who have worked the life out of themselves on useless jobs, wasting their time in exchange for a monthly squirt of income at the end of each month - then going towards buying shit they don't need to impress people they don't like. Major stores in the States and Europe are being bricked and looted by the people who are rioting because they are jobless? When those stores disappear, why all the unhappiness about it? Why equate them with the pinnacle of our achievements when in reality they are the exact opposite? Focus on shit that matters which you figure out by asking the real questions and everything else will figure itself out like it did countless times before.
  23. You know it makes no sense. All you have to do is remain measured, calm and collective. . Call the head master / mistress or whatever they call themselves and calmly state you wish to address the matter that concerns you regarding your son. Focus on being polite in order to attain a face to face interview. Remember that these people are Satan's whores subjugating themselves for a monthly squirt of income to elongate their putrid and worthless lives. They know that just like the mainstream media, they are lying through their back teeth regarding a deadly, killer virus and are quite happy to spread the message of fear and terror so long as they keep their jobs. These people taint the sewers with their their excrement. Get the meeting, draw them in by agreement to certain issues, record it through a spy pen device and post it online.
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