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  1. Just a short comment to make sure this goes back to the top of the 'Posts' pile. (I aim for 500 readings.) Thanks.
  2. Could it be that all the lizard and reptile rhetoric was just to get him through the censors over the last couple of decades? You'll notice that it's been quite some time since he's made any videos about that particular area of interest. No need anymore!
  3. David was mightily relieved to learn that you are not planning to 'waste' him Apophis. Just out of interest, were you planning a 'Goodfella's' style quick one, two hit job (messy)..... luring him to a field and considering the baseball bat technique ending in the manner of a Joe Pesci style demise before burying him (too many witnesses) or perhaps some carefully placed Novichok on his keyboard (recommended and my personal favourite) ?
  4. I think you're confusing police today with the police of the Dixon Of Dock Green era. People back then joined the police with the intention and the opportunity of bettering their community. Multiculturalism has eroded that particular belief and anyone who joins with that notion today would get a shock within their first month after training. The police are there to protect big business and the elites. They will lie through their back teeth to get a conviction if they can justify it in their own heads. They may even be pleasant to you while explaining that CCTV camera monitoring the area where the black guy or Pakistani attacked you from behind was switched off or not working. If you tick all the right boxes i.e, you are a British, White, indigenous, heterosexual male the chance of you getting arrested rises dramatically now. No one forces them to become officers.
  5. Are you suggesting that people try and negotiate with costumed graduates from the Behavioral Insights Team? No one force them to become police officers. Personally, I wouldn't give the police the steam off my . . . coffee during questioning and I definitely wouldn't dream of approaching any of them voluntarily. It's difficult trying to find out the official reason for this Dr's arrest.
  6. I wouldn't recommend the boat route Robin. You may get picked up by border patrol who would just escort you to Dover to some holding establishment for months, amid your protestations of being English, leaving you a lot worse off than when you set off. (You may be lucky though and be housed in a 4 star hotel with only Nigel Farage and his camera to worry about sneaking up on you and trying to peer through your bedroom window.) There's always hang gliding off Beach Head if the wind was up and you were confident enough or you could try sneaking on to a military base and climbing into a cargo plane's undercarriage where the wheels are located like the guy in the old Cadbury's Milk Tray advert. This has been the preferred transportation of choice for many young and ambitious African men wishing to better their lives and enter the UK but it does have its minor downsides such as the guy who who lost his grip while he was waving and cheering at the green fields below. The excitement overwhelmed him as the wheels descended causing him to plummet into a garden in Clapham, London with such an awful thud just six feet away from the poor home owner trying to enjoy to enjoy his newspaper and pina colada while sun bathing in his garden. No one should have to put up with that. The airline company did compensate him for damage to his cultivated rockery and filled in the hole caused by the thoughtless miscreant. All's well that ends well I guess!
  7. There are plenty of people from Germany and Britain who have settled over there in small clusters because property was so incredibly cheap and Orban is extremely anti-immigration. Apart from local societal issues (drunk driving, domestics etc, there is virtually no crime - at least in Slovakia.) Many people were lucky enough to sell up and buy a home with massive grounds to grow food in a rural area for less than £40,000. It gets to some people and they become bored and lonely. They are part of the EU and you can see all the new buses and trains etc but the pressure to start importing immigrants has always been there. These people see what's happening in the West and they definitely don't like 'people of colour'. You may be quite shocked at first at the hostile language concerning immigrants.
  8. I lived in Slovakia for a year 2018-19 and visited friends in Hungary. The common thoughts are that the West will be repopulated and East Europe will remain white, Christian. It's incredibly peaceful compared to the chaos in the West but I'm not so sure those people will take too kindly to being invaded.
  9. Were you expecting Prince Andrew to 'openly admit' he had been raping children on national TV? Britain is now ruled by decree now!
  10. Unfortunately I don't have a Mensa card. My IQ is only 51 and I don't want it to rise particularly. The reasoning is that only people with an IQ of 50 or less believe in a killer pathogen travelling around the planet attacking people in shops while deliberately avoiding people in pubs. Did you know that Pol Pot used to pick out individuals from the crowds and shoot them just because they wore glasses? They were considered intellectuals!
  11. I'm not sure I understood that Ally. Why would anti- British Poles bother you if you say you are not Polish? If you've learned a lot from Polish culture the I assume you can speak the language and since Polish is only spoken in Poland I can't imagine you being an Englishman fluent in Polish. I'm actually one of those Anti-British Poles but I don't think about it much since I moved away from London. I'll write about my experiences with Poles in London one day but it won't be pretty.
  12. I'm not sure that the comparison is apt. When people heard the thunderous roar of jackboots coming down the streets and the doors crashing in, they knew what there destiny was. It's nothing like that kind of situation in 2020. We can fight just using our computers and getting together (without authorities knowing of course.) The shops are still full of goods and we have power and if the army do arrive, they won't be as ruthless as the Nazis. .
  13. Thank you for your input Oz but there are a few things wrong with your support of the comments in question. If you were a father of three children and you ran off to the US leaving behind your wife and children, how would you be able to live with yourself on a daily basis? Would it still be much better to go to the US leaving behind your family? RobinJ wants to run off and leave his wife and children behind which I find outrageous. People were not mesmerized by Hitler's mind control - they were mesmerized by the thought of some decent food for them and their children which was fuelled by harbouring a grudge against the 1920 Treaty of Versailles. The mass of of people are compliant because they are inherently stupid, partly brought about by pandering to alien cultures who were imported by treacherous politicians. I'm not so sure about divine intervention but I will certainly pin my hopes on a mythical God before I seek the support of the likes of RobinJ .
  14. Sorry Robin but a couple of things flashed through my mind when I was typing and as I type about 300 words per minute when emotionally charged, I kind of lose the plot slightly, I don't know what your attachment to the UK is of course but nothing gets to me more than people who run away at the first hint of trouble . If our ancestors had decided to run away like a flippin' rabbit in WW1 and WW2 we would possibly never have had the incredible freedoms we have experienced. How dare you come on here and inform everybody that because your backbone is made of a substance consisting of something between jelly and putty, you are scarpering ..... 'thanks for the free ride folks but trouble is brewing. I know my country needs me but I'm off. See ya'! Are you afraid that you won't be able to get your ingredients for your favourite recipe 'Mary Berry's Quiche Lorraine puff pastry pie' or that you will have to use grade 4 sandpaper to wipe your arse with? Your God damn right I was angry. I'm not a tough by any means guy but I'm not going to start crying and put a topic up asking everybody where the escape route is. Where's your dignity man? This is a fucking war! It wouldn't surprise me in the least if David Icke was arrested and held - or worse before Saturday. Maybe you just need to get angry or maybe you need a good kick up the backside.
  15. Andy, go to 'gatesfoundation.org' and type in any university you want either here or in the States. Edinburgh, Warwick, Birmingham, Liverpool and of course Oxford and Cambridge Click on what comes up and you will see all the payments that have been made over the last decade. Probably not all but I plan to go to the British Library to get the full gist. The highest one off payment I've found so far was Edinburgh University in Oct 2015 for $16 million . Each time I hear LBC radio interviewing all those epidemiologists and scientists from the likes of Imperial College, I copy and paste them onto their email platform and send. They do make a reference to me as my name on the card but they never dare read them out or they just read the first line. . Last year I could never understand all those Climate Change wankers when I was challenging them. Most of them were scientists and teachers and I couldn't understand why people like that were protesting on the streets but now I know. The institutions and universities they work for receive millions and it's part of their (unwritten) work contract to be out on the street and terrifying youngsters and children. The c***s had duped me and at the time, I knew they were holding back on something. I'll be more than ready for them next time.
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