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  1. Very good Steph. That was a brilliant synopsis. Thanks!
  2. With all due respect 'Free your Mind', you sound hopelessly naive. There will be no threat of terrorism in the skies if the people behind Covid 19 gain control. Muslims don't have the clout or intelligence to organize the takeover of American airspace or even the rape of prepubescent children without the help of Shin Bet, Mossad or Unit 8200. What planet are you living on for God's sakes. Please don't tell me that you believe a Muslim living in a cave with a funny beard and 19 friends, planned and executed the destruction of the twin towers? I will be deeply disappointed if you do.
  3. Of course their is. The Jew fears the white man because of his intellect and ability to reason months in advance. They learned a mighty lesson from Adolf. Blacks and Asian are easy meat cannon fodder for the Jew to overwhelm because they will submit to a box flat and food in their bellies but the white European man with his culture, traditions and war like history behind him is a formidable foe. The only way they can overcome this 'infidel' is by swarming the leaders with copious amounts of money which they earned by altering the stock markets and subjugating them. The rest is easy.
  4. Great videos which made me laugh so much I was slapping my thighs. I didn't know until now that Des O'Connor was a 'Front Wheel Skid...... O' Conner is not exactly Jewish but when you know what to look for, he has very Jewish features. At 2:35 he announces the fact that there is a very 'Kosher audience'. That's the cue for Manning to proceed with the Jewish jokes. O'Conner wasn't a rancid Zionist..how could he be with a name like that. There are good Jews around...the trouble is finding them.
  5. I loved Des O'Connor and I've been overcome with grief since his passing. Des was a 4 x 2 but not noticeably so. He interviewed some people posing as comedians who had no respect for political correctness. I think Manning is an Anti-Semite who should be exhumed and have his body / bones fed to rabid dogs.
  6. Apologies BC, I'm so engrossed in 'masonfreeparty's post dated 11th October regarding Pier's Corbyn and the solar minimum that I won't be able to respond until tomorrow. It is such engrossing and fascinating literature and I'm just thankful that such a masterful, cerebral work of literature wasn't beamed off somewhere before I had a chance to fully absorb all the intellectual detail. When my mind is taxed so heavily, I instantly fall asleep. Thank you for not removing this post.
  7. Ok Basket Case, I get where you're coming from now, thanks. As long as posts contain pictures, links and a video without any kind of cerebral writing content they will remain in the general chat forum. This is an obvious disadvantage to me as I have long been intrigued by artistic expression where I can observe the brains patterns of thinking which become unusually active in the brain. I have absolutely no idea what the message is you are trying to convey but I shall follow the comments, observe any subsequent video and click on the links. Hopefully, by employing this methodology, I will become wise.
  8. Without him perhaps there would have maybe been no Beatles. There are a few films of the early Beatles as 16/17 year olds - how they met, how and where they formed a band, the Hamburg days on YT which are brilliant (for me.) I've watched them over and over. It just reiterates the fact that because they all knew each other so well and came from the same background etc, that is 75% of the battle won when you have four people with the same personalities, the same aspirations and the same level of creativity. Harrison was younger than the rest so wasn't too bothered about bursting the McCartney, Lennon monopoly.
  9. Not a chance! The music nowadays is beyond atrocious. My dad was a jazz musician and he said the exact same thing to me about rock and blues bands but it really is a whole new degenerate and abysmal level nowadays. Take this video above you..... 'Starlight - Numero Uno' . If you take away the computer manufactured synthesized sounds you'd be listening to a deafening silence. It's worse than atrocious and cannot be called music. And these hip hop guys? Some of the lyrics are quite meaningful and I thought that guy Immortal Technique was worth a listen as there was a soul and depth to what he was singing about, albeit that the best song of his was an old Andy Williams song. Kids hear a cover version by by Taylor Shit or Ahell and think its great when in fact, the original song was by Bob Dylan, Billy Joel or the Eagles. They kill the song. The old Blues masters like Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, Muudy Waters, Howlin' Wolf all had their songs copied of course by Cream, Led Zep but there was still an awful lot of originality and the songs that were copied were infinitely better versions. Robert Johnson's 'Crossroads' was nothing compared to Cream's version. As for those black musicians nowadays...an absolute fucking drugged up degenerate disgrace considering it was Blues, Jazz and Gospel music which derived from the slave trade that spawned modern music. Their only motivation for becoming a pop star is to get inside the pants of a white woman. By the way, I think Queen were awful. Not surprising really when there influences came from the likes of Sweet Give me Emerson Lake and Palmer any day. Have a whiff of this Fifth Element and you come back and tell me how good your offering was!
  10. I guess I get that! I think I expect too much here. I like reading about other people's way of dealing with things concerned with authoritarian and political matters. There will be another site somewhere no doubt but always the same problem persists. The trouble is shocking standards of literacy not just among mentally ill people who have their obvious problems but with your average person. I've led a very privileged life having been born and grown up in this particular era and over the past twenty years I've fucked with the heads of people who thought they were more powerful because they had a title . I get so sick of all those posts containing videos and links by people who are barely able to read and write. There are handful here who do appreciate a good fable and make good comments but I was hacked off this morning when I saw my last post had been removed to some obscure section of the forum as I thought it was worth a read. I guess I would.
  11. Firstly 'SOATB', may I recommend to you that you buy your own coffee beans and grinder instead. This instant gratification that pervades and penetrates our society only highlights itself when you realize that even mundane foodstuffs such as mashed potato and coffee are more attractive to some just because they are 'instant'. It's all rather vulgar. The Indonesian 'Robusta' and 'Arabica' bean are of a special significance since both exude a deep aroma during the peculating process and contain a higher than average caffeine level. A particular brand favoured by me is the 'Indonesian Blue Dragon'. The Ethiopian and Ugandan Arabica beans are also superb roasts with the latter having a wine like acidity to it. Only four children are killed every 100 kg of coffee produced in hose regions so you sip comfortably with an eased conscience knowing you are contributing your bit towards children's health matters. Yes, these designs on tins and packaging are dreamt up by little Karen, Tracy, Andi (with an i), Jacqui (with a qui), Josh, Gideon, Debs and Mohammed who you see regularly in Pret a Manger, holding a power meeting round a table all focused on the team leader Josh and his top of the range Apple laptop looking at some obscure chart. It's the focused and intense looks that get me - almost as fake as 'the virus'. Presentation over, it's then time for the absurd and ridiculous questions, the corporate jargon and the risible, farcical buzzwords..... 'Touch base offline , Blue sky thinking, Punch a puppy, Singing from the same hymn sheet, Thinking outside the box, It's on my radar, Close of play' etc etc. It's precisely at that point I stand up put my jacket on before retching, heaving and puking all over Josh's keyboard. Take that ya cunts!
  12. Disagree 'mason'. Truth has rather an acerbic tone to his comments (which I like tbh) and is rather cutting but having looked at his other comments and the post on the Freemasons, I tend to agree with him. I get it that there are people out there with mental illnesses that I obviously avoid in real life but which I can't if I join a forum like this. Truthspoon's comment was worthy of a reply but you couldn't come up with one. He called you out and you retaliated with calling him 'an establishment shill'. I'm also going to say your post was a shile of pite, only additionally, you will be receiving a letter in the post from my solicitor for 7 minutes and 47 seconds of my life that's been wasted in looking through both backgrounds to ascertain true position.
  13. Personally, I think 'gaming is wholly destructive. It shouldn't necessarily mean that kids vegetate in front of a TV if not banging on a console. What about tennis, squash, ice hockey, football, rugby etc?
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