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  1. Hi Seeker, they are a friendly race of extraterrestrials who are here to help & guide humanity into the next stage of its evolution. They are there to help humans in many ways such as being foo fighters in WWII, and in 1967 when they interfered with missiles, and again in 2010 when they interfered with US missiles again and even spoke to the military asking them not to get help in the interference of equipment. The US said is impossible to hack and prevent the missiles from working but the Ashtar federation of light did. There are many instances of this and also they prevented WWIII as wel
  2. American's live in fear though, fear of repercussion such a a jail sentence, therefore they look to a saviour like Trump to save them because they are way too afraid to save themselves. Just like in Europe. We have all been taught to fear since day 1.
  3. They are the good ET There is Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light
  4. There is Ashtar and the Galactic Federation of Light
  5. STILL JUST SAYS issue with link lol it is determined not to let us watch it
  6. Does anyone know how to find this movie please? I tried the link in google and Qwant search that isn't linked to google and couldn't find it thank you anyone
  7. Hi all! I am here to explore none mainstream lies, manipulation, and being MKultra'd via mainstream 'programming' via teLIEvision! I want authenticity and real-life, true information, not the made-up lies weaved to create an illusion of reality. I feel like from JFK assasination to 911 to Covid and so on, has all been carefully crafted by the cabal, which has been working against the people for too long. I am only just beginning to understand how far back and deep it goes. And even to the point of us being controlled, enslaved and completely manipulated by reptilians. I've c
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