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  1. I find what David has to say very interesting and informative. In fact, even though the subject matter can be heavy at times, in general I find it can be quite relaxing also, he's easy to listen to. I'm also pretty nosey and yes, get distracted. I nose at what he has on his shelves in his computer room :-D. Light bulbs stacked in his hall on an interview I watched once. The stains I noticed were from when he's relaxed speaking in his computer room. It's pasty droppings is my guess which is fine. My bosom also catches food bits and have top stains. Keeping it real people! :-D.
  2. I agree with what Michi has said. It's part of our spiritual practice to stay compassionate and loving towards others. It's not easy at times. But do it we must surely.
  3. I'll keep that in mind if/when moving. What did you do then, just ignore the letters or did it go further?
  4. Thanks for the info. I had a letter the other week asking for me to confirm who was living at the address. It was the first time I've ignored it and not filled in. I've had no other letter so far. I'm more nervous to ignore the council tax though. I don't feel I know enough atm. I need to do more reading with regards.
  5. Thank you. They'd be no other work option. They have introduced it at my work from tomorrow. I said I'm exempt. They asked me why, I said I'm within my rights not to say. They've not got back to me yet. If they insist I'll ask for the paperwork stating this. So I'll see what they say to that. I will never put a mask on come what may.
  6. I know we are within our rights not to have to say why we are exempt in shops etc. Does an employer have the right to know why you are exempt?
  7. That doesn't surprise me that Asda are the first to start this. Owned by Walmart aren't they. In some better news, some of the people in my workplace are coming around more. The idea of losing their job has started something. I definitely felt a change today.
  8. I started a thread on the cherry one. They're taking the piss and it's disgusting.
  9. Mirror headline: "Vegan activists hit with KFC chicken legs while protesting outside butchers". "Corrie viewers infuriated by multiple 'reckless' mask blunders in hospital scenes"
  10. That's interesting and beautiful ^^^. Trees are amazing. Nature and the planet is!
  11. Yeah, I've never heard of someone saying that before. I've heard of ass wipe Maybe if he does a bit of glass blowing it'll relax and focus him. I'd really like to see some of his work. So yes, come back OP!
  12. I'm not sure. I was looking up information about eye colours, and it fascinated me to find out that some people can have two different eye colours. Then came across cat ones. I love cats. Here's another one. I might use it for my profile pic if I fancy a change.
  13. I have duckduckgo too :-(. I can't even make it my default search engine either!
  14. Dear me, how rude and nasty. There was no need for that.
  15. That's some great skills you've got there OP. I'd be interested to see your glass work. Fascinates me to watch that. Do these produce wisdom and humility?
  16. Hope it all goes well. I'll just say to remember to be yourself. What does Sir mean at the end of the day anyway. Respect isn't a given just because of someone's title imo.
  17. Maybe watch the film Gandhi again. Great film that. One of my favourite scenes:
  18. OP, are you having a bit of a panic? I've been there, probably will again. I'd say if there's a "second wave" it'll be down to all the mask wearing weakening people. They'll have been reducing their oxygen intake all these months, will it be any wonder! Plus the 5g and all.
  19. I think it's letting go and opening up. So It can flow through.
  20. "we then communicate with our previous selves through intuition every thing that happens to you is a message from the future perfect self make sure to pay attention" :-0
  21. Hopefully it's ok to share this here. "Candace Owens DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Narrative"
  22. Takes pole dancing to another level.
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