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  1. https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/register-your-decision/do-not-donate/
  2. Not at all. Two willies for the price of one!
  3. His wife could help with hers.
  4. And not forgetting Wash & Go :-D https://youtu.be/UPUQ76dJbI8
  5. The crowning of the serpent. Molecule structure of sulphur.
  6. Rightly or wrongly I've never paid into a pension. In my 50's now. If you have the means to invest or improve a property even if with others/family. I think it's a safer bet. I'm no financial expert so I could be wrong. Certainly is a dilemma OP.
  7. This has crossed my mind too Ethel. I've read a couple of things to try and avoid this trickery. But I'm still unsure. Do you have any ideas you could share?
  8. Looks like a pair of breasts hanging from his mantel.
  9. Close your eyes and concentrate on a black curtain.
  10. I don't think wearing a mask with a message on is a good idea. Most wouldn't even notice any message. You'd just blend in with the sea of masks.
  11. How about a cup of tea and a slice of cake. https://youtu.be/QfS8O6_diwM
  12. I don't think being busy or having a job equals expanding consciousness.
  13. I like Carl Vernon. I don't get shill vibes at all. Unlike Belfield!. Have you watched any of his live chats. Maybe that'd give you a better feel for him. Off the cuff stuff :-). Salt of the earth.
  14. Public or private company. Disability discrimination. https://www.scope.org.uk/advice-and-support/disability-discrimination-and-the-law/
  15. Jung's Christ a symbol of self makes more sense to me. God working through us. If ever there's a massive vision in the sky be it Jesus, Allah or a space craft. My first thought won't be something coming to help. Remember the Independence day film when a big crowd gathered on the top of a skyscraper waiting to be collected by the alien craft. It didn't end well.
  16. I'd just like to add. If the informed could get rid of their "smart" phones as well. How can we expect the uninformed to otherwise. I started a thread a while back , a survey to see how many on here still had "smart" phones. It was quite high.
  17. Just popped in to see if there were any glass blowing pictures yet.
  18. I don't see it as a lie. I'm exempt from causing physical and psychological damage to myself, by not taking part in a satanic cults ritual and betraying god!
  19. I hope they bloody well do too. Messing people about like that!
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