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  1. I looked it up :-D Jacob's Ladder. The film looks scary, I love Tim Robbins though. I missed your ladder clue as well! I've just woke up, so that's my excuse.
  2. Thanks Alexa, I'll watch it now. I've not seen his latest one yet either.
  3. These things are coded into our scull/brain. Mark of the beast, 144,000 and 12 tribes etc. This part of the video talks about the mark of the beast:
  4. Max Igan The Crow House. He's got his own website and on the other platforms apart from YT. BitChute; https://www.bitchute.com/channel/tj99AwcN3zlH/
  5. There seems to be something working away in the background that's for sure. I'm glad it's there. With regards to the Bible discussion going on. Can I Just leave this video called Body Code here. I'd be interested to see what others think about the connections it makes. I know it's a long video but still: BODY CODE the Documentary - YouTube
  6. A Lake by Moonlight, Joseph Wright of Derby, between 1780 and 1782
  7. I didn't feel drawn to write anything, or know that the video had been posted before.
  8. I think if you watch the whole video the main point isn't about proving if the vax is a vax or not. I know there's a million and one videos and pieces to read, & half an hour is a lot of time to spend, but imo it's worth it. He's put his methods into practice and its worked.
  9. Your Job & The Vax – TomBarnett.tv
  10. Your Job & The Vax – TomBarnett.tv
  11. The coat of arms of Blue Origin & new video from YT channel EntertheStars. Trying to break through the firmament. Boosters Bezos Firmament Buster, the New Shepard...Blue Blood Origins - YouTube
  12. I've just been Watching Mark Sexton speaking at the protest in London. I've shared a video of him before. Among other things, he mentioned the use of vit c etc to lessen symptoms of covid. Still the underlying existence of it being mentioned.
  13. Have we had Tom Barnett "Can You Catch a Virus" video yet: Can You Catch A Virus? Original Video – TomBarnett.tv
  14. What if "and God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness" meant "let us make man in our mind to imitate us". Maybe it doesn't mean we look like the creator, but we have the essence from it.
  15. I've been thinking about this as well OP. If and when the time comes I'll know then. I could make all sorts of plans on how I'd like to react, but until in that moment I'll not know I don't think. This makes sense to me at this time. Thou shalt not kill. Full armour of God. Does defending have to lead to killing another. I know there's something "other" that is more important than this material life.
  16. Yes I agree. The back ones I find particularly sinister.
  17. If I was going by the governments rules this would cover it: "where putting on, wearing or removing a face covering will cause you severe distress" But I'm not. I'm going by God's. The breath of life.
  18. Yes, this is a major UK company too. If they want to take it further and not accept your "I'm exempt" let them. See how far they get. You aren't required to show proof either. You're right, it isn't any of their business is it. I've nothing wrong with me either. There would be if I wore a mask or lanyard though.
  19. My place tried that. Went out of their way to HR to see if they could make me wear an exemption lanyard. The answer from them was no. Stating that you're exempt was as far as they could push it. You can get them on discrimination. Singling someone out and labelling them. Oh no, we can't have that. Tom Barnett TV has some great advice on all sorts of matters that we're facing. TomBarnett.tv – Life in every breath
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