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  1. I remember back when I joined the forum in July 2020, I made a post in the new members thread, said something like I was glad to be with people that didn't avoid the elephant in the room. Well, the elephant reappeared again some months back (been there all along) after I started posting in a flat earth thread. Had bother on it. I know there's some good people on the forum still. The robot is being allowed to hammer the last of the flat earth threads into the ground, & trying to hammer the troopers. I tip my hat to them. What a sad state of affairs. My conclusion is that these forums are a distraction from tending our literal gardens if we're able.


    I may post again if I feel drawn to. I'll update my Be Water My Friend thread anyway if I'm able to.

    1. endfreemasonscum


      "The robot is being allowed to hammer the last of the flat earth threads into the ground..."


      Has anyone figured out why flat Earth of all things is such a difficult issue?

    2. DaleP


      I've realised the likes MOON landing and Ball EARTH enthusiasts are nothing more than virtue signallers. They are enforcing the idea that this world is SOLID and only scientific narrative of someone from the past are credible. You can make water to wine, like Jesus did, a lemon can be so sweet, people can walk through a wall, stage 4 cancer can be cured without medicine poison, you can de/materialise an object. This sounds bat shit crazy but there have been cases. It is a matter of knowing that something can be done. If you don't know and was taught that something is impossible then it won't happen. This is why I started a thread like the Rainbow Body because people's programming needs to be smashed to pieces. As we accept new reality like alien/UFO exists, more and more sighting will be reported. The concept has to be in people's mind for it to manifest.


      It is called hypnosis. It's been staring at right in our faces especially the last two years. Thoth said "The All is mind; The Universe is Mental." This is how you hack and change your mind and your world around it.


      Look up "anthropic principle".



  2. Government is there because society as a whole are babies. They wouldn't exist if we did our own thing. Because you don't have to fight them, you don't have to dissolve them, or shoot them, or lock them up in jail like some people want to do, or do a take over. You just make them irrelevant , & once they're irrelevant & their power is gone, you've taken that power - Tom Barnett
  3. Exactly, we need to exit the system, not participate in it!
  4. I know there's not much to see yet, but just noticed my seeds are sprouting! :-)
  5. I didn't know that. My favourite flowers. Good luck with your mission.
  6. I wonder what would happen with the purple one! :-o
  7. Yeah, I'm pleased with the quality. Added the glass nozzle as well to what was in the link. It was shipped from here, only took a few days, that was the main thing that put me off the ones on Ebay, sellers info was a Chinese address. I've got a second load brewing atm :-). The taste is different from the mineral water I've been drinking, but nothing strange. Keep us updated if you do decide to get one.
  8. Peter, I'm concerned you're ingesting poo & leaves, is there no mesh over the drain pipe/guttering at least?
  9. What do you mean Dale? On the death bed not to drink water or soup?
  10. That's great you've got your own water like that Peter. No water bills, well, not from water company. Was the bore hole already drilled when you came onto your land? I've heard it can be very expensive to drill them. I suppose any bits from your roof water will settle in the bottom of the tank? You have a filter going into the tank? Sounds like you body is used to the water from your land now. You're not full of shit Peter! Well, not much :-o :-D Thanks, I used the filter once yesterday, said to do one cycle to clean the machine out first. There was a slimy film/scum left in the bottom of the distiller :-s
  11. My water distiller was redelivered yesterday, earlier than expected. I've been reading the instructions :-)
  12. I couldn't see the comments under his video as not a member. Hopefully someone suggested alternatives to tap water.
  13. Missed the delivery for my water distiller yesterday :-(. Redelivery Friday!
  14. Yeah, its been in the Midlands for years too. Severn Trent Water.
  15. That's it Orion! Reminded me of the cat Orion in the Men in Black film. They were looking for Orion's Belt. The galaxy was around Orion's neck, as it was very small.
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