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  1. Nothing wrong with having standards & morals OP. & if that's classed as old fashioned then so be it. I've not viewed images. but I can imagine.
  2. Here's some others. Pinecone at the Vatican. The sacred heart. The brainstem & Ganesha:
  3. Yes, I think it's a connection to the other. I like this image:
  4. With regards to my video, when we are viewing from the shore with no zoom, is the boat over an horizon or out of our eyes view?
  5. We're all adults here. We can decide for ourselves. There's enough policing of info going on in the wider world, never mind on here too. If you watch the whole of the video (it's under a minute long) It's self explanatory. Maybe watch it a few times, it might click. It zooms in then out again. When we are viewing from the shore with no zoom, is the boat over an horizon or out of our eyes view.
  6. More fear creation. Or a money making scheme. Not for the good of our health I'm sure.
  7. The wind turbines that are further away seem to disappear behind an horizon, but they're still there, & visible when the camera zooms in again. This video shows it clearer:
  8. At the hospital near us they lock the ward doors, but if you hang around outside the ward for a bit someone will come out eventually & you can sneak in.
  9. Apparently ABBA are coming back as holograms. One of their old ones:
  10. You're right, it's not funny is it. Sorry for your situation. Just in case you aren't already aware, you have to be of sound mind to sign a POA first of all, so not to worry if you were. Hopefully your son comes to his senses!
  11. If someone is telling their story they don't need to keep telling you to "stay with me", as in keep watching or words to that effect. This is a few weeks ago now so recalling what I remember. Can you remember him saying something similar? Also it felt like it was becoming somewhat hypnotic or being drawn into something. I'm not saying he wasn't speaking truths. But to what ends I'm not sure. Sometimes things just feel off to me. I could be wrong. Another thing as well. After finding out about a lot of the sinister things of this world. I don't think it's healthy to keep repeat watching or listening to the same subject matter. For me anyway.
  12. I started to watch that video when Hugo Talks posted it. After a few minutes of watching it, it started giving me the creeps & a bad feeling so I turned it off.
  13. The bottom half of the blades weren't visible with your eyes because of the distance. The Nikon camera in the previous video of the boat & buoy showed this. From the beach nothing in the distance was visible, but once the camera zoomed in there they were.
  14. Maybe coming in through an air vent. Or nipping in & hiding when the door has been opened. Slugs can make themselves flat & slither through really small gaps. I used to have some come in under the washing machine. They'd been getting in through a small gap where the waste pipe went outside.
  15. Indeed. I think he's partial to beer though :-)
  16. I'm up to part eight. It's fascinating, but sad too. It's made me cry.
  17. I didn't know he was vegetarian. Might be beer with regards to the waistline.
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