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  1. Even here the rules and regulations are ridiculous what earthly reason can there be for not allowing you to delete your account. Surely that is the users decision not the admin. Seems like little Hitler's are taking over everywhere.
  2. Surely everyone has a right to an opinion though
  3. Good point I don't have the finances of facilities to stockpile large amounts of food sadly so i guess I'll be among the first to go lol
  4. I just don't see how the protest in London was going to achieve anything other than give the people who attended a few moments of feeling good together and a lift from being a part of something. That's great and I'm genuinely happy for them. Had it been near me I'd have went too just to see what it was all about. But in the grand scale of things 35,000 people is tiny in the population of the UK and it's going to need millions to bring about any kind of positive change. Most people tend to look at things by how they affect them and those around them and don't really care about the bigger picture. I don't have the answers just more questions....
  5. Maybe he's decided not to fry his brain with wifi or mobile electromagnetic smog and just enjoy the stunning countryside and views of Greece
  6. So with that in mind does that mean anyone not supporting and arguing against the state is a shill for freedom
  7. One person's truth is another person's lie. At the end of the day whether you believe the words of authority or the words of protest for change, at some point you are putting your faith in someone else's words. As with many things in life, truth can often be an illusion. Who do I trust? Who don't I trust? It has to be your own individual choice. I mean for me personally who would I believe more? Boris Johnson or Piers Corbyn? My answer is neither. Does that make me awake or not awake?
  8. In a world full of lies can anyone know the truth? You can only fully trust your own experience
  9. That's very true and I think those ancestors would probably look at us as total psychos too
  10. All things come from within, such as good and evil. For every positive there is a negative and vice versa. I'm not sure anything outside our own being can be deemed as responsible for or have an effect on our behavioural patterns. We see the world through our own thoughts and perceptions. We ultimately make our own decisions on whether to act with kindness or badness. Of course we are human, we are fallible and make mistakes but.... We are light, we are consciousness, we are energy. We are whatever we wish ourselves to be.. So...row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream
  11. I often see people say the powers that be are afraid of David Icke as though that is a good thing. But surely fear is not something David would wish on anyone. I mean he's a man of love, kindness and unity. I think he'd probably prefer people to just have open minds and open hearts with no fear or anger and to just be happy
  12. I said what I saw in the video. I shared my opinion. And it appears that you're sitting there having a go at me for doing so lol I was critical of both Piers Morgan and Piers Corbyn as like I said I felt the "interview" was just a group of people talking over each other trying to force their views on each other while showing no interest in what the other person had to say. None of which you mentioned in your reply. But like I said each to their own...the world would be a dull place if we were all the same
  13. You wouldn't find me in the same room as Piers Morgan let alone talking to him lol nothing about him rings true ...
  14. Well for me I'd say they are actually very similar. That is loving kindness and anahata chakra practices. They both generate positive energy and deepen your awareness of the heart as the centre of our being, the connection between the upper consciousness realms and lower realms of our physical self. Personally I'd lean towards loving kindhess as I find it transforms your perception of others in a positive way as well as opening the heart to develop a deeper acceptance and love of yourself. They both help generate high frequency vibrations. Tonglen for me is even more powerful. It's not a practice to be taken lightly though as it can bring out a lot of negative energy if you're not prepared for it. It's often referred to as giving and receiving and there are many different versions. I was taught to go slowly and learn tranquility, insight and compassion practices first. The method I use of drawing in the suffering and pain of others as a dark gritty smoke then transforming that smoke through the heart centre into a warm bright shining light directed to that being can often be hard work but also very rewarding in a sense of helping to ease the suffering of others. If you're not ready you can be overwhelmed by the emotions it triggers. Like all things in life I guess it's down to individual choice
  15. One more comment on this video from me.... had I been there I would not have viewed the great speech given by David Icke through the screen of a mobile phone.... the electromagnetic radioactive smog must have been heavy in that crowd ....
  16. Well I just watched the video and as expected Piers Morgan and the gmb team come across as arrogant know it all egotists as always and refused point blank to listen to any ideas beyond what they believe, but I saw nothing to convince me that Piers Corbyn is a source of knowledge and understanding either. He bumbled his way through not really answering with much conviction and as with most interviews with Piers Morgan it ended with everyone talking over each other and no one listening. If this is journalism and protest at its peak then no wonder we're in the mess we are lol each to their own about what's going on in the world but honestly I'm not convinced by either side here.
  17. I think it's both. In the East, millions of people worship the Buddha almost as a godhead and it's very religious with regards to the rituals, forms of worship, deities, Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas. The power of prayer is an integral part of daily life and temples, shrines and religious sites are testament to this. In the West it is more seen as spiritual, a state of mind as you said. A way of learning the mind, body, heart connection and expanding your awareness, consciousness and living with kindness and doing no harm to others. In both cases it is undoubtedly a way of life, a way of being. I see it as a gentle, helping hand to guide me through the journey of life and prepare me for the passing over into a new realm of existence. I like the film Little Buddha btw. Although I'm not sure Keanu Reeves fits the role as Buddha. A bit like Mel Gibson portraying William Wallace in Braveheart.
  18. Never trust a psychologist. They are just telling you what they were told through a programme of brainwashing via college and university. Many psychologists (not all obviously) have no personal experience of mental health issues. It's like a marriage guidance counsellor who has never been married telling you how to save your marriage
  19. I'm not a Buddhist as such but I have studied many Buddhist teachings mainly from the Tibetan traditions and the Pali canon. I used to practice chakra healing and opening, kundalini, transcendental meditation and practices from Hinduism, China, Japan etc. With regards to opening the heart I found the Brahma Vihara practices including loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity very special. During these practices I've found myself flooded with tears of joy as I've experienced my heart fill with light and the warm glow of compassion bathe my entire body. I've also felt the white light of loving kindness emit from my heart sending rays of love for all beings everywhere. Very moving experiences and deeply touching. Although many people refer to these practices as awakening the heart rather than opening it I feel the heart opens fully with joy and love for all beings. I feel the same with the Tibetan practice of tonglen. Again I've felt the heart flow with love and the power of it as a tool of transformation. The connection between heart, mind and body with clarity of mind, insight, tranquility, the softening of my body into a relaxed state of ease and the power of love in the heart at the centre of it all. I'm not an expert in these matters nor do I believe anyone is. We are constantly changing, evolving, and learning. Even the most learned of people are always learning through the journey of life. I am very disenchanted with what I see with regards to spiritual and religious groups in the world today. I see the mindfulness "cult" popping up everywhere in books, self help, hospitals, therapy, mental health organisations, schools etc. Where they have taken one core teaching from Buddhism and disregarded the entirety of all the other teachings and westernised the whole thing as a means of helping people with depression, anxiety, physical illness etc. It's like taking the ball out of tennis. You're left with only part of what you need to achieve any long lasting benefits. Also I look at leaders like the Dalai Lama in his own words "a simple buddhist monk". A man who is surrounded by wealth in the form of material gains, who mingles with the elite, who travels round the world at great expense, who charges large amounts of money for people to hear him speak and worst of all sat in the mountains of India and watched the destruction of Tibet and it's people and to this day has never returned there. Had he done so the effect on the Tibetans would have been so powerful and the world may well have awakened to the plight of this truly remarkable country and people. Instead he was having dinner with Bill Clinton in the Whitehouse. Another example is Thich Nhat Hanh. I truly love this man's writing and message he puts out there of peace and universal love. But again, you see the contradictions. He runs (or is the figurehead for) centres around the world particularly Plum Village in France and these places are money making machines. Hundreds of pounds for a weekend retreat where very often you won't even be taught by the main people. Surely as it was in days gone by the teachings of the "masters" should be free to all. How can you put a price on sharing wisdom and love from your heart..... Sorry for the long winded complaint.... but it's better out than in lol
  20. Not convinced this Piers bloke is a man of the people at all. Grew up in a wealthy aristocrat household on the Duke of Sutherland's former estate (the perpetrator of the highland clearances in Scotland) was a student at imperial college London (the home of the lunatic Neil Ferguson who gave us lockdown) and received many a pat on the back from Tony Blair (war crimes specialist) during his labour days.... and let's be honest £10,000 to these lot... water off a ducks back. More than likely a stooge for the establishment he owes so much to.
  21. I think they took Piers away to give him a cup of herbal tea and an energy bar to liven up his weary body.
  22. I'd hardly say the Iron Maiden I listened to and seen in concert many times were satanic. Unless you're saying the bible is satanic coz they quoted it often in tracks. Awesome albums like number of the beast and piece of mind. If anything I think they raised the issue of devil worshipping as being a dangerous thing. They rocked... and Bruce Dickinson had an amazing range of vocals. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith were quality at duel guitar solos and Steve Harris was one of the best bass players I ever saw. The drummer Clive Burr was one of the best of that era too. O God of Earth and Altar, Bow down and hear our cry, Our earthly rulers falter, Our people drift and die, The walls of gold entomb us, The swords of scorn divide, Take not thy thunder from us, But take away our pride. from the track Revelations (taken from a poem/hymn written by G.K Chesterton happy days as a side issue, some of the artwork by Derek Riggs was pretty cool.... Ed the Head sorting Maggie out was one of my favourites
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