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  1. Even here the rules and regulations are ridiculous what earthly reason can there be for not allowing you to delete your account. Surely that is the users decision not the admin. Seems like little Hitler's are taking over everywhere.
  2. Surely everyone has a right to an opinion though
  3. Good point I don't have the finances of facilities to stockpile large amounts of food sadly so i guess I'll be among the first to go lol
  4. I just don't see how the protest in London was going to achieve anything other than give the people who attended a few moments of feeling good together and a lift from being a part of something. That's great and I'm genuinely happy for them. Had it been near me I'd have went too just to see what it was all about. But in the grand scale of things 35,000 people is tiny in the population of the UK and it's going to need millions to bring about any kind of positive change. Most people tend to look at things by how they affect them and those around them and don't really care about the bigger picture. I don't have the answers just more questions....
  5. Maybe he's decided not to fry his brain with wifi or mobile electromagnetic smog and just enjoy the stunning countryside and views of Greece
  6. So with that in mind does that mean anyone not supporting and arguing against the state is a shill for freedom
  7. One person's truth is another person's lie. At the end of the day whether you believe the words of authority or the words of protest for change, at some point you are putting your faith in someone else's words. As with many things in life, truth can often be an illusion. Who do I trust? Who don't I trust? It has to be your own individual choice. I mean for me personally who would I believe more? Boris Johnson or Piers Corbyn? My answer is neither. Does that make me awake or not awake?
  8. In a world full of lies can anyone know the truth? You can only fully trust your own experience
  9. That's very true and I think those ancestors would probably look at us as total psychos too
  10. All things come from within, such as good and evil. For every positive there is a negative and vice versa. I'm not sure anything outside our own being can be deemed as responsible for or have an effect on our behavioural patterns. We see the world through our own thoughts and perceptions. We ultimately make our own decisions on whether to act with kindness or badness. Of course we are human, we are fallible and make mistakes but.... We are light, we are consciousness, we are energy. We are whatever we wish ourselves to be.. So...row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream
  11. I often see people say the powers that be are afraid of David Icke as though that is a good thing. But surely fear is not something David would wish on anyone. I mean he's a man of love, kindness and unity. I think he'd probably prefer people to just have open minds and open hearts with no fear or anger and to just be happy
  12. I said what I saw in the video. I shared my opinion. And it appears that you're sitting there having a go at me for doing so lol I was critical of both Piers Morgan and Piers Corbyn as like I said I felt the "interview" was just a group of people talking over each other trying to force their views on each other while showing no interest in what the other person had to say. None of which you mentioned in your reply. But like I said each to their own...the world would be a dull place if we were all the same
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