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  1. Gates and his NWO crew, probably couldn't bribe or blackmail the chief epidemiologist in Sweden and he told them to get to hell when they proposed the lockdown. It'll be interesting to see if they can get indemnity for their vaccines in Sweden, Japan and other no lockdown countries
  2. Hopefully somebody will stop him and his vaccinations...permanently!
  3. That's the 2nd recent video that Ive noticed bill gates pretending to drink from a cup, when the questions got awkward, the other was when a reporter was asking about the pretty bad reactions people were having in covid vaccine trials, hes probably cursing behind that cup
  4. A new experimental type of vaccine that is given to everyone in the world is my best best. If gates and his vaccine making merry men, literally cant be sued for accidental deaths, no matter how many people that die, they could easily do the great cull that they've wanted to do for years, there's a scary video on bitchute from a whistleblower from the GSK covid vaccine trials, apparently including hcg antigens to sterilize women, something else for the male version, which sterilizes them too, and some other carcinogenic crap to kick off the deaths. I'm definitely not having any vaccine offered
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