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  1. Yer your right .... I maybe got covid or someting <cough cough> .... my bad strange viking dude :) Go build a boat or an iggloo .... Iceland lol (reminds me I need to buy some cheese)
  2. Cool .... question if anyone knows? How many venues are being used as injection centers across the UK?
  3. The reality we each, individually, perceive/recall is ordered via a structure we call 'time'. We consider that structure in units and the small unit we live by is called 'seconds'. Not ....... firsts. It is not named 'firsts' .... it is 'named 'seconds'? What is something which is 'secondhand' .... a clock has a secondhand but you also have secondhand items! We are somewhere between 8 to 11 seconds downstream of actual reality! And in that 'actual' reality ....... one 'second' is a life time. Or some shit like that :)
  4. I must politely disagree. That view is based in a material form ....... a 3 dimensional world and not in truth (<<<< for want of a better word). What maybe 'lost' is the 'beings' who 'may' have become .... a 'test' is nothing more than that but can 'feel' as very much of sadness, for one, for those who do not 'pass'. This is not the correct thread for this to be fair ....... the realm we are in is NOT what most consider! <posting off topic .... my bad>
  5. No it doesn't .... but .... you cannot deny that there has been a year for the mass to consider and research .... and they have not! I met a mate who I have not seen in two years yesterday and they told me that the numbers for deaths was bullshit as they knew of 2 people who had been put as covid deaths but were not (one died of a massive heart attack and the other had terminal cancer ) .... I thought "A thinking being .... wonderful" He then told me that he will get the injection asap .... that he will get it as soon as possible :( I told him about it (he didn't k
  6. So .... are you stating that this is a 'performance art'? That you are creating a form or incidence of concept fiction? That what you have written is nothing but a 'talent' you consider you have? Sorry my bad .... will leave ya to it
  7. I consider that you are not acting in best faith on this forum. What you have written is a .... nonsense. I am only concerned that you have .... issues? But these 'issues' should not be played out on this board.
  8. lol .... what year is it TS? and I want the actual, correct, verifiable, without any doubt .... year? I won't know what time it is what I need one of your watches?
  9. As said .... it is on Bitchute https://www.bitchute.com/video/HiUK6pSdKTg2/ or https://www.bitchute.com/video/mxEI86EVTnkw/ or https://www.bitchute.com/video/8yoW8lxXOnJY/ So when mine didn't process .... I couldn't be arsed to try a third time.
  10. Yes mate. Edit to add: Just checked and it is 1.4gb .... OBS Studio.
  11. I have it mate the same as metak88 I save it as it streamed .... but I tried to upload to Bitchute and that was a fucking waste of time. It is on there anyway and if anyone wants it then I shall put it into a weTransfer (1.4gb I think) and they can download it?
  12. You consider that you will be nomadic? I consider that I will have formed a group of like minded folk and we will protect eachother while growing food in a single place. Your gold and silver will hold no value to us. Your watches will hold no value either .... I can look at the sky or shadows or even just 'know' the amount of light left for that 'day' .... I have no need for 'trinkets' .... I need information which helps the group I would be part of or supplies which help. Not bits of soft metal or meaningless toys! Have you any skills to trade for this tin of beans?
  13. In a shtf situation .... Paper money has no value except to burn for heat. Gold and silver have no value except to use to make tools. Anything not physical has no value (in this realm if you consider only your form as 'real' .... which is the greater % of 'humans' .... but they are wrong) so all pretend 'coins' are worthless. Left and right politics have no value. Identity considerations have no value (only male or female have value). I have a loaf of bread which I am willing to trade .... how much 'gold' will you give me considering that you and you
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