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  1. I knew that I had posted it before .... here this post: https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/5995-big-announcement-unites-forum/page/6/&tab=comments#comment-140020 This is the image (and a big part of why we were against the new format)
  2. Not quite mate .... as far as I know: The old forum was active along side the new one. The old forum ran until the end of Feb 2019 when it was made read only. The 'new' forum could be signed up to and posted on from sometime in Jan 2019. One of the first to sign up to the 'new' forum was Rupert Ugo (an anagram of Truegroup) and I (as atramentum .... or some such thing .... latin for ink) .... I signed up in the Feb and was still active on the old forum as well. So both did exist at the same time. Access to it was also available by admin as .... you need such to make it read only end of Feb 2019. It could have been left as was .... Project Avalon still runs old Vbulletin software. I know the database exists .... I am not going into email conversations .... but it does exist. The main reason was that we didn't want a forum to be replaced by a social media .... we wanted longer form discussions .... but there was also the issue of the BuddyPress format being open to total abuse. The mods were given access to the new 'social' and we went through it. We made 'groups' .... private groups and the mods could not even see that these 'private' groups existed. I made one called something like .... Pedo Doggy Style .... and NO admin or mods knew it was even there .... just imagine the shit that could have been put on the server and no one would know until it all came out in the fucking press?? I consider that 'something' went 'wrong' before that point :( So would I .... but I don't .... although I wish to be wrong. I don't .... I have read all data protection acts and as long as there are no individual identifying information then there should be no problem. Lets be fair .... websites get sold every day along with all the information still intact .... a forum is no different.
  3. @skitzorat You post too much information and good research .... so 'they' are going after you and trying to wind you the fuk up! Ignore them mate :)
  4. The quick? Your post has nothing to do with this thread. I have had enough personal experiences to have a small concept of the truth within this realm. Psychopaths have no empathy, remorse, guilt or compassion and will end up running shit .... as they will do anything to get to the place they want to be. Are those two videos correct .... this realm is hell and that should answer your question (which is off topic). If you are asking (in a round about way) why I seem to be 'attacking' the Ickes .... I am not. I want the old forum put back online. I have had much interaction with Gareth .... I respect him and his dad/brother .... BUT that does not excuse the removal of over 5.8 million posts of information! I hope that answers your off topic post.
  5. Multiple choice poll I would like to know how you all feel about the removal of the 'old forum' ? It held over 5.8 MILLION posts and wasn't hacked .... it was removed from view! It disappeared end of Feb 2020 and the new forum (which began Feb 2019) was hacked May 15th 2020. The 110k posts lost in the 'hack' of the 'new forum' .... I can cope with .... but the actual removal of 5.8 million posts .... I find very difficult to accept. Many say "Walk away, leave it in the past, what is done is done, move on" .... But I cannot as the time it must have taken for all the research which was done by so very many individuals and then to be posted on the old forum .... must be in the 100's of thousands of hours and that time was given freely and entrusted to the old forum. I know that the database exists .... I cannot pretend that I don't know that! David and his sons have made VASTLY more people consider this realm and the problems in it than I EVER will .... but I cannot forget that over 5.8 million posts (many of very important information) have been removed by them! People get 'upset' by the deletion of even single posts on any website .... but there is a total lack of 'problem' about 5.8 million being, basically, deleted! I have offered to host the old forum and to remove from the database ANY and ALL data which would identify an individual .... but no joy :( Forum are made by the time given, by individuals who post in them .... and that time is VERY IMPORTANT (or I have always thought so) What is your consideration as I can only see two possible motives for the 'hiding' of the old forum?
  7. Yes mate and that was what I was looking to see .... but I thought it would be more .... although Autumn hasn't happened yet and according to the Met Office Winter don't start until December 21st?!?! What fucking world am I in now (have we 'moved' again?) .... Winter doesn't start until the 21st of sodding December??? No wonder 'flu' season ain't here yet if Autumn ain't happened even! Bullshit world run by fucking psychopathic clowns. Edit to add .... Mid Winter defines as .... MID Winter .... But no Winter now STARTS on the 21st of December? Mid Summers day .... You know the MIDDLE of Summer .... is now the fucking START of Summer?? Absolute sodding cartoon narrative of a realm. Need to have a 'word' with the author!
  8. I didn't mean to say it .... it just came out! I am 6'5" , a bit of a lump but more I am NOT the prettiest apple in the basket. I look like I have been fighting all these decades .... so I have grown use to being very nice when 'bumping into people' as I don't wish to scare them. It just came out .... I am sure the bloke thought "What??" But I am laughing about it .... :)
  9. Well that was a thing .... I just went to my local shop for a 4 pack and .... well Couldn't help it, maybe a type of tourette's? Walked around a corner and was face to mask .... and I said "Oh sorry, weird person in a mask!" Literally I said that .... lol Grabbed my beer and left .... lmfao
  10. Will post this in this thread .... UK only data I know that many do not like numbers and data especially when it is from governments and I would agree that they can change anything .... but when they put out shit and it confirms that there is NO pandemic .... well then it is just worth a look as far as I am concerned. I wanted to look at .... if there are more deaths currently (in this year to the last given years data, which is week 39 or about end September/ start October) in younger people due to injections? So looking at 15 to 44 year olds and 45 to 64 years olds. Downloaded all the spreadsheets from ONS and compared them to the ones I saved back at the start of this bullshit (they are the same). Then looked at which I wanted to see .... an image .... If I went back longer, say another 10 years then the death percentage would grow higher. There is, by their own data, NO SODDING PANDEMIC! Actually (even though we don't seem to have had autumn yet .... and when the fuck is winter coming??) it seems that younger folks are dying more now after the injection roll out. But we know this :( Also the UK population is vastly greater than told. (population numbers taken from world in data) Anyway just occupying my head .... lol Edit to add: Do you know that by ONS data about 45-50 under one year olds die every fucking week in this first world country? Stop injecting babies with your shit!
  11. Fact checking states that to be untrue!
  12. Ken Wheeler (18min video) FREE ENERGY GEOMETRY and DEVICE POTENTIAL He states that he always thought free energy wasn't possible but now he knows that he was wrong and free energy is undeniable!
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