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  1. Take me! Take me! Take me! Oh, I'm not allowed being intentionally exposed to the live virus from a person infected with the contagious Delta Covid variant?
  2. Can anyone find the link for the article by msn news quoted by Hugo Talks about children wearing protective gear? The msn news headline (showing up after 50 seconds in the video) reads, "Phu Yen speaks out about the image of children wearing protective gear going to concentrated isolation."
  3. I wonder if Astra can tell us the ratio people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine in relation to people vaccinated with the placebo vaccine (stuff to avoid too, but probably not an mRNA vaccine, maybe "only" a flu vaccine), and if the ratio is a fixed number or if the ratio is a variable number (if it may vary between regions or countries).
  4. For more info and a download address (in German) see: http://www.klasseverantwortung.de/english/Corona.html Direct link: https://www.achgut.com/images/uploads/afqktxhppam7qh5d/200508_Versendung_Bericht_an_Krisenstab_01.pdf
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