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  1. Let's wait some years and see if they can do it then.
  2. If AI worked it should be able to translate printed cartoons with only a dozen words in it. Or compose short movies. Or make something like Israel's Iron Dome swindle work.
  3. Look at what they were able to in 2015:
  4. New York city in the year 2022, nothing runs any more, nothing works.
  5. And now imagine saving the sheeple and the next thing they do is following some eloquent charismatic talking heads re-starting the same old oh so successful leveraged Keynesian fiat money system.
  6. PRO-VAX ANTI-FASCIST I wonder how many truckloads of crisis-actors they can mobilize for their s**t-shows.
  7. It's a half an hour rant where he is destroying all German mainstream virologists and politicians using rude language, calling them liars, puppets, and criminals.
  8. German only: How to find if deleted: Angst, Panik und Neopolitik - Der Medizintechniker
  9. Does anyone know where and how QR codes are produced? Because I never saw a QR code generator.
  10. Please, reuse it 28 days later as a 2022 New Year greeting card.
  11. Don't miss the quarantine photo Reuters' AI engine created:
  12. Just google for "Noack" and re-uploaded copies will show up: https://www.google.com/search?q=Noack
  13. Me thinks someone used a good mockup collection for Photoshop.
  14. When did THE OMICRON VARIANT become PHASE IV?
  15. An excerpt from a review of "Omicron" translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator: Director Ugo Gregorietti originally came from the documentary field, other themes in his films are often social, political or biographical. So one should not expect a light-hearted comedy from "Omicron". Angelo/Omicron's initially purely mechanical and imitative way of life makes him the perfect worker, and so a significant part of the plot consists of his conflict-laden relationship with the SMS company and his colleagues. His over-fast working style quickly leads to the annoyance of his left-wing colleagues, whose workload is adjusted to Omicron's by the foreman. The foreman, on the other hand, hopes for a promotion within the company from the eccentric, which is why he lets him stay with him. The foreman's partner, however, is curious about Omicron's sexual prowess. When this does not lead to the desired result, Omicron tries his sexual luck with the foreman himself, who then brusquely abandons him to the angry factory workers. All this is amusingly staged. At some point, however, Omicron gets fed up with the people and wants to leave. The only way seems to him to kill the body of Angelo, but this is forbidden to him by Ultra. And so, after intensively studying the daily press, he tries to get all kinds of people to kill him. Among other things, he wants to rape young Lucia (Rosemary Dexter) here (she is supposed to take revenge to save her honour), which fails as well as other attempts. In the end, it is Lucia who brings Omicron down by awakening the conscience in him and thus the Angelo who was thought dead. But it is too late, the invasion of Ultra can no longer be prevented. One of the outstanding moments of the film is a report to Ultra in which Omicron explains the system of Earth in a few simple words and images: class society, monetary domination, control and subjugation. https://www.italo-cinema.de/italo-cinema/item/herr-doktor-die-leiche-lebt
  16. I will wonder forever if there are people who voted for Boris Johnson who have a portrait of him hanging in their bedroom.
  17. Does anyone know if these ICD-10 codes are new? Z28 Immunization not carried out and underimmunization status Z28.0 Immunization not carried out because of contraindication Z28.1 Immunization not carried out because of patient decision for reasons of belief or group pressure Z28.2 Immunization not carried out because of patient decision for other and unspecified reason Z28.3 Underimmunization status Z28.8 Immunization not carried out for other reason Z28.9 Immunization not carried out for unspecified reason https://icd.codes/icd10cm/Z28
  18. Write it that way and I agree: I understand that the UK is supposedly the host of expert centres of behavioural change which may explain why there is a particular focus on psychological warfare in the UK. Maybe IT IS ALL PART OF ONE BIG EXPERIMENT THE WORLD OVER TO SEE WHICH METHODS ACROSS WHICH NATIONS PRODUCE THE BEST RESULTS.
  19. Great inspiration for a German shirt with the face of Federal Minister of Health, Spahn.
  20. Only a global five-year plan can save us now.
  21. Great times back then with Ebola when every sane person was able to see through the hoax by spotting medics with personal protective equipment from UVEX.
  22. Any thoughts about his new hair replacement making him look like Al Scarface Pacino?
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