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  1. 35 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:


    For sure we don't .

    Those who claim to be of  a particular faith  are psychopathic murderous liars.

    An inversion of that which they claim to represent

    Is that not plain and simple and  in yer face ?



    I was just hoping we had some people of Jewish faith here. 

  2. On 1/27/2022 at 5:50 PM, MarcusOmouse said:




    But how are genuine followers of Judaism supposed to feel, when they come on here and find themselves being blamed for all the sins of the world ?


    I don't think we have genuine followers of Judaism here. Have we? 

  3. 13 minutes ago, Velma said:

    D,I gets a mention on this latest BBC hit piece.





    When David Icke, a prolific spreader of Covid misinformation as well as anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, was removed from YouTube, research from the CCDH found his ability to reach people was considerably reduced.


    While his videos remained on alternative video-hosting platform BitChute, their views fell from 150,000 on average before the YouTube ban to 6,711 afterwards. On YouTube, 64 of his videos had been viewed 9.6 million times.



    Love Rachel Schraer's title. No 1 question in life future students will ask about studying: What can I do with a major in the disinformation sciences? 

  4. 10 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



    (ANSA) - ROME, JAN 19 - A 40-year-old man in the province of Naples was cited by police Wednesday for posting offensive messages on social media about late European Parliament president David Sassoli who died last week at the age of 65.
        Sassaoli, a member of the centre-left Democratic Party, has been the target of online hate including false claims that he died of the COVID vaccine.
        The man has been cited in the past for not obeying COVID restrictions, postal police said. (ANSA).


    So, with future money going into false posts instead of false flags, they can put more money into SCP (societal care police). 

  5. 53 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


    " 90% of those in Intensive Care Units are un-boosted.. "


    So 90% are double jabbed 🙄 


    This is a welcome change (back to plan A) but what have they got up their sleeves next..? 




    Maybe they have advanced the one step back season. I expected this happening in spring. Followed by two steps forward next winter. While continuing to euthanise 100.000+ per year or 11+ patients per hour as during the years of the Liverpool Care Pathway "scandal".  

  6. 1 hour ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

    The American 1st Transgender Airborne Commandos are ready to go. Colonel Gaylord commanding.




    Each character has six naughty attributes: imagined intelligence, selfloathiness, multiple phrase target contexting, idiotarian glitterness, blowing with the wind identity switching, unlimited brick drop looping

  7. 6 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    Last year at an anti-lockdown proest, just prior to the London mayoral election, there were people at Hyde Park handing out Brian Rose, London Real Party election leaflets. One of the pledges was for 10,000 more police officers to "tackle crime"!  WTF So, that would be more police to enforce lockdowns.


    Currently, in London there are around 33,000 police officers. Also of note is Brian Rose's pledge of digitising the police with better data sharing between the [security state] agencies etc.



    Number of police officers in London 2003-2021

    Published by D. Clark, Sep 22, 2021
    There were over 33.8 thousand police officers in London in 2021, an increase of 845 officers when compared with previous year. The majority of police officers in London work for the Metropolitan Police service, which is responsible for policing most of the UK capital, with the City of London Police only responsible for policing the historical center of the city, an area the size of around one square mile.

    Tackling London's Crime Epidemic



    I have a fully-costed plan that delivers an additional 10,000 police and the training they desperately need.

    What do I mean by further digitisation of the police? 

    • Streamlining the reporting of crime online and improving police efficiency
    • Making data available across agencies, improving accuracy and effectiveness, preventing key information from falling through gaps in the system
    • Reducing non-digital administration and repurposing of materials, again improving police efficiency
    • Providing additional transparency through social media to move beyond a press release culture
    The full Make London Safe page

    The main page


    I wonder how many lodges they had to build for the new masonic officers. 

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  8. How about some Chinese math? 



    An inflatable laboratory with a daily testing capacity of 120,000 samples working 25/7 with Chinese slaves, oops, 24/7 (but there is a rumour that Chinese slaves can work 25/7) should be able to test 83 persons per minute. As the inflatable lab consists of six cabins, this makes them shoving 14 persons per minute in one cabin. Pretty good. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:


    What is being reported here and there and in the MSM about an outbreak in Xi'an with a hard lockdown being implemented by the Chinese authorities, the fogging machines are back in the streets for the cameras and supposedly scenes of people wearing white coveralls being transported away in coaches to isolation facilities and mass open air swab testings for the CV-19. All this to contain an outbreak and protect the coming Winter Olympics in a month's time.  A re-run of Wuhan 2019/20 with the spread blamed on not shutting down international flights, until it was too late? This time the cover story being the Olympics in China, as people return to their home countries.  A new bad boy variant for another crushing economic lockdown or to explain away the V deaths?





    My favourite from last week: 




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  10. 3 hours ago, skitzorat said:


    Archangel Gabriel blowing the trumpets:



    Don't worry,  Michael is ready with his legions...... and his sword is thirsty.





    Wondering if Hans Memling painted the Jesus Baphomet because Medici agent Angelo Tani told him. 

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