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  1. Is this CPE (Cardboard Protective Equipment) real?
  2. People she socialises with just enjoy the mouthfeel.
  3. Gone. Was cut together from: - Season 10 Maximum Homerdrive + - Season 30 D'oh Canada
  4. I was just hoping we had some people of Jewish faith here.
  5. I don't think we have genuine followers of Judaism here. Have we?
  6. Next could be autographed vaccine syringes.
  7. A movie which will not see a remake under the brave new normal.
  8. Love Rachel Schraer's title. No 1 question in life future students will ask about studying: What can I do with a major in the disinformation sciences?
  9. So, with future money going into false posts instead of false flags, they can put more money into SCP (societal care police).
  10. Maybe they have advanced the one step back season. I expected this happening in spring. Followed by two steps forward next winter. While continuing to euthanise 100.000+ per year or 11+ patients per hour as during the years of the Liverpool Care Pathway "scandal".
  11. Telegram w/o location and date. Saying forced vaccination antifa. Strange when picking the red letters.
  12. Each character has six naughty attributes: imagined intelligence, selfloathiness, multiple phrase target contexting, idiotarian glitterness, blowing with the wind identity switching, unlimited brick drop looping
  13. I wonder how many lodges they had to build for the new masonic officers.
  14. Enjoy some Asian Muzak and the number 630,000.
  15. More fear propaganda from Slaveland:
  16. There is no deadline getting closer, they can continue the Blair killings and no one will notice.
  17. Only for months? Meanwhile I believe that this circus will last until 2050.
  18. A grain of truth in a truckload of bad grains.
  19. How about some Chinese math? An inflatable laboratory with a daily testing capacity of 120,000 samples working 25/7 with Chinese slaves, oops, 24/7 (but there is a rumour that Chinese slaves can work 25/7) should be able to test 83 persons per minute. As the inflatable lab consists of six cabins, this makes them shoving 14 persons per minute in one cabin. Pretty good.
  20. How fitting, the MEMRI propaganda dragon moved from the Middle East to the Far East:
  21. I'm sure they get incentives for connecting every disease of civilisation to viruses of fear and vaccines of hope.
  22. Wondering if Hans Memling painted the Jesus Baphomet because Medici agent Angelo Tani told him.
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