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  1. Mum had the jab a while ago. She's just been diagnosed with COPD, Emphysema and an enlarged heart, which she's attributing to a nicotine addiction she kicked 15 years ago. If I had employed, 3 months ago, the advice I dropped here 1 month ago, perhaps a different outcome.
  2. When I was younger I did a lot of martial arts. Started with Kyu-shin-do kiddy Judo, moved onto Tang-Soo-Do, then went Jeet Kune Do for a few years. JKD was definitely the best for self defence and incorporated a lot of useful stuff from other styles. Dirty street boxing.
  3. Mark Steele has been saying this since before the covid thing started. Does a lot of videos breaking down the lights, highlighting the weaponised parts and the equipment to link up to 5G. I noticed, on the building sites, the new streetlights were being rushed out while everyone was starting Lockdown Part 1, just as he'd warned.
  4. Maximise the positives to move the Overton window over vaccines, then eliminate positives to keep it there.
  5. You won't convince someone who's already sold. I'd take a softly, softly approach. Stop pushing, but offer support, let them know you genuinely fear for their safety. Step back and let them think on that. That'll get you much further than the one-upmanship usually exhibited in the back and forth. I don't understand the proclivity to trust government and politicians. We'd all already accepted that this is the most prolific group of liars on planet Earth, so why so much blind trust? I'm absolutely convinced that Toxoplasma Gondii has a big role to play in the uptake of the "vaccines". We're walking straight off a cliff.
  6. You'd want a control group, to help make sense of outside variables that might affect the results of your experiment.
  7. That's much more graphic than Frazzledrip, which is less detailed or gruesome than you're imagining. The idea of the scene was more shocking than the detail contained therein. Seems odd to me, that a go-to defence in mockery of conspiracy theorists is often: How could this be kept secret when so many people know about it? Yet, the logic here seems to dismiss the many, claiming lies simply in absence of personal experience. Not a knock, just seems a little backwards to me. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.
  8. You'd think so. I have a similar thing with the Boston Marathon bombing that no-one believes and I don't expect them to. Saw CCTV images that showed Carlos Arredondas and Jeff Bauman to be actors, that were also covered up and cleaned from the net. I expected it to be headlined the next day. Nowhere to be found. All too easy to get rid of stuff from the internet, it seems.
  9. Possibly. I'm trying to be careful not to insert my own details. Could be a child, could be a dwarf. Might even be a dummy for all I know. Hillary has her back to the camera and the "victim" is partially obscured. Abedin was in shot.
  10. It's not nonsense at all, I've seen it. People have provided links. It was easy to find when it "came out". Perhaps not so easy today.
  11. It exists. It shows Hillary, in a studio-lit room, stood over a small person tied to a chair. She's holding a cordless drill to them. Suited men watch on from behind a breakfast bar. From the setup, it looks like they're trying to record a high quality film. My word's not evidence, of course. Just saying what I saw.
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