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  1. Just for balance, I viewed tonights dot connector videocast in full without any problems at all so maybe last week was a glitch of some kind.
  2. Brilliant, thanks lake I have now watched in full
  3. I still can't view the video properly, I persevered until around 45 minute mark but it took me well over an hour to get that far and it was irritating me too much by then but at least I got to see 3/4 of the piece and I'd already seen the article by the German Neurosurgeon. Hopefully it was a glitch but ever since they sabotaged Rose/Icke II it does make me paranoid about such things! I had the same problem on the Bitchute version so be interesting to hear if anyone else encountered this? Or maybe just a problem with my laptop.
  4. Hi, Ive been trying to view tonights dot-connector videocast as I do at this time every Friday and I am having some problems. The video keeps freezing, it just randomly stops every few seconds and takes a while to resume before stopping again. I've given up 20 minutes into the video because its impossible to enjoy. So I went to Davids bitchute chaneel and the video won't even start playing on there! I've checked my laptop and my internet connection and there are no problems on any other site. I went to YT and every video plays perfectly well on there. I did join BNT but that is having major
  5. Hello, thanks for letting me in. I joined this forum because I am a devotee of David but am ashamed to say that I bought into the C-19 hysteria back in March, it didn't take long for me to wake up however! I am an NHS employee so maybe that was why I was first taken in by the hoax but within a couple of weeks I was already silently questioning the rubbish being spouted in the media and after watching Rose/Icke 1 on LondonReal I was completely convinced that my initial fears were totally unfounded. I look forward to seeing the great man being interviewed again next Sunday and I check the websit
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