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  1. Hello Truthers! I posted an article on the face from organic consumers.org about B G4TES this past Friday and got a message on my phone from alfajrholdings.com with a link stating We have received 4 complaints regarding your last post. A long list of current holdings in the USA under that name are listed on the duck browser; though no other info was given about this company dotted throughout the US. What do you think?
  2. I had elite shungite in a pottery pitcher on my counter one month w/out fridge. No slime in the bottom whatsoever. This stuff is legit
  3. It took a long time because of the worldwide shut down, I suppose. If you click on the url Grumpy Owl posted, there are comment threads after the shungite article about 5 comments down; a guy buys from wantsome111 on E-Bay. There is a way to test for legitimate shungite with a flashlight; you can find videos on YouTube. Elite shungite is shiny. That's the type you want for drinking water; a little more expensive but has more of the properties you want.
  4. Thanks for sharing Grumpy Owl! I now have a new source in New York after reading the comments in your url. I really do feel more energy after drinking just 8 oz in the morning.
  5. Hello fellow truth seekers! Is anyone familiar with the healing properties of shungite water? Mine will be ready to drink tomorrow morning. I purchase the Elite stones December 5th; they arrived from Russia three days ago.
  6. I have been reading Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper since before the Corona broke; interesting his info about the Spanish Flu coincides with EMF's and Covid/ 5 G rollout. I saw a video lat year featuring DI and decided to become a member here.
  7. Several weeks ago, a forum member posted a link with several videos in reference to US covid operations; Kennedy assassination and US involvement with grooming Hitler to propogate the war machine. I saw one video and would like the link to all the others, please.
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