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  1. Posting this here as it’s a funny comparison to the current shitstorm what is going on. REAL LONG POST.. sorry !! About 3/4 years ago I moved to Wales. There was a bit of a late Summer, about end of September, and I went for a walk with my mrs, we walked from the west of Cardiff down to Barry; down a lot of fields, country lanes etc. Spent a full day there, came back home and the morning after, I was putting on my shoes/socks when I noticed a little fleck of something attached to the top of my foot; I mentioned ‘that’s weird, it’s like a tiny spider or something’ and managed
  2. I just usually argue that there is always going to be a very small minority of cases where healthy people can die from the disease, just as there is with any other disease. then point out that this not justify the measures taken, and to look at the full picture. The vast majority of people getting severely ill or dying, are older aged people or people with underlying health conditions that would be affected in the same way by other diseases like flu. 64,000 people died of flu in 2018 including some healthy people with no underlying health conditions. where was the lockdown then?
  3. A lot of people have the same, they are ‘’Master Builder” numbers For me it’s 9:11, 11:11 mainly, these numbers/times always used to pop out well before I was aware they had any meaning! I tend to make a wish when I see them. you might find this an interesting read: http://www.djehutymaatraherbs.com/blog/constantly-seeing-master-numbers-11-22-33-44-55/
  4. I see a few posts on here from people who are anti-establishment/anti-Zionist etc but hold conservative or right-wing (in the most basic sense) views; I just wondered why that was? I have always classed myself as a hardcore socialist, yet find it hard to align with any political party or people in particular, because of how the left has been hijacked over the years. My priorities are just to have a fair society with equality of opportunity, rights for workers, stronger unions, investment in the NHS/housing/welfare etc. I would most align with the likes of Tony Benn/Dennis Skinner/m
  5. Asda by any chance? got the same result for the security guard being a clever c*nt on the door
  6. Hi everyone, long time lurker of this forum but never joined up, here is my time! Just a little story and opinion. I ordinarily live in Wales but have been working away in England for a couple of months. I will be glad when I am back so I don’t have to deal with this mandatory in shops etc shite.. Went into a local supermarket yesterday to get some things; upon walking through the entrance I knew straight away what was coming. Snotty woman on the door with no mask on - “You need a mask on!!” Pointing towards the large notice at the door ”No, I don’t” I replied - then “what do
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