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  1. I like it when they try I don't like it when it's interfered with
  2. How weak and fragile the deceived are...they require the force of "authority" to protect them against truthful words.
  3. No. Actually I didn't "make a claim",,, so therefore it is a dishonest, leading, and loaded question<( isn't that called "lying"? ) I said "more probable" "a Zionist plant". That's not a "claim', it's a suggestion. I've posted plenty on this site that gives validity to that idea of deceit and terrorism BY("MOSSAD") ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICES==ISIS, and a host of other supposedly separate unrelated entities controlled by "Israel". Anyone that's interested can look and find out for themselves if there's any truth or evidence to what I've said here.
  4. No one has to answer to you or conform to your requirements. You just offer loaded assumptions and questions.
  5. Haha...no, actually, it is you that would have to answer your own questions, no one else can answer them for you. I'm not obligated to you in any way, and it is a fallacy to imply that because I won't answer to your satisfaction that my point of view is automatically false. But you had already chosen the answer before the question and everything you're doing since is to legitimize and validate that answer, irregardless whether it's truthful or not, so clearly you have no interest in gaining greater awareness... Others that read this thread can come to their own conclusions. I don't play Trivial Pursuit. A rhetorical question: WHO BENEFITS? WHO BENEFITS? WHO BENEFITS? Oh how they don't want people to seriously consider that question! Because the answer defies and falsifies all the fake logic and reasons put forth by the corporate-whore media and "authorities" that steal the people's life, money, and freedoms and blame it on some other scapegoat or bogey-man, or invented and engineered "threat" of their making. Like a fake "virus", or "War of Terror".
  6. Haha...more of the same... And now you're a victim, eh? I'm not "pleading" any case, and it is impossible to have a "discussion" with someone that is deeply invested in deceit and only operates to protect that faulty system of belief. It's the same with the covid-believers and germ-theory believers...they've got the power of the corporate-whore media and the governments( WHO OWNS THESE THINGS? Muslims? Don't make me laugh!) to back up their point of view, so they feel empowered to be little totalitarian agents and attack the naysayers and non-compliers--who are said to be "dangerous", and it's just a step or 2 away from rounding up those "dangerous people"(contagions) and putting them in re-education or "mental health" facilities or getting rid of them entirely. ALL FOR LIES. All while millions are being sickened and killed by their poisonous injections and prepped for more contrived chaos. A constant stream of trauma-based mind-control, false-flag attacks and hoaxes, used to justify and implement their "Utopia". Ordo-Ab-Chao! I don't care what you "assume", as far as I'm concerned you're a lost cause. And of course the question of "WHO BENEFITS"? is always ignored or glossed over. Who benefits from "Islamic terrorism" against the West? Muslims? Islamic countries? Don't make me laugh, there's only one benefactor and it's not them. It's your captured and controlled "government(s)", and them that owns it and everything else: that benefits. And ONLY THAT AND THEM. Who T-F BENEFITS?
  7. Haha...you take your info from "Campaign Against Antisemitism"...which just means "Enforcement of The Status Quo", and "Imposition of Mind Control on the Population". Hint: this website isn't about enforcement of the status quo...BUT YOU ARE> Jewish-Zionist-Freemason Utopian Apologist and Propagandist. None of your questions or statements means anything, they're all red herrings and straw men. Distractions and fantastical apologetics.
  8. Yeah, yeah, sure....it's more probable it's a Zionist plant. WHO BROUGHT THEM IN? Why do you only look at an effect and not the cause? That can only be seen as running cover for the perps behind the scenes that are using muslim immigrants(and others) as a front and a cultural/racial weapon against the host country's population. You Will Have No Place To Run. Islam Is The Broom Of Israel. Rabbi Rav Touitou https://archive.org/details/you-will-have-no-place-to-run.-islam-is-the-broom-of-israel.-rabbi-rav-touitou I know you won't be interested in this either: WHEN ISRAEL FAKES MUSLIM TERRORISM (A HISTORY)| DOCUMENTARY https://www.bitchute.com/video/XKtgjt4G1lcS/ (too bad the provider of the video spews the garbage/lies that "Hitler was a Rothschild" and a puppet of "Zionist bankers"...but he didn't make the video)
  9. Stabbings Too! 4-13-2024 -- Saturday. "AUSTRALIA FALSE FLAG STABBING 99.9% EXPOSE SYDNEY MALL NO STABBING - SHARE! HOAX! - FROMDEATH2LIFE" https://www.bitchute.com/video/VrqldjKRW5wN/ He suggests that it is the female cop who 'shot' the "stabber" that is moving the body but I think it looks more like a black male cop moving it and another white male cop(view blocker assistant), with the white woman cop showing up over to the right side in the clip. Then the guy with a chair that walks by might be another covert crowd control/view blocker. Of course people need to do their own digging if they want to know more...this is just a hint or suggestion. I'm not quite sure about the "Bishop Mar Mari" stabbing yet...though I think it's doubtful the perp would be grinning it up with those people on him, and supposedly having his fingers seriously cut up. ++++++++++++++++++ We need more mental health screenings and interventions...we need more possibilities to stop these people before they do anything! We need more security! We need the government to protect us from these nuts in society!! We need to avoid those public places! They are extremely dangerous! Help! Help! Keep me "safe"! (THEY CALL TO THE HYENAS AND JACKALS AND DEMON-POSSESSED) ORDO-AB-CHAO! I laugh with contempt at their fake emotions, and fake "compassion", and fake care and concern...and their fake assumption of authority and command... They disgust me. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Then the media shows edited clips or images that don't show much of anything, or they blur out what they claim is too "disturbing" for the public, or "for respect of the victims"...yeah, sure...they just want to hide the obvious fakeness of it. Then they make up laws that withhold records and "evidence", that had been previously on the "public record" for anyone to examine. These f-cking inverted bastards make my blood boil. News Anchors Politicians and "authorities". +++++++++++++++++++++++ "Charlie Hebdo" False Flag Fraud...where a "policeman" laying on the ground "is shot in the head" by a high powered rifle at near point blank range without his head half exploding with brains and blood splattered all over the sidewalk. ?Well, they "cut out" that part because it was "too disturbing" for us little naive children...except the full unedited scene can be found...and it's ONLY DISTURBING BY WHAT IS NOT THERE = LIKE ANY EFFECT AT ALL OF BEING SHOT IN THE HEAD BY A HIGH POWERED RIFLE AT NEAR POINT BLANK RANGE. They're trying to make these uncut clips unavailable, because of "abhorrent violence", or some other deceitful claim like "supporting terrorism". https://www.bitchute.com/video/OiC4pxnEBFKU/ I won't cry for them effers even when they do actually get shot...I'LL STILL LAUGH.
  10. Another documentary, this one from 1993. "Waco: The Big Lie" Also, they did a follow-up on it a year later with additional vital info: "Waco II; The Big Lie Continues" 1994 https://www.bitchute.com/video/WqSccs0xvM78/ See this as well, it's connected:
  11. LOL? Wow, I'm impressed, you picked up a grammatical error...as If it matters...the point is obvious...except to those that are bound to "the letter of the law". and are detached from The Spirit...only they would point it out...(and think they've picked out a flaw that invalidates the point). I knew it was there. Withdrawal of "investment in this world" is the message of Christ-Truth. Investment in this world is anti-Christ and under the spell of deceit. "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 19:21 "“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. For you neither enter yourselves nor allow those who would enter to go in." Matthew 23: 13 Trauma-based mind control and deceit is their modus-operandi.
  12. I wouldn't respond unless it's at the top already. If this thread belonged anywhere it would be "War and Terror" or "Israel". Obviously he won't be winning any converts here. As far as I'm concerned it's just another psyop, to fuck with people's heads.
  13. Haha...the only "choices" are to Be Real, or to IMAGINE(more properly: fantasize) to be not-real. Is there a "real" choice there? Oh my, that must mean we're slaves.......or so we maybe "thought" we might be, for a minute....and then dreamed a dream of enslavement and limitation and death...and "evil".... GOD is such a tyrant! Hahaha...IT COMPRISES REALITY...and won't change or alter ITSELF...but IT won't restrict us from exploring The Dead Zone in our imagination...the nothing and nowhere zone...WHERE NOTHING LASTS and everything is a lie. (they don't like to hear that) But...it's fun! Until it's not! Break On Through? Back to the Other Side?
  14. And people are supposed to believe KGB Boss Putin isn't the same as he ever was...playing a contrived dialectical game along with those same "elites" he's pointing the finger at. (if he was genuine you'd think he could arrange for mass-murderer Gates and others to be assassinated, or inform the world THAT COVID WAS A COMPLETE HOAX and "Germ Theory" is a Big Money $cam, and there were no "Homicidal Gas Chambers" in any WW2 German concentration camps, nor was there a Master Plan to "exterminate" "thejews". But he won't do that...to speak of such things is illegal in Russia, and Germany, and France, and a host of other European countries. And they're working on making it a worldwide punishable offense. 15 minute cities? "Masterplan complete for “15-minute city” in Moscow" https://www.globalconstructionreview.com/masterplan-complete-for-15-minute-city-in-moscow/ "Back in the USSR: 15-minute cities have unleashed a wave of conspiracy theories, but the concept is borrowed from a Soviet idea" "The concept of a comfortable living area with all the infrastructure on hand has already been tried" https://www.rt.com/russia/572570-ussr-15-minute-cities/ "The 15 Minute City: A Modern Twist on an Old Soviet Ideal" https://andrewsmithecon.medium.com/the-15-minute-city-a-modern-twist-on-an-old-soviet-ideal-b01f3659004f
  15. Hmm,,, impressive! I guess the Kremlin is in agreement with Rabbi Elyahu Kin: The devil will tell on itself if and when it suits it's purpose. Anyone that makes deals with the devil and trusts it to not betray them is rather....stupid. It'll throw any of them under the bus to sustain itself. And probably gets an extra special thrill from it.
  16. They label themselves, and then make up fake labels used against others to incapacitate and eliminate threats to their privileged positions.


    I'm not a "multiculturalist", sorry, especially a deceitful and imposed kind, if anyone wants to dream up some derogatory label, go ahead...the only one that really fits is "individual" unbound to any and all worldly "group" entities, including so-called "humanity".


    In this world that is the only way to be "free", or;  to reach the door that leads to freedom.



  17. None of that shit do I relate to. It's a "jews" point of view, still projecting bullshit, and suggesting that bullshit is some kind of valuable skill for anyone that isn't a born bullshitter, and since they lack that bullshitting skill they must be "inferior". What they value is worthless to me. What they "know" is nonsense to me. What they say is always doubtful to me. I got no time for them or muslims, or any other people that remain wilfull children of this fraudulent world. And that would include you. My responses here aren't for you, but others passing by. You have proved your intransigence and adherence to deceit already.
  18. Yeah, right....you're very skilled at spewing nonsense masked as wise humor. That is: if one could call that kind of thing a "skill". Of course it maintains the idea that "thejews" had nothing to do with their troubles, and that throughout history the 1000+ times they were expelled or "persecuted" it WAS ALWAYS EVERYONE ELSE'S FAULT BECAUSE OF THE INSANITY AND JEALOUSY of the non-jews, and the transnational tribal cult that is never at fault is always the "innocent victim". I just call it bullshit. Cry me a fucking river. ps: David Icke uses "profanity" both written on his site and in his published videos..and many others on this forum have and do too, .so I don't see what the problem would be with me using it here.
  19. Who knew? Who could see? Who cared? Zionism and the Third Reich by Mark Weber "Early in 1935, a passenger ship bound for Haifa in Palestine left the German port of Bremerhaven. Its stern bore the Hebrew letters for its name, "Tel Aviv," while a swastika banner fluttered from the mast. And although the ship was Zionist-owned, its captain was a National Socialist Party member. Many years later a traveler aboard the ship recalled this symbolic combination as a "metaphysical absurdity."/1 Absurd or not, this is but one vignette from a little-known chapter of history: The wide-ranging collaboration between Zionism and Hitler's Third Reich. ............................................................................................. .......... .................. ................ .......................... ..................................... Official Reservations German support for Zionism was not unlimited. Government and Party officials were very mindful of the continuing campaign by powerful Jewish communities in the United States, Britain and other countries to mobilize "their" governments and fellow citizens against Germany. As long as world Jewry remained implacably hostile toward National Socialist Germany, and as long as the great majority of Jews around the world showed little eagerness to resettle in the Zionist "promised land," a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine would not really "solve" the international Jewish question. Instead, German officials reasoned, it would immeasurably strengthen this dangerous anti-German campaign. German backing for Zionism was therefore limited to support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine under British control, not a sovereign Jewish state. /23 "A Jewish state in Palestine, the Foreign Minister informed diplomats in June 1937, would not be in Germany's interest because it would not be able to absorb all Jews around the world, but would only serve as an additional power base for international Jewry, in much the same way as Moscow served as a base for international Communism. /24 Reflecting something of a shift in official policy, the German press expressed much greater sympathy in 1937 for Palestinian Arab resistance to Zionist ambitions, at a time when tension and conflict between Jews and Arabs in Palestine was sharply increasing. /25 A Foreign Office circular bulletin of June 22, 1937, cautioned that in spite of support for Jewish settlement in Palestine, "it would nevertheless be a mistake to assume that Germany supports the formation of a state structure in Palestine under some form of Jewish control. In view of the anti-German agitation of international Jewry, Germany cannot agree that the formation of a Palestine Jewish state would help the peaceful development of the nations of the world."/26 "The proclamation of a Jewish state or a Jewish-administrated Palestine," warned an internal memorandum by the Jewish affairs section of the SS, "would create for Germany a new enemy, one that would have a deep influence on developments in the Near East." Another SS agency predicted that a Jewish state "would work to bring special minority protection to Jews in every country, therefore giving legal protection to the exploitation activity of world Jewry."/27 In January 1939, Hitler's new Foreign Minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, likewise warned in another circular bulletin that "Germany must regard the formation of a Jewish state as dangerous" because it "would bring an international increase in power to world Jewry." /28 Hitler himself personally reviewed this entire issue in early 1938 and, in spite of his long-standing skepticism of Zionist ambitions and misgivings that his policies might contribute to the formation of a Jewish state, decided to support Jewish migration to Palestine even more vigorously. The prospect of ridding Germany of its Jews, he concluded, outweighed the possible dangers. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v13/v13n4p29_Weber.html ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Brilliant "Statesmen" in the USSR, Britain, USA, and the "United Nations" knew "better" though. (it's a "good" thing those "evil" "freedom-hating" Germans were snuffed out, so freedom and peace reigns in the world!)( and 2+2= FIVE too, how could humans have been so stupid not to know that before?.). We reap what has been sown? By the "Statesmen", "humanitarians", and "philanthropists" (and spell-casters) of Judiac Freemasonry. Are we having "fun" yet?
  20. Good shit for a bunch of old f-ers...
  21. They apparently can't or won't comprehend the difference. I think he wants to keep playing the Luciferian game. He was a "dualist", and seemed to confuse the oneness of deceit(this illusury thing) with the Oneness of Truth(Reality). They think they'll be giving up their "power" to some fake thing (but that's what this "world' is, and they already did that). They want to imagine themselves as "GOD". They confuse a part or fragment of THE WHOLE with THE WHOLE. THE ALL ENCOMPASSING WHOLE OF THE REAL=THE ONE=GOD. They apparently don't know that's how we got into this mess. (and it's not the way out). ps: Phil26 is gone, he was an agent provocateur, or "troll'.
  22. One more little blast from the past. He's talking about supporting and accommodating the USSR during the so-called Cold War and before. What a coincidence!, shortly after this interview the passenger plane Congressman Larry McDonald and 268 other passengers were on was shot down by the Soviets! Tom Braden can't keep his snake tongue in his mouth. Buchanan being controlled opposition. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_Air_Lines_Flight_007 "Flight 007"...another cute coincidence. Kinda proves his(Larry's) point to me. And surely it would send a strong message to any others thinking about rocking the boat. And not just them but their families too. Interesting too how a specific search doesn't show the specific results except at the very bottom of the page...they probably want to memory hole this too. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=congressman+larry+mcdonald+crossfire+interview&t=osx&iar=videos&iax=videos&ia=videos
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