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  1. They're operating and teaching from false premises. This world is hell, there are different levels and layers. It's just the ego trying to guilt-trip people into an identity of unworthyness and fear, thereby validating untruth and sustaining a "world" that amounts to a mass-psychosis. "Hell" is properly defined as a virtual disconnect(forgetting) from Truth and Reality= GOD. You are The Son---in part. Everything GOD Created Is The Son= Totality of Creation. Within GOD. The Infinite within THE INFINITE. One with THE ONE. ("The Father and I are ONE"). SPIRIT.(CONSCIOUSNESS). Human comprehension has difficulty and assumes "problems" with Reality,,,, as IT IS. A reversal is required. Basically, one needs to apply the same means to escape this dream of delusion as was employed to "escape"/"leave"/turn away from REALITY. Suspension of Knowing(denial/rejection of) Truth-Reality, traded for suspension of disbelief (accepting)of untruth-unreality. There's no guilt/shame or anything else like that legitimately attached to it, it's nothing really, unless we want to make it something---but it still won't be anything more than a brief daydream fantasy, because it is based on untruth. Truth and Reality are inseparable. The presence of anything that conflicts with Truth is an indicater that one has virtually left Reality and entered into a dream of untruth. EgoMatrix--Dream of Lies. Infinite Love Is the Only Truth. REALITY. Self/Being. GOD. Son. SPIRIT.
  2. I just made a generalized respone to a generalized statement, that's all, it wasn't really personal. One point I was trying to make is that "worship" may not, or does not necessarily mean or include those gestures you mentioned. Also that actual "worship" is not a demeaning or degrading thing(or stupid), the ego sees it as such, and mischaracterizes what it is and what it means. Definition of extravagant https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/extravagant 1a : exceeding the limits of reason or necessity extravagant claims b : lacking in moderation, balance, and restraint extravagant praise c : extremely or excessively elaborate an extravagant display 2 : extremely or unreasonably high in price Like it looks like the ego added the word "extravagant" to the definition of "worship", since it knows most humans are attempting to worship not the ego or it's miscreations/deceptions but that Original Something Greater, aka GOD, and the ego certainly rejects that idea and adds a thing about the "unreasonableness" etc(aversive), of "worship" , all the while it's working on getting it's host to unwittingly(unknowingly) worship it, and the larger one. I don't feel joy 24/7, I'm kind of in between 2 worlds at the moment... The ego is threatened by Truth. GOD. The Real. Self.
  3. To me they are irrelevant. Artificial. Pathetic. Absurd. And, it is they that are the "inferiors", they are the "elite inferiors". The top of the inferior pyramid, they are the most accomplished and "evolved" of the inferior ideal. As such they are bound to The World of Stupid("...they have their reward...")=== egoMatrix--World of Lies. Of course this evaluation isn't sourced from this world, but from outside of it. Logic devoid of Reason= Insanity. "Artificial intelligence" is an oxymoron. "Health care industry" is a misnomer.
  4. Because the enemy noticed something within the consciousness that threatens it's hold over people and attempts to disrupt, distract, and direct attention away from the threat, by using another human tuned in to it's wavelength and believing garbage it(ego/egoMatrix) has fed it, and then spewing such garbage in a thread, thereby.... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Except; The Truth is unstoppable.
  5. No, GOD doesn't "require" worship. But if one Knows GOD, they will, with love, awe, and joy . worship verb wor·ship | \ ˈwər-shəp also ˈwȯr- \ worshipped also worshiped; worshipping also worshiping Definition of worship (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb 1 : to honor or show reverence for as a divine being or supernatural power 2 : to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/worship Unless they want to experience not knowing GOD, and make up a stupid alternative---stupid doesn't exist in Reality, only in weird fantasies and illusions of separation(which is actually impossible) from GOD. Then they will worship the notgods passed-off as GOD, and pathetic idols offered by the ego. So, a day-dream of separation isn't a "sin" or "rebellion"( oh isn't that just so grandiose!), it's simply being a spoiled brat for a brief moment and going in the corner and staring at the wall and denying/rejecting Reality and insisting that I will get what I want and I won't accept that it's impossible, and apply my creativity towards forgetting Truth and Reality and making up a world in my head that is actually nothing and nowhere. A dream that fits the definition of psychosis. This world. This life. Miscreation. Fooling yourself.
  6. Free yo mind,!!,,,,and yo ass will follow..!!!..
  7. The body is nothing. The Spirit Is Everything. The liars lie. The Truth Knows ItSelf.
  8. It plays a double game. Violence, fear, hate feeds it.
  9. https://kinginstitute.stanford.edu/encyclopedia/communism You've got blinders on. You don't get it.............??...............it's "satan's" world. That's why he was "killed". "...according to the F.B.I...." ??? Really? You believe in all this shit? You're wasting your time....it's a false-dichotomy. Yin-Yang. It's all dead. That's the nature of this world. DISTORTION. DETERIORATION. DESTRUCTION. DEATH. DEATH. DEATH. IT'S THEIR "GOD'S" WORLD. THIS IS THE "...HOUSE OF DESOLATION...". Their's is "...the father of lies...". It's "world" is a counterfeit. A trap. The Real never dies.
  10. It's an illusion Dann, it's not 'reality". It has no real effect or consequence on or in reality,,, except that we've looked away from it for a moment, that moment is already over in Eternity. It's shrinking as I type. Separation, fear, guilt, and false-judgements is the religion of anti-Christ(ego). You're falling for it... Try not to take the Matrix/the illusion so seriously----it's actually NOTHING AND NOWHERE. Be glad these words are True. We Will to go Home. TRUE WILL. IS REAL. (not fraud israel).
  11. I just live with The Truth.
  12. Nothing to worry about really...the True Nature has already sorted out that thing you speak of...the imposter...the false nature... It just takes some time for the believers(of the false) to realize their error....they will eventually. IT did it through-with the man called "Jesus". IT IS DONE.
  13. Again, that just applies to you. Looks like a consensus viewpoint to me....and most people it seems don't remember what they are, what this thing is, or what is Reality. Maybe they shouldn't consider it then...or maybe they should....I leave it to them. This "world" is unworthy of The Son Of GOD. iT'S A FARCE. EgoMatrix--World of Deceit Christ.
  14. Get it? Got it? Good! the ego never will
  15. You only speak for yourself.
  16. Jesus(and Buddha, and many others, eventually everyone).....in this world:
  17. Christ=Spirit. The Son. Totality of GOD'S Creation, within GOD. Infinity Within INFINITY. SPIRIT=REALITY. The Greater part of The Son, operating within REALITY=TRUTH, is present but buried under ego illusions/deceptions. A tiny part of The Son slipped into a dream of lies, separating virtually from Reality, but not actually, The Truth within, and All-Encompassing is Eternal, there can be no Life apart from It, for IT Is The Life. One With THE ONE. SPIRIT(CONSCIOUSNESS). The Son Of God cannot be enslaved or killed. But parts of It can be momentarily in denial of Reality and immersed in fantasy........................has the game gone on long enough yet? The only thing the ego and unreality offers is a degrading experience. An illustration ; I don't particularly like the Doctor character as the Jesus character, but it's not the superficial that has meaning or value but the message and principle; "The world" is not "out there".
  18. I think it's kind of funny how humans love to judge others by a standard of perfection and condemn them when they fall short. Standard operating procedure of the ego. Of course humans will do the same thing to themselves---and it's all just the ego keeping them in a state of untruth/illusion because that is the "realm" that it rules. The predator/parasite artificial "self". Most people know arrogance is a trait of the ego, but so is inferiority. So is "positive" and "negative". 2-faced liar and inversion artist. We left "Perfection' to have this experience, to look for it here or expect it is quite stupid. This is The Realm Of Stupid, it doesn't exist anywhere outside of fantasies and illusions of the egoMatrix. Try not to take it too seriously?
  19. Yeah,,, but,,, ,...... it is The Truth that sets us free. Nothing else can or will. The ego works overtime fucking with our minds, attempting to set us up to continue to identify with and sustain it....it can and will suggest any and all ideas that are dead-ends/ illusion-based bullshit. One cannot "escape" from a True condition that is unchangeable(Reality). This world is a fraud in totality. This is the great deception. The "past" is nothing, meaningless, that's how and why the Cathars did the absolving of "sins' right before death, but one need not even do that, the world is meaningless, the ego-self is a fiction---where does "karma"(or "evolution/learning") enter into what amounts to a brief entertaining of fantasy/ dream of untruth? It's a ploy of the ego. THE TRUTH SETS US FREE--- and It may not be how or what one might expect. This isn't real. It has no consequence or effect in Reality---where does "reincarnation/karma" or false-judgements condemning one to hell come from? It's a con by the ego. Any disconnection/interuption of conscious contact with GOD-THE GENUINE ONE is "hell". Different levels and layers don't change what it is, only makes the deception more difficult to discern. The Truth erases "karma". The TRUTH Rules Above All. There is no "other" Authority. IT WILL NEVER JUDGE AGAINST THE REAL AND THE TRUE.
  20. Why? Because we like dreaming this shit up, I guess.... As long as we believe "the enemy" is "out there", or "them"..............................................................."....the Matrix has you.....". Yeah, "they" are exploiting humans...primarily by getting them to believe "out there" and "someone else" is "the problem"........and "weak little me is at the mercy of "the world" and "them-others"....". THIS ISN'T REALITY. Therefore it cannot be truely binding. Reality and Truth are ONE. EgoMatrix is a fraud world. The Truth Sets Us Free. No problem. Fuck "them" that deny Truth, "them" that believe they can kill The Son Of God. They are delusional. INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH. Anything else is FAKE.
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