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  1. They label themselves, and then make up fake labels used against others to incapacitate and eliminate threats to their privileged positions.


    I'm not a "multiculturalist", sorry, especially a deceitful and imposed kind, if anyone wants to dream up some derogatory label, go ahead...the only one that really fits is "individual" unbound to any and all worldly "group" entities, including so-called "humanity".


    In this world that is the only way to be "free", or;  to reach the door that leads to freedom.



  2. Only those that are fearful and weak(consciously or not) look to so-called "authorities" to protect them and keep them "safe". Them that are strong and confidant have no use for external "protection", and have no use for any worldly authorities anywhere to stop anyone from "harming" them.


    IN Truth; I've NEVER been a "victim". And I've NEVER been a perpetrator. 


    I alone am responsible for my "safety" or unsafe condition or situation. And that depends entirely on my relationship with Truth. That is the only "authority" that I recognize or submit to, and I am a part of It.


    What is "responsibility" then? Who can take more "responsibility" than that? There is nothing outside myself that could do me harm unless I put it there or asked for it...projected it, wittingly or unwittingly...that's where it came from....me.  Ultimately I am "responsible". Then, where is THE POWER?   Out there?    "Them"? 


     Everything else can kiss my...


    I'll die before I respect or submit to liars ever again. I'm leaving anyways, and won't be back. 

    And that is a Miracle.

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    2. Certified Green of Heart

      Certified Green of Heart

      hmmm, that's it I'm going to fast forward to a break down (with bypassing reality all part of the package).... J/K

    3. novymir


      For me to reclaim my innocence I must extend that innocence to everything/everyone. 


      I forgive one and all, and in the end: it is realized there never really was anything to forgive, except myself for believing in lies and illusions that had held my mind/consciousness in a dream of deceit.



      THANK GOD!

      I Am a part of IT.

    4. novymir


      The Real cannot be harmed, nor can It do harm. The Real is Innocence Eternal.



  3. I'm pretty much done on the forum, and internet in general...




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    2. novymir


      Hi Campion, just gonna move on, I think the internet has a utility, but it also can be a trap(attachment). I'm fortunate for the time being that I can be a nomad and let the Spirit guide me.

      Thanks to everyone that has helped in my continuing "education", hope I contributed a well.

    3. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      Take it easy mate, all the best for your future plans👍

    4. Thetruth


      I wish you well. Thanks for the insights you have given me.

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