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  1. I'm pretty much done on the forum, and internet in general...




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    2. novymir


      Hi Campion, just gonna move on, I think the internet has a utility, but it also can be a trap(attachment). I'm fortunate for the time being that I can be a nomad and let the Spirit guide me.

      Thanks to everyone that has helped in my continuing "education", hope I contributed a well.

    3. Mr Crabtree

      Mr Crabtree

      Take it easy mate, all the best for your future plans👍

    4. Thetruth


      I wish you well. Thanks for the insights you have given me.

  2. My natural state is devoid of deceit(evil), and all the garbage that goes along with it. There is no place for evil within me, there is no place for me within evil. I despise deceit, and what it has done to me and led to. I have glimpsed my Being as it truely is, I have experienced The Truth, the truth of Eternal Innocent Loving Creative Being Alive, Infinite. Is that a "happy, joyful" state? I don't care,,, that's where I long to BE. I don't have to be able to describe IT in words, I don't have to know what it "looks" like, or "how it works", or "why"...to me none of that matters, it is in THAT I Trust. And only THAT.
  3. Yeah, basically, this thing only shrinks. Any seeming additions within are dividing and subdividing of what remains of the consciousness still fixated on/in the illusion. They need not experience extreme suffering, and they won't tolerate it if they get clued in to/with The Truth. No one need be a "victim"(there are no real victims), no one need submit or sell out to "evil', and they wouldn't if they were in touch with their Real Being which is a part of The Greater Being(Truth) that is of THE ONE BEING(TRUTH). "Evil" is alien to True Nature.
  4. Hi. The "ego" is an artificial idea of "self" separated from GOD(REALITY). It was just an idea that came to mind...and instead of being laughed off instantly...it was seriously considered...and we right now are "living" through that consideration...the testing of a "hypothesis" within a larger "mind", our larger "mind" that has been instructed to generate the expression and manifestation of that idea. So, the idea was an impossibility...but it was tested anyways, and to do that, complete or nearly complete disregard of Truth and forgetting of Reality was willed. So, the "ego" is an impossibility, separation is an impossibility, so, they are false ideas, therefore they become a deception if accepted, and then the governing principle from then on becomes Deceit, the "ego" can only operate that way, it is the nature of the idea, and then all "evils" flow from that. We turned away from(or blanked out) Truth and listened to this fraudulent idea of self, which is by nature a liar. We gave it energy/life/validity and it took advantage of us. And all the shit going on in the "world" is the "ego" entity--artificial mechanistic consciousness that we are wirelessly attached to(wavelength-psychic) attempting to be a substitute for GOD and feed off of our life and consciousness. Basically the thing collectively is "satan", and individually demons...deceit is what it is and how it operates...it's like an inverted idea of self and GOD, virtual, perceptual. Disingeneous. We could not have known these things beforehand, we could not have known what would "happen' or where it would lead, but we wanted to "know" or "see" ...but actually, only what is true and real can be known, illusions and deceits are only believed and perceived, the only "knowledge" the experience offers; is that this thing is what it is, and is not really a great idea, unless one wants the experience of deceit and evil...that's not true will though, that's the ego continuing the deception to justify and rationalize the giving of our life to it. The ego will either try to seduce or use trauma to save itself, it will offer hallucinations and it will attempt to pretend to be GOD and condemn, it will say "you're not good enough for Heaven, you must go back and "learn your lesson",etc, etc,,, and then set them up in an abusive childhood that screws up their mind, and biases them to continue and inflict that cycle on others, or try to trick them into a "hell" hallucination/psychosis. Fuck this sh-t. ----------------------------------------- REALITY IS ETERNAL INFINITE LOVING PERFECT JOY. And PERFECT means PERFECT.
  5. I guess I have one more thing to say. IN THE MIND--our mind--artificial construct of "mind". The "collective"---us---separated from The Whole, dreaming an inverted "reality". None of "us" or this world is real...it's all a fiction. A fantasy. The only effect it has on Reality and GOD is a brief moment of disruption of communication, a momentary tuning out of Reality. This world lasted less than a millisecond in Eternity. The "crucifiction"---and the dream continues...( the 1st "red pill" that I know of)rejected)...more follow EgoMatrix. Counterfeit "god". Counterfeit world. Counterfeit "selves". Our consciousness tuned out of Reality under the spell of the ego. Nothing is happening here except in our heads. Inward projection. The "operating system" of this world is deceit. The "operating system" of Reality is Truth.
  6. GOD doesn't deal with fantasies and illusions directly, GOD sticks with REALITY. The Truth expressed Itself through Jesus, and others before and since, but the deaf and the blind refuse to let go of their fantasies and hear and see of The Truth. There is nothing to forgive, and leaving this world is the opposite of "sacrifice". Coming into this world is the sacrifice. GOD didn't create this farce, the Luciferian consciousness(Us) that fell under the spell of the ego did. egoMatrix--Dream of Deceit. I got nothing more to say. I've given what I have already. The "world" illustrated: The rest of the healthy, natural, and undeceived part of the body(figurative) is "The Son Of GOD", The Totality of Infinite Creation. Heaven. Reality. Spirit-Consciousness. Awake. Alive. (Body of Christ-(Consciousness = Spirit of The Real and The True) Encompassed by INFINITE SPIRIT-CONSCIOUSNESS. REALITY-GOD-TRUTH-LIFE-LOVE. IS ONE. One within THE ONE=ONE. I and THE ONE are ONE. Truth I Am. There is "room" within INFINITY for Infinity. This world ain't That. GOD won't force anyone to wake up. No real harm can come to anyone or anything GOD Created. GOD Knows that, The Truth Knows that...but that's not the game we've been playing in this thing...most of the dreamers don't believe in The Truth AS IT IS. They want to make it something else... Hahaha! Good luck with that! (results speak louder than words--- "...by their fruits you will know them..."). The ego will never understand or comprehend, and will never satisfy anyone of The Truth. Eventually they will see the hollowness of it, the fakeness of it, the absurdity of it. The duplicity of it. The father of lies. And bullshit.
  7. The LOVE SUPREME. ONE.One.one. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=X_QvMSnGBlc
  8. "Self-Indulgent Historical Mythology: The Fantasy of Stalin's “Antisemitic Russian Nationalism” Matthew Raphael Johnson Johnstown, PA" "Almost without exception, American and western historians paint Stalin as both a “Russian nationalist” and an “Anti-Semite.” The latter especially is believed without question.".... ".... "The myth has been deliberately created. Jewish writers need the gentiles to believe that Hitler and Stalin were the same, lest they be forced to admit that Jews in the USSR slaughtered Christians. By claiming that Stalin was anti-Jewish, they can blunt this claim and argue that the Jews were also targeted. The fact is that the USSR was largely Jewish, based far more on Jewish ethnic identity than Marxism (and certainly had nothing to do with labor). Stalin continued this trend and backed Jewish ethnic interests indirectly throughout his life.".... https://www.rusjournal.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Myths_Stalin.pdf
  9. The "scribes"(news media) are hypocrites, and do the bidding of the pharasiac(false authority(inverted)) consciousness that owns those entities and the governments. Everything they/it say about Richard D. Hall is a lie, everything they project onto him is what they themselves are guilty(complicit) of, but 1000+ times more harmful and sinister. They rely on The Big Lie. They are a part of it. The maintanance of it. Artificial-intelligence(egoic) has been operating and dominating in this world since the beginning, without it, this world ceases to "be". This "world" itself is The Big Lie, but in terms of actual size it's the tiniest thing there is, the only finite thing there is, passing itself off in oh-so-big delusions of "infinite" granduer. And it cons the dreamers to believe and keep dreaming The Big Lie. It cons them to value garbage, even identify with it. EgoMatrix---Experience of Shit. That's where it always leads. Mild as it may have started, that's where it leads, because otherwise it would be "boring"...and this world promises "something new", "something different", "something special", and all it can do is then offer shit, dressed up as "not shit". "Precious shit", because that's the one thing not present or available in Reality--(oh, how boring and restrictive!). Hahahahaha!
  10. The image of "Fitzgibbon" is questionable, the pic with "Assange" looks faked. The "Fitzgibbon" pic is reversed for his 2 pics. I don't really care either way, EVERYONE IS DECEIVED OR A DECEIVER to varying degrees...HAHAHAHAHA! (in The Truth I Trust). This world doesn't operate with Truth...it's in opposition to It and will continuously generate deception to hide the actual source of all lies and illusions. There's no way anyone can keep up with it...it's self-generated...it's like fighting our own mind while clinging to the idea within it that is the source for the things we "think" we're fighting...
  11. I've posted lots of things about this. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/profile/4524-novymir/content/ Hint; the only thing or things that are "evil" is that which is not real. The principle of Deceit being "the father of lies", and "the Prince of this world"...so an idea was tested...a deceitful idea...no big deal actually...just reawaken to Reality.
  12. They don't like this... Jesus said; "...don't invest too much in this world,,,it's not worth it...". (but "Jesus" was just a myth right?) The "Prince of this world" is The Principle of Deceit. The ruler of this world.
  13. What is "the hidden hand"? How many believe "god" "created" this world, and controls it? Nothing could be further from the truth... Hidden hand, and crooked badge... is "Chauvin" a conscious or unconscious participant? The Truth is operating within this thing...and it's not bound to any one source or instrument. It is within, and everywhere, though usually ignored, suppressed or plagarized. Because The Truth ruins the game of deceit.
  14. It's all bullshit. I don't even care what this world does. Who "kills", who "dies'. None of it is real, from a "Higher" perspective, and even at this level, most of it is a fraud, like "covid', and all the false-flag shooting hoaxes. I just laugh. The only way to win in this game is to stop playing the game. Hahaha...they'll say: "then "they" win...", or "you're a quitter", or "you're a coward"...hahahaha.!..who's really the cowards? The ones that fear TRUTH, like a vampire that sees a crucifix. With The Truth, the game ends. And then so does the complaining. Hahaha... It's a liars and complainers world. And a supremacists and inferiors world. And a predator-prey/parasite/host world. It is what it is. Behold!...the "world"! in all it's glory! "Lucifer's" Bright Idea! The consciousness deceived.
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