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  1. There is no "ideology" in me. Just The Truth. I only offer it,,, it's impossible that it can be forced or misused.
  2. Truth is above, beyond, before and after "right and wrong". I Am The Truth. I Am Infinitely Greater and More Effective than any illusion or false idea. I Am The Truth. And My Name Is Love.
  3. Actually, if you want to know the what and why of this world, looking at the behavior of cancer is all you need. Ego. Continuity. "Immortality". "Reincarnation". Individual cells. Conscious. Consciousness. Recruitment methods. Seduction. Trauma. Collective. Borg. Artificial. Counterfeit. Denial of Truth. Generates delusion and hallucinatory dream=not Reality. https://www.verywellhealth.com/what-are-cancer-cells-2248795
  4. Laptop from a bookmark, w/firefox-duckduckgo. I just tried to access Jon Rappaport's site and that wouldn't load on 2 attempts(I know that might mean nothing). Location-MetroMN USA(the belly of the Beast). The capcha popup comes back when I go to the various news article pages on the main site.
  5. Hi, just letting you know when I attempt to access D.I.'s main site I am getting one of those pop-ups that requires me to check the boxes with some object in it like a fire hydrant or a bicycle, but it's not working like normal, when I check the boxes it just keeps repeating like I did it wrong and won't go away. ...now when I clicked outside of the pop-up box it went away...
  6. This world is a farce, a bad joke. They can have it, and I won't be recycled back either, not gonna fall for that ego con. The Real never dies. The only thing that keeps anyone here is unTruth.
  7. Yeah, we can get caught up with all sorts of stories and claims, misunderstandings and misinterpretations. I myself don't want to use the name/word "Yahweh", I prefer to just look at principles and premises, and consider metaphor and analogy, bearing in mind, it's all in the mind. Thought/idea is cause, perception-experience is effect. But the thing about this "world" being of Divine Creation seems to me to be problematic, which then requires one to either consciously or unconsciously attribute the features and qualities of this world onto and inherrent to the "creator" of it. That then g
  8. Are you having a "super-hero" experience? Or are you just being a pawn in an unholy illusion, in a false-god's dream= delusional humanity. The Borg "reality". The Truman Show directed by Kristof= "Christ-Off"= anti-Christ. "Total Recall" The Red Pill is The Truth. It attempted to use (the man)Jesus similarily like the doctor in this clip, with the same result. Except, The Truth cannot be killed. The Truth Is Unstoppable, it's not if, but when It will be accepted and Re-Membered=Complete=Whole=Holy. The Real World is not like this one, nor is it a damaged and destroy
  9. Trump isn't going to turn it over to those criminal nuts. Not if he has a conscience.
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