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  1. "They" apparently believe the ficticious character "satan's" ficticious world is real and valuable. So, they do it's bidding. Apparently they trust "satan" to not betray them................................hehehe.......(oops).
  2. The original clip was removed, so here it is again: "I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. And I think that's what I sussed when I was sixteen and twelve, way down the line. But I expressed it differently all through my life. It's the same thing I'm expressing all the time. But now I can put it into that sentence that I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends, you know. If anybody can put on paper what our government, and the American government, and the Russian, Chinese... what they are actually trying to do, and how and what they think they're doing, I'd be very pleased to know what they think they're doing. I think they're all insane. But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that, you know. That's what is insane about it." -- John Lennon
  3. Forgive me,,,, but I just can't help laughing at the title of this thread........ How grandiose "they" are! How important and intelligent and powerful they are !! They've really got it going on... The same can be said about "the devil" and "satanists. Jesus tells me;;" it's much ado about nothing..". I'd like the narrow gate to be wider...but... it's not my call...
  4. The Spirit Of Truth Is The Way. (sorry to you GOD-wannabes), There is THE WHOLE, and there are parts of THAT. The parts are the same as THE WHOLE, but THE WHOLE IS GREATER(Magnitude). The Truth in One reconnected to THE SOURCE OF TRUTH, and continues the activation process of awakening-Salvation. Spirit. Spirit. Not some guy in the clouds. Objectification-personalization distorts. "Of Myself, I Am nothing". "With GOD All things(True and Real) are possible". Expecting instantaneous results is a bit unreasonable, and it's only resistance within that prevents it. Perseverance. It's SYMBOLIC-Spiritual. And Beautiful:
  5. Some of you guys(and gals) crack me up! Definitely. Mind control is strong......in "The Matrix".......but that was just an exciting action"science-fiction" movie....(Divinely inspired metaphorical expression describing this world----DREAM. Actually.). EgoMatrix. " How many people have “psychological COVID”? Sep3 by Jon Rappoport https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/09/03/how-many-people-have-psychological-covid/ ps; what is "black magic"? Answer; the manipulation/influencing of another's mind to produce a disempowering result on the target and a stealing of that energy/life by the perpetrator. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ what is "iatrogenesis"? Medical Care Is 3rd Leading Cause of Death in U.S. by Chris Kresser, M.S. Published on April 26, 2008 https://chriskresser.com/medical-care-is-the-3rd-leading-cause-of-death-in-the-us/ I guess they're trying for number 1.
  6. You would have to be a liar or really dense to ask the question after your preamble.
  7. The only "war" that matters or is worth being "fought" is the one in our own split minds. The split between The True and The Real, and the fake and the illusion= The Divine and the ego. We cannot serve 2 masters, there is no other choices, sanity or insanity. Everything else is just a distraction and a delay of the inevitable, supported and encouraged by "them" most fearful of it. Sooner rather than later?
  8. This "world" doesn't really exist except as a fantasy/dream in our minds. The idea of "choice" or "free will" is exploited deceptively by the fictional character "satan"(ego). In regards to GOD Creating us free, the only "choices" are to accept Reality as IT IS, or indulge in a fantasy that is contrary to our True Nature. The Truth is we're in "Heaven" now, we can't leave(there's nowhere else to go), but we're dreaming up it's opposite (looking away from Reality). Jesus didn't come here to be worshipped or exalted, he always said; GOD is The Power, The ONE, The REALITY, I am The Son, One with THE ONE, but THE ONE is Greatest and THE SOURCE. We are a tiny part of The Son that tuned out of Reality--disrupted communication with GOD/CREATION, what is called "Christ" is the Greater part of The Son(the Totality of Infinite Creation) that is not tuned out of Reality, not believing lies and illusions or spells of the ego-fake self, but each of us has The Truth-The Real within us, Jesus realized IT, and thereby restored communication with Reality "outside of the illusion/dream", then he was an expression-agent of That, the purpose being to activate The Truth within us, and restore us to an awakened/aware state of Truth-Reality=Oneness with GOD-REALITY-ETERNAL.SPIRIT. SPIRIT IS THE REAL. "Satan" is a pipsqueak, entirely artificial and fictional, ego is illusion identity, so-called "satan" is just a collective version of that. EgoMatrix-- World of Lies. Infinite Love Is the Only Truth, anything else is a self-deception generating "Never Never Land" (it will never be real or true.).
  9. I wasn't going to bother to watch it but I felt I should after reading the comments here, since that is what the thread is about...like why would I make comments in a thread without actually knowing what the content and interpretation of the subject is? The astrology stuff is meaningless to me, but I also know that The Truth will work with people where they're at, and with the personality that has developed, that doesn't mean The Truth believes (actually, The Truth only Knows Reality as IT IS) these things are real or meaningful, just that the person has attached meaning and some kind of "reality" to those ideas, but in some way, at some level, has an openess and willingness for a greater awareness of Truth/Reality. At the same time it helps if one is not so attached to these pre-conceived ideas as to distort or minimize what The Truth can and will reveal. The Truth corrects perceptions, True perception leads to The Kingdom of Heaven, untrue perceptions lead to hell. A mistake alot of people are prone to is "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". The Truth is everywhere, sometimes it's surrounded by garbage, but it really comes down to the willingness of a person to be open to things they are completely unaware of or strongly resistant to, if one already is aware, there's not much point in going through the garbage to get validation/reinforcement of The Truth, it is better to share and reinforce it with others directly, in ways that reach them effectively, the only way for that is to allow that Greater Thing to channel through us, which It does both consciously and unconsciously through anyone/everyone not operating from ego in those moments. Anyways, yeah, the 1st video was nice, insofar as she was describing Reality/The Real. I got a a little uplift from it, it turned my focus and attention on that(WHAT REALLY IS), which then helps put my own individual perspective more in alignment with That(a better place to be, when externals are as they seem currently). Ego generated bullshit(fear, worldly attachment) is the only reason anyone would "reincarnate" in this world, except maybe to be an extraordinary agent of Truth.
  10. "Yin-yang/positive-negative" expressed. This insane dream. It's all "e v i l"... hypocrisy. Acceptance/belief in the "reality" of "evil" is the V E I L that overlays The Real World, ie; psychosis(nightmare). "Evil" being separation, fear, and guilt. From these unreal/untrue ideas is the fuel that generates this "world" in the mind. We ARE dreaming this shit up, "they" are manipulating our minds to dream this shit up. Ego is antiChrist. Matrix.
  11. Somewhat anonymous... Lovely playing and tone:
  12. We put up blocks to the miraculous by insisting it conforms to a limited system of belief. Thereby; not being seen for what it actually was, and limiting possibilities. We can go forth and speculate and investigate them, and all we're doing is putting absurd conditions upon that which is Unlimited, by which the Miraculous will go largely unnoticed or unrecognized and awareness continues in limitation. Magic/fantasy/delusion is not the same as the Miraculous. But of course in this world; born of the former, Miracles are seen as fantasy, and fantasy as Reality.
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