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  1. ps; as soon as he pulled the trigger he chose delusion over reality, and the world then conformed to that choice...but he can change his mind any time...The Truth never abandons Us...untruth is only binding while we adhere to it, The Truth is the permanent state and condition of Reality.
  2. Hehe.... The solution is offered... but they prefer to complain and point the finger outwards...(they must enjoy that experience, the same Spirit that woke me up is in All of GOD'S Creation, they must be enjoying the illusion, and apparently enjoy being identified with it and subject to it). There are no "victims", and and there are no real "perpetrators" of anything outside of untrue ideas accepted as true and real, projected. What do you think "their" "problem" is? The same "problem" as everyone elses "problems" is,,, it's universal, different appearances, same s
  3. It's all a mind-fuck. It's getting sucked into the terms they set up. The perspective is false, labels are false, and are attempts to destroy individuality( freedom of thought, freedom of action) and imprison in an artificial contrived collective construct that is controlled by the larger ego( a sort of hive-mind entity, with subsets, compartments, layers, levels, etc, etc). The history is concocted. ALL history is fraudulent, just formulations, and data generated by the Matrix-psuedo-mind to validate the "reality" and "legitimacy" of this fake world. Time is an illusion, the past and future d
  4. Of course I'm really only speaking to myself. I am the master-procastinator...among other things...
  5. So, when the ones that are systematically corrupting, maiming, murdering, lying, conning, torturing, imposing alien ideas and identities upon as much of the population on earth as possible say; "I'm a "jew" or "jewish",,, you believe them?? What's wrong with that picture? Masters of the mind-fuck. They(it) are(is). ps; here's a hard (red)pill to swallow, anyone and everyone that adheres to or is in allegiance to untruth(alien nature), knowingly or unknowingly, is in that degree a "satanist". Ego(satan) or Real(Divine) nature. This IS hell. No one is here
  6. The only thing that is absolute is The Truth. Nothing else is binding, or means anything. And The Truth is not binding as untruth is, The Truth is binding because IT'S ALL THAT IS. REAL. REALITY. TRUE. This world ain't that. And it won't change. It is what it is. Time is ticking...to the end of time...the inevitable final change in the world of changes. Return to Eternity- Awake. There is another physical world, ruled by Truth. The only way to get there is to discard the lies. In our minds. The only thing that can perform this miracle is The True Spirit of GOD Within. Holy Spir
  7. Well, guess what? I've been where you are...20 years ago, and I've been on this planet(perceptual experience) since 1961. I've advanced in my awareness and understanding, Thank God! I don't know everything, but I don't have to, I only need know what I need know in any given moment. Seriously. The deception operating within this world is diabolical genius(non-human-computer-like). The Only Way to operate and maneuver through it and out of it is The Truth, anything else is insanity. "They/it" took certain things, ideas, and inverted/corrupted them( because those ideas are a threat
  8. Yeah, that's how it works... Keep trying to plug the leaks... The Spirit cannot be killed or silenced. ps; "artificial intelligence" is an oxymoron.
  9. Your language gives you away..."purity spiral", "pop culture", "moral compass"? Pre-packaged expressions, stereotyping, sourced from where? What's the "definition"? The point? The point is to cage someone, limit, to destroy individuality, and free thought(which leads to free action). Regarding Lennon; "let he who has never errored( or misunderstood) throw the 1st stone". Or, don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I'm not a big fan of anything except The Truth Divine. It just so happens that art(music) is often used by that to communicate to It's own. The cor
  10. Everything is being coordinated below the surface. One is either controlled and limited by the ego(anti-Christ), or guided and freed by The Truth(GOD). He was awakening,,, it's a process. He did not create "globalist anthems". You are not interpreting them as they were meant to be understood...the ego cannot comprehend or understand(see or hear) The Truth, but it does recognize the threat to it's existence. That is what is mean't by "let those with eyes see, let those with ears hear"(Jesus),,, the ego hates The Truth, The Spirit Loves It. The Real Truth Is Unstoppable. Inf
  11. It probably wouldn't do any good. It's "satanism" actually. What is "satanism"? Anything that conflicts with or denies The Truth. Ergo; ego. Anti-Christ. EgoMatrix. Synagogue of satan. I get sick of the continued demonization of Hitler and Germany, and all the lies. They were the least manipulated and controlled(and the most genuine and honest), and that's why they were destroyed by the more controlled and HYPOCRITICAL USA, UK, and USSR. This world is not reality. It's a farce. Predators and parasites rule, naturally, here. "Here" being a bizarre dream of separation, fear, guilt
  12. Tried posting this on bitchute without success: Yes, except this isn't "reality", that is the primary deception, that which "they" desperately do not want humans to realize. Wake up? To what? This? This "world" is a counterfeit, the presence of "predators" and "parasites" and suffering and death is a DEAD giveaway. It's THEIR world, the world of insanity and lies, and it's a pathetic FICTION, certainly NOT Divine Creation. "They" are the deniers of Truth. The Pharisees(FALSE AUTHORITIES) have gone GLOBAL--Synagogue Of satan=ego=anti-Christ-possessed. The "Scribes" is manifested a
  13. Yeah, we're All going Home eventually. Be glad. Infinite Love Is The Only Truth. Anything else is not much(fake)....("artificial intelligence" is an oxymoron). The Truth erases "karma", if we let It.
  14. The Apocalypse is speeding up. Both Macro and Micro. Disillusionment isn't fun for most. Truth dispells illusions. Some that were cherished. But if Truth was asked for, It Will Deliver. Ego resists.
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