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  1. The whole world is a psy-op, it is governed by principles of deceit.
  2. They. Are. The. Definition. Of. Insanity. (maim, maim, maim,kill ,kill, kill !!!!!!!!!!...................and it's always....everyone and everything else that is "the danger" , and the "unclean".......definitely a familiar pattern with: The New Pharisees. Different language, different, clothes, same shit.
  3. Just in case you missed it....(thanks to Mr. H).
  4. It is self-delusion, confusion, and a loss of sense of reality that makes up this "world", is the definition of this "world". and this so-called "life". That is what sustains it. This world is less than "fallen", it doesn't exist at all. It's a mere fantasy-hallucination that's already been discarded and forgotten in Eternity, we in time have yet to experience that, but it is an inevitability. The "time" is anytime, and always now.
  5. It's not real. This isn't "reality". It's an ugly, deceptive dream that has captured the consciousness of most humans, and does not want to let them go. It uses trauma, deception, and seduction to assimilate and hold them in allegiance to a system of belief that is contrary to Truth, and therefore; contrary to Reality. It is what is attacking. Attempting to obscure, deny, discredit, and reject the Truth, and attempting to validate and justify lies. Anti-Christ(egoic) consciousness. The Real cannot be harmed and is completely harmless. The Real is Eternal. This thing is like a tumorous dream, it is benign on the surface, it cannot grow or spread or hurt Reality, but within, it is malignant. It/We are/is surrounded and infused with Loving Creation, but with the inversion we have given great value to the valueless.....and actually fear Reality...but it's the ego(disingenious "self") that is deceiving people into selling themselves because they have bought into its lies about themselves,others, Reality and "GOD". True Will is not ego "will".
  6. It's significant that I was here about an hour ago and had the same weird thought--just a skulliness about her...
  7. The Spirit sustains me, and only The Spirit. Anything else is a fiction, an illusion, a dream of lies. Do what thou wilt, everything is permited, nothing is forbidden--LOVE Is The Law--The Whole of The Law. To "break" the Law is to exit Reality. And there we are.
  8. False premises lead to erroneous conclusions. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ "Deadly Deception" Dr. Robert Willner("aids" hoax.) https://archive.org/details/drrobertwillnerinjectshivintohimselfontv He died of a "heart attack" 4 months later. (when did Kari Mullis pass away???? How???---------I think we know the why).(hi Tony)
  9. Everything they say is bullshit. Come on.... They are poisoning human's minds and bodies and blaming it on a fictitious contageous "virus".
  10. It's bullshit. Virology is bullshit. They're insane. It's basically black magic and most of them are clueless. They're utterly insane. This world is an insane asylum, being run by the most insane. They aren't 'elite' anything except the delusional 'elite'. Or the "idiot elite". Take your pick.
  11. Bill appreciates your support. So does Tony. And "Research and Development" magazine. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ https://ugetube.com/watch/the-church-of-virotology-spacebusters_dGXzG5jeWZQ5sTS.html https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/03/24/the-covid-narrative-as-an-occult-work-of-art/
  12. It's not hard to understand when we know what this thing is and how it operates. Christ Is True. (who were The Cathars?).
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