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  1. The point being the media is lying left right sideways, upside down etc.


    There are SO many lies being spun, it shouldn't take very long for just about anyone to stumble upon at least one whopper, leading to what I would assume would be questions about how many more lies are being told. Instead, we have senior citizens acting like antifa terrorists taking on people half or a third of their age!


    I still say that even with media monopoly ownership, or even because of it, there will be so many more lies being told, it should at least theoretically be inevitable that mass numbers recognize the lies and act accordingly.

  2. 80% of alternative media is basically alt right or alt lite white nationalism these days, with sites like Daily Stormer at the far right, and Alex Jones just right of centrist. In between are former conspiracy sites such as Red Ice and Stormfront, with it's tired old separatist talking points. With the vast majority of former conspiracy talk shows focusing on UFO's and reptilians never being able to substantiate their claims beyond the level of "I know a guy...." their audiences evaporated. Without any meaningful evidence, the audiences for these speakers petered out to a tiny fraction of what they once were.


    What's striking is the complete inability of the alt right and alt lite to make any meaningful sense of this virus hoax. There are only two public figures who clearly acknowledge that viruses are hoaxes: Andrew Kaufman, and David Icke via Andrew Kaufman. That's an awfully short list.


    EVERY OTHER "ALTERNATIVE" NEW SITE CLAIMS VIRUSES ARE REAL, meaning NO ONE can actually analyze the current situation correctly.


    Take Jeff Rense for example. He has interviewed David Icke MULTIPLE TIMES since this fake crisis was foisted upon us, with Icke stating explicitly over and over that there are no viruses! It just goes in one ear and out the other. Rense continues to interview weekly, if not daily, some very, very old "virologist" who continues with the hoax virus narrative.


    Alex Jones is stating blatant lies such as this fake virus "scars your lungs." And he eagerly sells face masks which tells you whose side he's really on.


    Same thing with Ted and Austin Broer. Ted Broer's exact words: "It'll kill ya!" Uh, no, it will not. Something that doesn't exist cannot by definition, kill you. The FEAR of a fake virus can have detrimental effects in myriad ways but not the hoax in and of itself.


    The inability of the "alt right" to respond in any meaningful way to this fake crisis is absolutely amazing. There are only THREE public figures who have accurate information:


    1. andrew kaufman


    2. david icke via kaufman


    3. peggy hall on the activist front.


    That is an astonishingly short list, especially considering the immense amount of information available. Then again, I'm grateful at this point that we have any honest and insightful voices at all.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Beaujangles said:

    Im wondering how can anyone know if any specific virus exists if a virus cant be isolated? Kary  Mullis the inventor of the PCR test says that AIDS was not even isolated as a virus but was sold to the public as one.  He also says there are  tons of them including retroviruses and that no-one should be surprised that viruses exist or that they will affect someone with a weaker immune system or who lives a compromised lifestyle.  Personally, I think this so called pandemic has evolved from the flu and the flu season  and been conveniently blown out of all proportion by those who need it to be. I have no doubt that the next flu season in the fall will bring another opportunity for further clampdowns. Also find it strange that this alleged C19 manages to stay within certain borders and boundaries. It seems to like Leicester for example. Flus are spread through droplets in the air....and will be carried by air, but for some reason this deadly virus with no symptoms for the most part , seems to prefer cliques and select groups and areas, much like the people who invented it. 

    There is no "flu" in the sense that it is caused by contagious viruses.

    Also, you are mischaracterizing Mullis' claim. He claims there are "viruses" but that they are beneficial, meaning that they are not "viruses" in the conventional sense.

    Kaufman says the same, pointing out that the characteristics of viruses and exosomes are identical, but that exosomes are actually beneficial.


    The reality is, there are no contagious viruses. There are exosomes which are beneficial and have the same physical characteristics as viruses.


    Aside from any technical talk, the numbers are so far out of wack, any simpleton should be able to figure out very quickly it's all a scam. The fact that most haven't points to a precipitous drop in IQ along with monopolization of media ownership.

  4. Exactly. And there are so many parties who have a vested interest in hiding the truth from us. This includes vaccine manufacturers, the entirety of the medical industrial complex, just about every single politician, bankers, among others.


    The vaccine and nano-chip are coming soon, and the stupid will sign up enthusiastically, Donald Trump first among them.


    Again, the reality is there is ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE IOTA OF EVIDENCE for contagious viruses.


    It's not even that esoteric or deep. For example, when "cases" rise and deaths drop, this should make one immediately suspicious, without any scientific background whatsoever.

  5. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    To be clear about my thoughts on what Kaufmann has said, I would like to see further verification of what he is saying from people closer to that type of  scientific speciality. And my understanding of what i listened to was that, according to him you can't isolate the virus, so you cannot prove that it exists, but this does not conclude that it doesn't exist, or another virus exists, despite other possible causes being explored and proposed.


    You have mischaracterized his research and the research in general.


    There is NO EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND of contagious viruses.


  6. Zionist jews, masons and satanists now completely monopolize ownership of "legitimate" media and have brainwashed people with extraordinary uniformity. Some people have figured it out or are at least suspicious, but are still too scared to act upon their beliefs or suspicions.


    Which leaves just a few of us who are privy AND willing to act. If even just a few more were courageous, things could tilt back towards freedom very quickly.


    Actually as I stated elsewhere we are winning to some degree as many major chains have announced non enforcement.

  7. The hoarding and crisis shopping of march and april has slowed and sales are down drastically.


    This means that profits are down and stores will have to move to accommodate customers who aren't going to wear a f_cking mask.

    Just keep pushing back. Sales will continue to slow as benefits end, more people are laid off, etc. We're gaining the advantage and even mainstream media is acknowledging this.


    Also, these stores are trying to avoid liability and bad publicity associated with conflicts in stores.

  8. Let's say the average joe has done zero research. Simple common sense alone dictates that no one gets the f'ing flu IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY! This simple fact alone renders use of a face mask totally stupid much less a total lockdown in the middle of summer.


    At the opposite end of the spectrum are folks who have done their homework, watched a few vids from Andrew Kaufman or David Icke and realize there is no actual virus (I assume many if not most people on this forum get it).


    In the huge gap in between there MUST be some significant percentage who are highly suspicious and skeptical, yet all I see in every store are masked up zombies. I am literally the only person in any store without a mask.


    I refuse to believe that most people are this stupid, that they can't educate themselves to some minimal degree and figure out its ALL a hoax.

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