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  1. And yet you support the antifa goon squad claiming you can attack anyone at any time simply because you personally dislike them. The defining feature of the liberal/antifa is that they rely on their EMOTIONS, not facts. All they have to do is dislike you and that is al the excuse they need to terrorize you with violence.
  2. Therefore, you can attack anyone you dislike. The mental illness of antifa....
  3. Someone who actually pays attention to the facts which you abhor, obviously. Ignorance is bliss....
  4. Or, perhaps he is following orders and fears he will lose his job if he doesn't.
  5. The end result sadly is that even many of those who are more informed than average still are incapable of dealing with facts rationally and instead resort to juvenile name calling, wishful thinking and deliberate denial of the relevant evidence. At least one poster has posted the exact same post at least three times in total denial of the evidence from the alleged "victim" herself!
  6. Again, instead of addressing facts about the actual technique, overall "by the book" and some of it unwarranted (neck control), yet clearly not resulting in any injury, let's resort to name calling, ad hominem and with a total refusal to address the totality of relevant evidence. I expected better from this forum. Hysteria rules instead. You can't mount an effective resistance through wishful thinking, much less delusion.
  7. I don't think it's irrelevant or derailing: just an example of folks who can't think straight being corrected. Bizarre delusions of "I can do whatever I want to people I don't like" or "policeman always wrong" doesn't fly here. Or anywhere really.
  8. Escalation of force is allowed. Theoretically, you should only use as much as is required to effect arrest. Neck control looks bad, but clearly, there are no injuries of any kind suffered by the citizen arrested. She was in high spirits during the ensuing interview, and clearly egged on and antagonized the officer in order to elicit as extreme a response as possible. Overall, the officer performed with reasonable restraint. Again, neck control is poor PR but not necessarily poor policing. These are instantaneous judgement calls and there is literally no way in those inc
  9. Again, your facts are totally wrong. It is clear that you will engage in both: 1. ad hominem attack (irrelevant) 2. factually incorrect statements. a. failure to provide identification, a lawful order, subjects you to arrest or at least detention (the former in this case), at officer's discretion b. failure to comply with any lawful order of an officer subjects you to arrest c. verbal and/or physical belligerence subjects a citizen to arrest d. not showing medical documentation COULD be interpreted as failure to comply with a lawful order.
  10. Now you have changed your tune quite a bit. You claimed I was not portraying the situation accurately. The reality is is that you took a small fragment of a video and claimed it was an instance of police brutality. Far from it. Now you claim that anyone can behave in any manner they like, as long as the person subject to their illegal behavior is unlikeable or unpopular. This claim is out of touch with reality. Citizens must behave lawfully. There are instances where police do not, and I disagree with this but so far the "rights" of some officers to lie in specific situations has g
  11. She was subject to force not because she was not wearing a face mask, but because she was resisting arrest. In the videos above, you notice two things: 1. she admits that she was confrontational and abusive towards the officer, she gave him the middle finger, when the officer asked why she was not wearing a mask. 2. the officer attempts to restrain her, either because he is concerned about a possibility of her attacking him (see no.1), or because he was initiating an arrest. 3. she has refused to comply by showing ID, and/or exemption, been verbally abusive, and is now r
  12. It's a great idea and I hope and trust you'll find success. The reality is, the normal bonds of community have largely evaporated. Friends of family, stable social circles from school and work are all increasingly uncommon. People change jobs every year or two, and tend to move from one city to the next almost as frequently. The common bonds of language, culture and nationality are largely a thing of the past in many parts of the west, especially in large cities. To put it simply, the corona hoax has made what was once challenging but manageable, a frightening and even
  13. All of it. This includes both news media and entertainment/fiction. Absolutely all of it is designed to imprint us and get us familiarized with the new cages and prisons we will be living in in the near future, or simply to upset and traumatize. Simultaneously, each of these forms of media also highlights how we can DEFEAT those who seek to imprison us. This is the gambit of the evil-doers in power: THEY MUST TELL US EXACTLY WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO TO US, AND NEVER IMPOSE ANYTHING WITHOUT OUR CONSENT. EVERY FORM OF TYRANNY WE ARE SUBJECT TO IS ONLY WITH OUR CON
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