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  1. Why didn't I get an invite to the White House when I refused my yellow fever vaccine?
  2. Interesting, so could be a small dip around that time. Will have to check the charts at the time. Yes that's what I like about markets when you think about it emotion is the only driver, it is a direct reflection of the reptilian brain, act our of fear or out of greed. And if you can transcend the reptilian brain you may do quite well - just like in normal life......
  3. Yes I need to look into it more myself - I think the theory is the moon effects people's emotions and emotion is the primary driver of the market. Some charts on it I was looking at to start me off https://www.tradingview.com/ideas/moonphases/
  4. Thank you so much Xelnaga you are very kind. Yes, it was really nice to know and hear his stories of how the UN and the WHO (also worked for) waste everyone's money. And also said they've been working on the covid vaccine for years (which we already know but nice to hear from a former official's mouth) I look forward to hearing more stories from him in the future.
  5. Have you ever done any charting with the lunar cycles? I know some people are really big into that. Haven't played with it yet myself....
  6. Sounds amazing, will have to get right over there! :) On a different note. I just moved into this new place temporary. And the landlord is a retired epidemiologist for the UN. Telling me how corrupt it all is the pharma industry and he thinks that covid is a scam. I was taken aback!
  7. Hi Dale, would you mind expanding what you mean by this please?
  8. Golden cross confirmed on the daily chart. Let's see if this thing starts to move again!
  9. Interesting. Do you think that could be because you are not in the EU and Slovenia is? Or you think the people just wouldn't stand for it? What about neighbouring countries, Bulgaria, Croatia and Montenegro..are they all following suit? Was considering visiting this region.
  10. I don't know how the writer sleeps at night. Truly......
  11. Thanks. That's really unbelievable!
  12. This actually sickened me. Just because she showed symptoms, could have been high temp, cough anything......... Four-year-old girl dies of Covid after anti-vaxxer mom contracts virus Kali Cook died in her sleep on 7 September, within hours of showing symptoms of coronavirus https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/texas-covid-girl-anti-vax-mom-b1918895.html
  13. We can survive for sure. I think generally speaking we don't need immigration. But I think anyone that genuinely benefits the country should be welcomed in - because it improves the country. Lets just say another Nicola Tesla came along and decided one day he wanted to live and reside in Britain - should we say no? I think the problem is that we let in people who do not benefit or enhance the country. There is also an argument to say, it's not your fault where you are born. It's quite easy for us to say who were lucky enough to be born here - you should stay in your own country. But the west deliberately holds a lot of the world in unnecessary poverty. In some countries it is not possible to thrive as a human for many people, should they if they work hard and want to contribute somewhere else be given a chance if there is capacity for them? I don't know that answer, but I know what the answer would be if I was one of them. Thing is in Britain we don't have a constitution which everyone can get behind when they come here like with the principles behind America.
  14. Sounds awful, do you mind sharing which European country this is?
  15. If we and other species didn't have sex, there would be no life. So yes I guess that would mean avoiding reincarnation but is no life really what is God's plan?
  16. You can refuse the jab without giving any reason if you want to! Religious reasons probably won't help with INT travel...
  17. I think so, but they were never used - strange considering we were meant to be in a pandemic. Staff shortages allegedly - would have thought they'd had plenty of time to train some more up.......
  18. From the Independent. I don't understand how reducing capacity helps things. Surely just ensures us that we head into the Plan B scenario. Tory MP raises issue of hospital capacity with Sajid Javid Conservative Esther McVey raised the issue of hospital capacity in the Commons today and asked the health secretary if additional capability was being built. She said: “Given that the number of hospital beds has fallen by over 6,000 since the pandemic, figures sent to me by his department, will the minister assure me that proper additional capacity will be built back into the NHS as part of his plan, rather than resorting to hugely damaging lockdowns and restrictions.” Sajid Javid replied: “The reason for the falling capacity in the first place is (to) control the spread of the virus to make sure that those in hospital that are naturally vulnerable in any case are protected from the virus.”
  19. I just went on the Scotland website to see how many recorded deaths there are to warrant this from the Sturge. https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-daily-data-for-scotland/ So none yesterday,week ending 5th sept was 58 deaths. And this is with covid and not from covid. I mean I'm pretty sure more than 58 people have died from eating fried mars bars in Scotland during that time. I mean what on earth is she doing? Let Covid go Politicians, let it go.....................
  20. Wasn't quite what I was expecting, No USA, the Czechs allowing you to carry two firearms! Even the ol Frenchies are allowed guns! https://www.liveandinvestoverseas.com/lifestyle/10-countries-easiest-gun-laws-world/
  21. Hmmm made the mistake of reading the news today. So already gone back on the vaccine passports. Now they are being held in reserve..... kids over 12 can get the jab without parental consent........ Even if we say that Government statistics are true - even by that data we're not in a pandemic. Just zonkers really https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9988651/Boris-warns-Covid-far-unveils-winter-plan.html#newcomment
  22. That's interesting, thanks for sharing. I don't know much about computers so no idea how VPNs would play into that. I did speak to an IT guy the other day, he is not a conspiracy theorist, but told me that recently in England there has been at least two major internet outages for considerable periods of time - which he said is unusual and it was due to a single point of failure which apparently shouldn't be possible - then I lost him when he got all technical and tried to explain it to me. But perhaps some kind of testing to see what would happen if the internet goes down - intentionally or otherwise, is being played out right now..
  23. I am also extremely curious as to what you base your thesis on - regarding vaccine status relationship to internet access. I haven't seen anything on this topic.
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