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  1. For me, cause and effect imply time. A before and after. When I explore time, there is no experience of time. Therefore, cause and effect are an appearance necessary for us to create a coherent, linear story/ character. It is a property of the limited human mind. I don't think there is a subconscious brain. I think it is another way to describe what I am saying in different words. It highlights that we are not a separate entity with control, but our experience is an activity of what we could call consciousness or god. Yes. Every moment you find and experience god.
  2. Yes you're right they do not cause actions, but usually preceded them. I'm not sure anyone has found a subconscious mind. If one does exist, humans do not control it, and it operates similarly to conscious mind. There is indeed only one source of causation and that is what we cannot name, god, consciousness, universe etc... Everything else that occurs, such as it seemingly appear all in linear fashion, cause and effect, and the illusion of free will and personal responsibility - is so apparent human limited entity can make sense of the experience
  3. I can put it another way. We know thoughts create actions which cause outcome. If we had free will. We would in advance plan our thoughts out for the day, week ahead. But alas this is not possible. We are at the mercy of the cosmos as to what thoughts we get today
  4. I would like to believe in free will. I have never experienced free will, as a human. Humans are activities. Free will is an activity. Activities can't experience activities. The only one who has free will is I. I would say in your example there are no choices. I the human cannot go and explore the world of thought, and select which is the best or appropriate. The world of thought, comes to me. This includes decisions which are just thoughts. I then falsely claim them to be mine in a typical example
  5. The folly of personal responsibility.... What is personal responsibility? Responsibility of your actions. Actions come from thought and feelings of which there is no control. It is like me claiming I am responsible for smelling or seeing. But these are just activities I get to enjoy.......
  6. Excellent documentary about the history of financial bubbles. V good
  7. Yes. The other thing to mention is how the money lenders create money out of thin air and exchange it for tax payers sweat and tears - translating into hard assets. It's a good gig and ensures to keep the public down
  8. One suspicion I have is that the structure of the globalists are the money lenders at the top. Then the tentacles stretch out to politicians and business men The money lenders don't need money but they use it to incentivise those below. Hence why I think profit is still important
  9. Waters above Look at the markets using Gematria and numerology and TA as well as talking about the new world order Fascinating perspective https://m.youtube.com/@WatersAbove
  10. What the insurance companies have been telling claimants.
  11. A revolution in today's society involves arguing on social media and videoing the argument on yer mobile....
  12. This channel has some good documentaries. Just finished this one was good
  13. Totally immoral for this not to even be investigated. So sad.
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