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  1. I'm still waiting for my helium mining equipment to arrive. Should be here next week or so. Then I will be mining helium
  2. unbelivable jab propaganda video https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/this-doctor-had-the-perfect-response-to-an-anti-vaxxer-suspicious-about-the-covid-vaccine/ar-BB1cCMvc?ocid=msedgntp
  3. Excellent and his series on history of money is a must watch.
  4. Gangsta Boo with the classically titled "wut you niggas wan" Do love a good female rapper though and sik beats on this one
  5. Wow thanks man. Blimey I do like coke as well! Like I used to love the deoderant Lynx or axe as its sometimes called. Then I saw how magicians use it in magic because it can wipe off the suits from a bi-cycle or equivalent deck of cards! Just by applying it to your finger then wiping... Disgusting!
  6. I'm probably a little naive when it comes to actors in the conspiracy game. But really, you can edit stuff out of someone's life and almost portray them as you like if you spent the time and effort making a video about them.
  7. I completely agree. And is my slight concern over crypto currencies..... If they think regular folks got to much money via crypto and they want that brought back in - they could try something like this. I don't think it would be possible to destroy crypto but there would still be a major liquidation event and disruption. As well of course as all the other markets suffering majorly
  8. When I'm riding my future Lambo, I will have these beats pumping! :)
  9. I think it's mainly Goldbugs scared that BTC will take away it's market share. Don't usually get crypto peeps starting these types of arguments. Think Gold Price manipulation has done more damage to Gold Price than Crypto could ever do.
  10. More nonsense...... people admitted into hospital with covid after having a jab to stop them from getting covid. Couldn't make this shit up....sorry you probably can! https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1430834/coronavirus-uk-latest-update-vaccine-admitted-to-hospital
  11. lol, Peter Shiff the biggest gold bug his son is big into crypto, embarrassing for him! Yeah they all have their own agendas and stuff to sell you so they encourage tribalism. If people take the time to study both I'm sure there would be less tribalism.
  12. The Government do not really need to recover costs. They don;t even have any money of their own. They either steal it from you, or print it (another more subtle version of stealing from you).
  13. “Transitory Hyperinflation Ahead” https://www.nxtmine.com/bofa-transitory-hyperinflation-ahead/
  14. Inside the great minds of the sage psychologist...... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9541809/Britain-doesnt-need-domestic-Covid-vaccine-passports-SAGE-psychologist-says.html
  15. And when on earth are the doctors going back to work ffs? We got like 4 official covid deaths a day recorded now. Surely holiday time is over for you now!
  16. Another example from today. Fucking twat Neil Ferguson again. Says lockdowns unlikely again https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56988070 ok well lets see if you change your mind matey. Like those retards last year, Van Tam and that weird lanky scientist guy I forget the name of. Saying masks don't do anything you won't have to wear em. Next thing you know you have to wear em for a year. Where is the fucking accountability. This is how we are running a country ffs! Imagine if you ran a business like this!
  17. I'm sick of our political system the way it is. Especially during tie of crisis these people need to be held to account. Should be a monthly review and analysis of what ministers have said and see if still true etc. If someone changes their opinion they should have to publicly declare why and provide evidence. Currently they just say one thing one day and another then next..... then people forget what has been said.
  18. lolz, in terms of scenario planning this is an extreme one. I can imagine the folks at Goldman Sachs discussing the what happens to our investments when bill gates wipes out most of the planet's population? Well if you think about it. If people are removed. Does their money/assets get removed? I guess it will be the same game, just a smaller no of players.
  19. Seems like the whole world has gone tribal. Asset classes are no different. Even within crypto there is extreme tribalism. I'm in your camp, big fan of both in this current economic situation.
  20. I think there are many possible explanations as to the foresight. The other bible story that comes to mind is adam and eve in the decision to take the apple. In both stories man is presented with a decision to basically sell thyself to the devil....however the devil is represented by you. I think there is no doubt, that we are being presented with a similar modern day version of these questions - just we can replace the faces of demons with those of politicians
  21. Good question Mr Colombo
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