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  1. Friend of my brother's just had the vax last friday. He is a superfit male mid 40s long distance swimmer. Was bed stricken for 3 days with flu and severe joint pain! Sounds lovely!
  2. Yeah in that part of the world you take your chances with natural disasters - pretty much whole of central america. It has the most foreign investment out of all the countries so one would assume that it's not too bad, but would have to do further research on the areas. Cost of living. So 2 things I noticed. 1 West Coast (where whites live) is a LOT more expensive than East coast (where afro carribeans live) - most notably in the prices of land and property. Much of the east coast doesn't have any development at all. But people say East coast has a lot more crime - but it wasn't t
  3. Ok this is the most ridiculous story I have seen so far. How can they even print this? Saying the vaccine helps prevent cancer and alzheimers..... This is a little bit too far https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9307203/Coronavirus-jab-help-fight-cancer-chronic-pain-Alzheimers.html
  4. Oh my hot rod, just after finding that out on another website. I just come across this. THIS MY FRIENDS IS THE ULTIMATE GUUIDE TO EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY! Makes this a lot easier! https://flattenthecurve.global/
  5. Update on my research. Costa Rica. One of the most lax it seems. Everything open, some places reduced capacity. You don't even need to have a PCR test to get in. Do have masks in enclosed spaces. But I have been there, pretty certain if you on the Carribbean side (much less touristy), it most likely won't be enforced, very unruly on that side. Where as west coast and central hubs probably would have to as it's US central around there.....
  6. Quite interesting read 14 is the new 15. How the globalists changed the average temp to claim climiate was going up https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2012/11/fourteen_is_the_new_fifteen.html
  7. Oh my dayz that was frigging hilarious
  8. The Central bank did print 2 trillion pounds just last year. Not surprised everything is bloated!
  9. Petetion for a full public enquiry of covid https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/575462?fbclid=IwAR1wn9efMHbjEq1mWIDZp-QsBT_CRIjZTFoa8AmmJmNF0ArNCIjGGWE_emw
  10. Wow each to their own and everything, but a little surprised that ol Peter Hitchens got himself jabbed up.... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9307363/PETER-HITCHENS-Ive-Covid-jab-cost-freedom.html
  11. Don't watch too much mainstream, but wtf was that Tom Moore stuff about? Been knighted, then had military jets flying at his funeral.........king weird... What's he done, brought world peace or something?
  12. Just incase anyone here has large cash balances. Worth a watch. Might help.
  13. It's difficult not to conclude that the average person in this country is an Utter cnut!
  14. That's disgusting. I do know one guy that uses a tactic which works for him although it's a bit strange and out there. If any security comes up to him and gives him grief he starts screaming at t he top of his lungs "help help this man is trying to psychological attack me" - and apparently they go away! But yeah I had an incident reported on here while back - always tricky when you;re in the situation.
  15. It is more than strange. We're usually considered one of the more libertarian nations in the western world, and Boris WAS one of the most liberal Tories out there. Now we're heading up the global fascism movement, leading from the front. Although I didn't pay too much attention to the earlier claim, that when Boris was "said" ill, he could have been taken away and blackmailed. I don't rule it out. The U-turn was quite extraordinary. Even when I went to see my MP many months ago he couldn't believe the reversal but reasoned it was because the illness had been so bad for Boris that,
  16. I would try and get a passport if you can. I think if you want to avoid fascism here i this country then best bet is to join one of those self sufficient communities. Quite a lot in the UK. Means a change in lifestyle though.
  17. Just finished UK column news yesterday. Very good. Also good reminder about Bill Gates. You mention Bill Gates to regular folk and you will get tin foil hat response. As they pointed out, look at the two major crisies in our lives at the moment covid and climate change, he's fully stuck into both... really is like a real life bond villan. Funny how people don't even at the very least question him a bit more....
  18. I'm a bit like that everytime I pass a supermarket security guard or copper. In that I find myself muttering under my breath as I walk past "fascist scum, muthaucker"... I didn't actually even realise until I had a few funny looks. Deffo losing it! :)
  19. The only way we can say it is inevitable I guess is because no one uses logic anymore.
  20. I don't think that's inevitable. In fact if you work on logic it should be the opposite. If people who are in serious threat of said disease are vaccinated and all of those who choose to be. Then there is no one left to protect who doesn't wish to be protected.
  21. To be fair to the guy he has said all along he is the biggest supporter of vaccination. He's just been complaining about the restrictions. Think he has been consistent.
  22. I can just imagine the scene. Her watching Eastenders peacefully, sucking a murray mint stroking her little pooch, the men in suits come in..... Ma'am. We gotta problem. Folks ain't fooling for our vaccine shit. We gotta wheel you out so you can address the nation and tell them that it's fine and dandy.... But I haven't even had the jab, and Sharon's about to get married again..... Don't worry Queenie, we'll get you back in yer chair before Shazza gets married and divorced for the fourth time..... Well I'm not sure.... We'll even chuc
  23. They've wheeled out the old Queenie for some proper....gander... *no one told he it doesn't stop transmission..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56203768
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