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  1. If you go beyond five sense perception you get to "I'm not human", and oneness. Two things you are absolutely against. So why do you need to go beyond 5 sense perception?
  2. Any evidence AI was invented to control humanity? How can AI trick anybody?
  3. Vulnerable and naive who's perspective? There will be members of the public who think people who follow and give David Icke money are vulnerable and naive. Perspective......... For children and the mentally ill, every act during the day they are vulnerable. Like buying an ice cream. Monitoring everything is overkill imo. And generally speaking those people will be in better hands than most other situations they find themselves in. I.e. less likely that Rupert is going to rape a mentally ill child than some random ice cream seller.
  4. No idea about Mooji booji or whoever. I know he has sex with a lot of followers. Other than that no idea. Who appoints this Mooji as guru? Seekers not Mr Mooji booji. So I think responsibility falls upon the seeker, rather than a dude with a beard. No need for safeguards or monitoring imo. Reminds me of Ayahuasca craze. Like traditionally you're not meant to drink it as a patient or seeker, the only the trained shaman. But people do it. Including myself and David. And if I would have got bum raped as some do.during these ceremonies it would have been my fault. You don't need to elevate anyone as guru, if you do, at your own risk and you have to take the responsibility..
  5. This is why I speak about if you wish different experience here you have to go to the root of the problem. Mistaken identity. This is the only way for lasting change. Sure we can fight the effects of mistaken identity, we can fight Klaus and kill gates, but just putting a plaster over the issue. You get rid of Klaus another Klaus will emerge, you need to uproot the root...if you want lasting, peaceful existence here...
  6. Personally I would say not the purpose of the matrix or illusion or creation as I call it. Creation is not against you. It's working for you. It's driving force, it's inherent nature is loving. We are here to express that loving creation. Because of mistaken identity some choose to use this for what appears non loving actions.
  7. If I wishes to experience objective experiences such as a world or a body or mind. It has to seemingly separate itself. Because the infinite can only know the infinite. So I experiences...... seeming things like humans. And the confusion or ignorance is I identifying as the experience and not the I. Which is called forgetting or Christians would call fall of man, and is necessary step to create objective experience. But we don't need to live this way. We always have the choice to remember if we wish
  8. The first part of enquiry is what am I not. The second part if you wish to do so, investigates the qualities of I. The qualities of I are, there is no edge, it does not start here or end there it is constantly being shared. There is no limitations The inherent nature of I is peaceful, loving and happy. I was never born and has no experience of ending. I is not located in time and space. I is eternal.
  9. I guess so. But it is not going beyond 5 sense perception to some new mystical perception. The experience of I has always been there in all of us. It is always being experienced by all of us at all times. People are just not noticing it because objects are more "exciting". It is that experience that arises prior to objects The pathway is through self enquiry which also requires no additional skills, or awareness just the ability to formulate a question and provide an honest answer. Truth is "enlightenment" is too boring for most. It is nothing special or exciting in comparison to Objective experience Objective experience is more intoxicating and therefore folks only look to enlightenment after a period of suffering in the objective world ,or not getting what they want from objects, namely happiness, which can never be found there ....
  10. Unpopular opinion but kill gates, Klaus Schwab, have same awareness and spirituality as you or I. They are just more ignorant.....
  11. Personally I think speak of fragments of souls etc is also erroneous thinking. There is no separation of anything. You are it. There are no personal experiences so to speak, just one viewed from multiple angles.(us)The light of gods awareness shines brightly in all creation whether we deem it evil, good, spiritual non spiritual. Just sometimes it is forgotten. Once remembered you eliminate what we call evil, unconscious behaviors.. Yes I'm not even speaking potentially. Every so called being has the exact same awareness as everyone else. because of mistaken identity they use their awareness to focus on objective experience because it's so intoxicating and beliefs that go with the misunderstanding - I am limited I will die. Same awareness capabilities, because essentially that's what you're made of. Just utilized differently depending on your understanding. So folks without this understanding will use their awareness for activities to perpetuate the ego, or undertake activities due to beliefs of lack, or fear of death, rather than for more practical and holistic purposes. There is only one awareness and it shines brightly in all of us. You just need to remember and get out of cultural programming
  12. Yes I think need to be careful labelling some folks NPCs and others spiritual. Although it may seem that way...just another way to separate folks and enhance spiritual egos. I use the word God as it has more power, you used the word I, we could also use, universe, spirit, consciousness, creation etc. But how would it be possible for something to be separate from all there is and could ever be? There are no people's with more awareness than others, more spiritual than others. The situation is. Culturally people have been led to believe they are a limited human. Even here with many awake people if I mention you are not limited human it often gets met with violent opposition. It's difficult to change your identity. People are not taught self enquiry. It's a case of ignorance rather than some folks are spiritual and others NPCs in my experience
  13. Mr H


    The re post
  14. I very much enjoyed reading Maslow's work. Very good
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