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  1. So because the media has an agenda to cite white on black crime as racist, you want the same media nonsense to occur with black on white crime? Doesn't that just create more nonsense reporting? Shouldn't we be aiming for proper journalism? Just because they have different skin colours doesn't mean that it's a racially motivated attack - that's bordering on insanity if you think that is evidence in itself. imo. And YES before you repeat I understand that this would be reported differently if it was in reverse a white murdering a black MP - I GET IT!
  2. Well yes there is no doubt that the guy is black, and there does seem to be a problem with black people and knife crime in particular. But that doesn't suggest that this murder was motivated by race. That's like putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5........by the same logic you could say it was a class motivated attack or whatever obvious difference comes to mind. Not really evidence.......
  3. I don't know what evidence there is to support the notion that this was a black on white crime agenda. Looks more like an Islam attack or a state induced attack to make out it was an Islamic attack and bring in more restrictions via terror acts. Going by history seems more likely the former, but you never know.
  4. I can tell you that Sir David was always willing to meet me in person and he held regular in person meetings throughout the covid crisis.
  5. I find it a bit strange though, because I lived in Leigh On Sea for 15 years and never saw a Somalian. It's pretty much all quite well do do white folks.
  6. He was my local MP. Met him to complain about Covid and spoke to him many times via email. To be fair to him he seemed like a really nice guy - am quite sad to hear this news.
  7. Anecdotally we are probably due a correction/shakeout. From a TA perspective if we drop any lower than current levels then it looks like Bart Simpson structure could be forming - so aligns with your theory with the moon cycles.
  8. Fast or slow, and knowing the outcome of previous genocides, if it was a genuine fact in your eye - I think massive action would be taken by the person holding this knowledge as fact. Personally I think it's people getting wound up by influencers about the worst potential outcomes - fair enough, but citing these things as facts is just clear wrong and in my view until more evidence is presented a waste of time and energy. Better off dealing with what you know - there is a financial reset coming as well as future energy and food shortages - that's enough to prep for imo.
  9. Saying a genocide is going on is a pretty serious statement. And if you genuinely believe this as a fact, I respectfully ask what are you doing about it? Are you out there with guns and stuff? Because that would be a normal response if someone genuinely saw a genocide going on.
  10. As well as the financial reset - which I have already spoken about so won't go on about it again....
  11. Some countries have faced genuine tyranny yes I agree like OZ. But in the main, tyranny has been media and political fearmongering. If you know your rights you can in most countries do what you could do before. As I said the impact of 5g to me is more concerning, but that's a personal thing.
  12. I think I even saw Billy Goat Gates saying that vaccines were the best ROI% he has ever had - so why would they want that easy money to stop? Which it what would happen if everyone died. They want more people hooked up on this stuff easy money. Especially as the easy money in pharma suddenly became not so easy - the drug industry which has far more stringent safety checks than vaccines do and less ROI% return. And more potential for liability claims
  13. I was aware that it was being rolled out during rona, I was not aware that the full roll out has been completed. No one speaking about it now.
  14. You would have to ask them. I can speculate - GPs are state run not pharma run in this country, perhaps not seeing Gps makes more patients ill, perhaps a lot of GPs believe the corona spiel......who knows.... But what you intimate by asking this question is that pharma do not want more customers. And that doesn't make any sense to me.
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