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  1. I just think like, currently we got it a bit wrong... we (collective we)decide to bring a soul here into being . Onto planet earth. And this has been going on for some time. It should be no surprise by now that new humans will come here... Are we the best hosts? Us already here? To our children? I don't know about you. But I really enjoy going abroad, meeting a stranger, getting a welcome into their home like family, sharing food. This is what a loving host does right... What are we doing? We get people here, charge them just to barely survive here. A whole life of slave labor for shelter and poisoned food.. Shouldn't we as loving hosts, make sure that all new incumbents have somewhere nice to stay and some food in their bellies? Some people may point at the banksters etc I say fk the banksters. It's our responsibility.... It's a pretty rude situation currently....
  2. Just vectoring off slightly.... Sorta becoming apparent that a lot of our experiences are not even original. I see this from two perspectives. Firstly a slightly zoomed out perspective. Whatever this place is. It's made out of certain amount of "stuff" and everything we experience can only ever be made out of the same "stuff" all we can do is jig around a bit with configurations, from H to H20. But always the same stuff essentially..... It's the same with everything we see can only ever be made from the shapes in metatrons cube. We can never see new original shapes. And on a more personal level, it is extremely difficult I would suggest to have original thoughts. These again are already there and we share modify slightly and pass them on....
  3. And must also remember that under our current economic model, companies have perpetual rising costs with most central banks targeting 2% inflation rises every year. If ur unlucky and lived in Argentina that might be 60% every year and what companies can purchase with their profits is less over time because of monetary inflation. Why we got China. Now that horse has run its course and labour costs in their country rising, it's time soon for AI to replace China in fulfilling that role.
  4. Interesting. I met someone similar years ago and they claimed I was a star seed from Arcturus. I did believe and feel it for a while. But at the time I was heavily involved in esoteric stuff and looking back not really grounded in reality. That's why I had to pivot to Advaita teachings because it's only based on experiential evidence and zero theory or belief systems which helped to ground me and I did dismiss the idea. But looking back, could be true who knows in this crazy place?
  5. Interesting. I definitely noticed themes in my personality which have been both positive and negative. I don't understand social interaction rules, which often comes across as rude or inappropriate. I am extreme empath. Ability to see beyond the thread. Brutal honesty. Which as well gets me into trouble and as well on occasions renders me gullible as I expect same in others. Difficulty processing emotions Don't like change Ways to manage the above but it's an effort for sure!
  6. Very true. Autism and ADHD both apparently I have wasn't much of a thing when I was young. I slipped through the net. Basically because I have a super memory. I honestly didn't have a clue what was going on in class or what they were trying to teach. But I had no problem memorizing the answers. I went on to get post grad degree and enjoyed an ok career in finance. I was diagnosed later when my nephew was diagnosed and they were tracing it through the family. He has been diagnosed early. His parents now believe he cannot have a "normal" job and have pushed him into a career of catering, as that's something "someone like him" can do. That's why I don't enjoy the labels. Once attached it's hard to shake off and it can really effect your life course
  7. Excellent point about language....
  8. That is a truly fascinating approach
  9. The west had to create a china for manufacturing to export inflation and keep costs down. Just like the need for AI. I don't think this means that the west is in collusion with China. That is an assumption. I do not share your confidence in being certain of their agenda. Firstly I'm not sure who they are meant to be. But even if you asked 3 different people on here what's the agenda with crypto you'd get 3 very different answers. I don't see any obvious agenda. Other than historically, if you give a government an inch they will take a mile, it's in their nature.
  10. Mr H


    What do you mean, they missed?
  11. Yeah. But if we look practically. And there's one evil dude or family controlling everything in history. Hundreds of years ago, no computers, telephone, newspapers, internet, surveillance.....how did one practically manage to pull off such a feat when 1 simple message would take 6 months and to control all these events would take thousands!!!
  12. I was observing today. That every spiritual experience I have heard of, or had, is themed upon already known archetypal themes, established philosophies and myths. The experience itself will have a different flavor or story. But will never be original. Experiences may include, ones with aliens, religious figures, gods, philosophical knowledge etc. but it is never anything new at it's core, more a regurgitation of already established knowledge in the collective psyche taking slightly different forms. I wonder if anyone has actually had an original "spiritual" experience before? One that was unknown and brought to the light?
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