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  1. Your next Mayor of London! Crazy nunchuck video of Brian Rose. The whole world has truly gone mad! *video just below the cheesy picture*
  2. I think a lot of people enjoy wearing masks now. One to show what a good person they are and second some wear for fashion reasons. Interesting that amongst all the talk of getting our freedoms back there is no mention of getting rid of the masks. As long as the masks continue, then covidia will be in the minds of people and they can pull shit off whenever they want. Need to get rid of em asap.
  3. But I feel the need to say it again, Coinbase IS NOT a bank account or a savings account. Do not put funds in there for this purpose!
  4. Yeah I'm not going to start reading through threads on other forums, but can answer your questions posed here. Why Singapore Singapore is one of, or the safest banking jurisdictions.
  5. Well I would question what you have read, because from your post it seems like you have misunderstood what they are. They are not a savings or bank account. They are a leading crypto currency exchange. If you are looking for a safe bank account, then I would suggest perhaps looking at some banks in Singapore.
  6. I think there are certain cases where this applies where people have extremely low intelligence and do not have the faculties to realise what's going on. For an average person, I do not believe in the victim consciousness theory. They can either witness what is going on with their 5 sense, or use their mental faculties - this is their choice. I don;t hate them for it, I just choose not to associate with them as and when i can.
  7. Excellent video clearly and simply explaining what is happening right now Interview with macro expert Vince Lanci Global Currency Reset Has Started: You Won't Believe What's Actually Happening | Gold & Silver (I would include BTC too !! :)
  8. She had a tail and a long tongue........... should have guessed! :)
  9. I have lots of experience with them. They are the most trusted exchange in crypto, although not the cheapest. They are about to IPO also which means even greater compliance requirements. If you do decide to join I can give you referral code. Good luck.
  10. Don't get the hoo ha. Like BBC folks crying. Like wasn't it the BBC woke army who used to mock him at every opportunity branding him a racist? Now all of a sudden everyone like him. I thought even the Queen didn't like him. Gonna go off now and cry my eyes out and post RIP great man on all my social media.
  11. The best use case of NFTs?
  12. Ha ha this is a great question. I think my ex-wife could well have been a reptilian! I would probably just be really fascinated and just ask a load of questions....
  13. Focus on yourself. Cut off all people who do not nourish you even if that means being completely alone. Spend 100% of your time making yourself spirituality, mentally, physically and financially indomitable. This is what I have/having had to do. Not really through choice, but through circumstance. I used to work in an office as a financial analyst before the pandemic and had a few friends and family. Those things collectively were my life. It would in one way be very comfortable going back to that life. But can't do it. I can't get on the bus to work with a mask. I ca
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