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  1. That guy yesterday on the telly Wei Lim promoting the Pfizer jab for children on national tv for the government saying how safe it is. Quick check on google and it turns out he's funded by Pfizer! Section 2 here https://brit-thoracic.org.uk/about-us/committees-and-advisory-groups/clinical-audit-leads/35589
  2. I think if you're an older person, not 100% mentally and concerned about death, I totally understand it, after the Psy op the government pulled on them. I also have upmost sympathy for economic vulnerable people who are virtually forced by their bosses to wear masks for 8 hours. The rest, I have much less sympathy for..........I guess they got done up like a kipper as they say by the government, who then lavishly gobbled up their chance to virtue signal and take photos of themselves complying to these measures.
  3. Simply stated in this short video, the actual nitty gritty, accounting mechanics, how banks create 97% of M1 from nothing.
  4. Hey I am a relatively new site member. I would say that out of all the forums I have been on, this one has the least group think I have seen. You get people who believe the earth is flat, the world is run by lizards to all sorts..... all views no matter how curious they may first seem, are at least listened to and discussed with open ears. There isn't another place imo with such diverse opinions - and in the main people interact cordially and with respect no matter how crazy your own world view may seem. I've also not experienced an angry mob. The only exception to the above, that I have seen are people who come on here who obviously have no place being here in the first place. I.e. people who agree blindly with the government narrative on Covid. Obviously it arises suspicion as to why this person is spending time here with those sorts of views. There's the whole world of social media and virtually every mainstream forum out there full of people with these types of views of which this type of view would be better welcomed.
  5. Quite possibly a hint of what is to come....... Published this past week. https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/paper/2021/executing-bail-in-an-operational-guide-from-the-boe
  6. I found this piece of propaganda interesting Firstly could they have selected a stronger looking young male? Second it says he died of CoVid. Then goes on to say he died from infection and organ failure. How do they know it was CoVid? Third. It says he was on a ventilator before he died. Are they sure the ventilator wasn't the cause of death? Did they even investigate? Lastly. Fine to show this story and alleged promotion of the vaccine from the dying person no longer here to verify that statement. Why not provide some balance and accompany it with one story from thousands where taking the vaccine has caused life to end? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9859773/Fit-healthy-man-42-rejected-jab-dies-four-weeks-catching-Covid.html
  7. I think this covers most scenarios you'll likely face.
  8. Did you endure any insurance or storage costs for the whiskey?
  9. Mr H

    New sub forum

    Great thank you. Much appreciated.
  10. He lives in North London UK.
  11. Indeed. I just spoke to my brother about this, to try and convince him not to let his kids have it. He said they're starting next week with it at their school - although he hasn't decided yet. His kid's friends are all having it.
  12. Jab the children job ads https://www.healthjobsuk.com/job_list?JobSearch_q=Communications &JobSearch_d=873&JobSearch_g=&JobSearch_re=_POST&JobSearch_re_0=1&JobSearch_re_1=1-_-_-&JobSearch_re_2=1-_-_--_-_-&JobSearch_Submit=Search&_tr=JobSearch&_ts=17602&_pg=2&_pgid=
  13. Remember when they said the vaccines were 90-95% effective? What happened to that narrative? Obviously they can't have it both ways....
  14. "When people are happy... They're Gullible." - Robert Kiyosaki
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