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  1. Evening All, I hope everyone is keeping well. I thought I would add this piece of analysis to the debate. One of my must watch daily podcasts comes from Ben at Suspicious Observers. This 6 minute podcast introduced me to the electrical properties of "viruses" and is worth watching (about 2 minutes in). If you want a real treat listen in and pay attention to the bit on the "low velocity zone" and the likelihood of this being "disturbed" in the next 10 years - 25% according to the Observers. Any thoughts? Mab O Myrddin.
  2. Has anyone seen the latest TLAV you tube post - I'm only an hour in but there is so much more evidence to back up David and Gareth's analysis that this Covid Pandemic is all bollocks - so well worth a look. I have a great love for Ryan and his work so please be prepared to invest a few hours to let him make his awesome points. So worth the time, just like IOW locked David. Eyes Open, No Fear. MOM.
  3. Hello to one and all. I am Martin and as my user name might suggest I am a Celt from West Wales. I have been a follower and fan of David's work for some time. Looking forward to being a part of the community. I just wanted to add something to David's point about the electro-magnetic frequency interference with the human body and the obvious concerns around 5G in this week's podcast. The fact that electro-magnetic interference can lead the body to produce coronavirus symptoms made me think about the number of times I have flown, particularly long distance, when my body would have be
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