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  1. I think maybe a forum rename Comedy time krushes all! Nah that would be quite a rigid place. Not to get personal but I read both of stephs post which I thought were very good.. Your reply .. garbage... really You seem to be proper straight up fact machine! The thing about " free will" is people can believe what they like, believing a completely different thing than yourself or most, may make them an idiot in your eyes but hey the world needs idiots, so you can explain for over 6 months the same thing over and over! For all the videos and all the books, the
  2. Just read that article.. what a crock of shit!
  3. So gods word hey? Writen by the hand of man, maybe not the right thread but its all related so please define God, cause as far as I can tell its dog spelt backwards, as for all the wonderfully mystic books from long ago.. what do they say... you have to be a good person or your going to the hot place, or of you want to go one step further this whole one conciousness thing, if you think about it makes no sense evidence on the ground would show that nature is brutal it doesn't give a flying fuck about good and bad and as for nasa lying about space( back on thread grumpy owl) why j
  4. Hands up whos been to Australia! Me several times and the moon is definitely up the otherway! I sat there many a night staring at it. how is that explained in the flat earth model?
  5. That is some fucked up shit men sucking mutilated baby blood, today my view of the world jus got even darker and in the name of there supposed God.. sick fucks, extermination comes to mind
  6. Oh I have watched a fair few of his interviews, I didn't necessarily get that he was out to make money from the gullible.. but then a fool doesn't necessarily know he's a fool! The planes didn't look like they were on a downward trajectory, some pretty impressive flying.. from cesna to boeing, I guess its like driving a car huh
  7. Yeah fair enough, from my limited perspective I'd agree with the cycle theory, as for no space, maybe the thread starter hasn't ever been outside at night!
  8. If you steeped in logic then something cannot arise from nothing and something cannot become nothing, maybe its a morbius loop?
  9. Hmm but surely you must agree that science just doesn't have the definitive answer. The big bang yes but there needed to be something to go bang , so where did that come from etc... chicken and egg
  10. Comedy time, Have you watched R Hall talking about the plane speeds at low altitude?
  11. Does it kinda look like a monkey?
  12. I think i need to go for a 50 mile drive to test my eyesight!
  13. Hmm not sure if that was you trying to explain what you were trying to convey or just make me more confused! No worries. I'm sure you know what you mean ✌
  14. Was into that back when John Harris started tpuc, look were that got him ☹, a friend of mine has a good friend who is a barrister, rekons that jus does not stand up in court.
  15. Also are there any programmers here? That can explain to me how the test and trace software which failed due to a spreadsheet can cost 12 billion quid?
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