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  1. A message from the top of the chain...Humans love to fuck.let those little fekers run around fuck fuck fucking,cause we hungry and the little ones are soo tasty, ah shit 8 billion of um, the old ones are like mutton! Get rid please, but do not jab pregnant woman or young children, cause that snack jus don't taste right when you add the special seasoning! Sound like a crazy fool? .. but if you gooogle the numbers for missing children around the world over the years, the numbers are mind boggling, for me can lead to only one conclusion : food
  2. Yeah think your a bit off the mark there andy, have you watched the spiders web? Know anything about the city of London? Vatican etc.. or if you wanna go right back the line of the king and the line of the priest... the illusion hasn't fallen apart its in full swing!!
  3. I can't disagree with anything you just said. Sadly tho as many have said on here most humans are asleep brainwashed or just ignorant, thing is more you research and the more books you read the more you realise ( well i) that nothing has changed since our recorded history, jus different distractions, but the vice grip does seem to be ramping up now so the next few years should be interesting.
  4. Sadly there's no taking it back, the roller coaster has been rolling for what maybe ten thousand years ish, the prison is set money government and laws
  5. I didn't mean weed, but talking of weed the medicinal benefits are great, if you want to even come close to seeing the actual reality of life you will need to take mushrooms.s acid dmt etc
  6. From an earlier post- Haha your body is a temple ! Temple of what? Eat healthy exercise blah blah blah you might even live past the average 82! As for reading a book tis a bit like trying to teach someone something, only way to really find out is through experience.
  7. So 7 years in a box for having it in your pocket or life for providing it. Why the fuck would the ruling class want serfs to expand there mind? Doesn't make good conforming citizens! Alcohol- now that yes please you plebs drink much dumb those senses.
  8. This maybe wont help with the paranoia but when I read your post the first thing that came to mind was a book ive read recently : the threat by David m jacobs.
  9. Yeah right was just going to ask if anyone gets a negative result from the tests?
  10. So I'm not denying sars2 exists. But here's my rub.. friend who is 50 and has asthma got it yep didn't feel great but on the whole not that bad.. so my 12 year old son went down with a headache which did seem to be a bad one, lasted for 2 days then fine.. the wife got him tested, apparently he has the covid, looked it up, apparently kids have different symptoms: aka a fucking headache! How can a virus that is killing so many show as only a bad headache?
  11. Definitely not enough police there to deal with the crazy terrorist! Mental
  12. I guess the nipper was lucky he wasn't black! Copper would of smashed the window tazzered him then handcuffed maybe
  13. Well that cheered me and the wife up no end! Classic line " am I being detained as well cause I thought I was jus sat here! How embarrassing for that man in the uniform. He just exposed that he is a massive bell end
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