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  1. Like bill hicks said " its just a ride"
  2. Or being that spectre was on the televisual unit. I will call you C
  3. Or we could go for a play on words with Mr Jay z song... I got 77 problems but icke aint one?
  4. Have you seen the krays remake? Interesting...
  5. Well I've had to come back to the fold. Firstly because I was there when the Mr icke ( legend) stated he was the son of God on the wogan show all those years ago.i was young and couldn't understand why he was mocked so. Being that in school we were taught exactly that. I remember being what 5 years old and giving a book saying this Is how it is, even then I was like but this is just a story. Anyway Mr icke must dance around his living room going look you bell ends I was sadly right about these cunts who control. Alas there well maybe shapeshifters. But if you Google ( the new oracle) apparently mammals eyes don't jus change colour. Humans default setting is brown skin and brown eyes, What was it approx 4000 years ago ish (whatever) the blue eyes the green eyes etc and light skin appeared from science it was due to location on the planet. Hmmm I think not, try this that whitey is a hybrid. Then look at the blood rh negative. Look into how many people in power have this blood. Try the whole of the royal family and then also the American presidents. The list goes on. If I wanted to take over a planet, I wouldn't do it head on, id manipulate the dna ,hmmm let's do some mrna tinkering and disguise it as a saviour! as the powers that be learnt from two world wars its got to be slowly and gradually, people used to have wire fences between there back gardens. Now its 6 foot fences. Divide and conquer. Google how.many kids and people go.missing yearly. Aka the same as cows tasty fillet. How.much fear was generated by this covid bolox, watching dear old people walking down the street masked up. Wtf. There will be no revolution because people don't even know what they actually are.
  6. Well those two titles above and 1664= the delusions of an idiot hahaha. Got to be honest my input at the di forum has come to an end as short and insignificant as it was.. Seems mr icke and sons youve got something in common with Facebook after all. But I digress for no reason at all.. parting wisdom.. be sure of the questions you ask because when the answer is presented you just might not like it... or then you might... Something fun with a loved one... rhymes right?? PEACE out
  7. Thats an interesting title thread.. Thing is if.you read "the threat" and also the day after Roswell, two eye openers that are hard to dismiss. Tis laid out straight. From that You don't think that at least 10th generation hybrids are a thing? So to throw a twist on it like this mateys tittle thread: what if those that don't feel they need the vaccine are actually hybrids and they jus don't know it???? Ever had a reccuring dream of a landscape you can't describe?? Ever felt like your emotions are unwittingly controlling a room you enter Ever thought of a person only to run into them or connect soon after Maybe you me and maybe even ride forever(ok little too far) are a bunch of mother fucking prius. Curse you tiny toyota
  8. Wasn't hexagons I saw jayne dough it was a lattice which seemed that it could be at some point hexagon but it was far more complex and it moved as I did and it was pink and it was fleeting. I would say its what you call an over excited imagination.
  9. Well thanks for not leaving me hanging there JayneDough, but again it was for me fleeting. Had a quick scan of that link, but if the link tittle is anything to go by this is not me, I am a master of nothing especially my emotions! And as for returning to the source well this is where the big blur shit storm appears. Just what do you choose to believe? (Generalisation- not you specifially). Its not until you face abject terror, or are near broken that you can become more then you were, its beautifully romantic to think your gonna meditate your way into a higher you. Sadly to me this would appear just another stem of delusion. In all the mystics bannging on about blah blah blah, any of them jus turned to pure energy and left a record! Nope The true nature of reality the actual brutality of it would appear to be to dam scary for humans to except or understand and this is tragic for our species you just have to look at the pure cognitive disanonce around the renaming of the seasonal flu. People turning on each other over wearing a mask! How long have humans been on this planet? There is a crack forming straight down the middle of society and someone or something somewhere is just like McDonald's... I'm lovin it. Maybe I've gone off topic, best get back under my rock I think.
  10. I'm not sure if what your seeing and what I've seen are the same i only got a fleeting glimps in my peripheral vision at the end of a mediation ( I'm not really into meditation, just joined the wife one night), what i saw this time was like a spiderweb lattice/grid ,pink with tinges of gold ( when I saw you wrote honeycomb I hadn't thought of it like that but is a good comparison. Personally I think might have unwittingly unlocked something many years ago with a 2cp tablet i ingested. That is a long story that didn't turn out so well but the short of it ive come to the conclusion, I'm either dead, (i thought id been run over by a police car!) Couldn't except it and am living my life in the fleeting moment just after stepping into the road or psychoactive substances for the right person have the ability to expose the nature of reality, cause for maybe 3 years after I would continue have what can only be described as glitches ( no its not flash backs from a bad trip.. been there done that many times this was very different) maybe there are some more knowledgeable peops on here who have more experience about this but before it all went to.shit I couldn't understand what I was seeing but again it was esesentially pink but it was more like a wall of intense colour every colour mixed into one. But only when I looked in one direction, otherwise just a normal room! Not shared this before as it was a bit of a mind fuck, but some how I've managed to survive stage 4 cancer.. for now, as you can imagine this has changed my outlook somewhat and I have nothing to lose by sharing.. As they say time is short!!
  11. Howdy, would you say they were pink ish?
  12. A message from the top of the chain...Humans love to fuck.let those little fekers run around fuck fuck fucking,cause we hungry and the little ones are soo tasty, ah shit 8 billion of um, the old ones are like mutton! Get rid please, but do not jab pregnant woman or young children, cause that snack jus don't taste right when you add the special seasoning! Sound like a crazy fool? .. but if you gooogle the numbers for missing children around the world over the years, the numbers are mind boggling, for me can lead to only one conclusion : food
  13. Yeah think your a bit off the mark there andy, have you watched the spiders web? Know anything about the city of London? Vatican etc.. or if you wanna go right back the line of the king and the line of the priest... the illusion hasn't fallen apart its in full swing!!
  14. I can't disagree with anything you just said. Sadly tho as many have said on here most humans are asleep brainwashed or just ignorant, thing is more you research and the more books you read the more you realise ( well i) that nothing has changed since our recorded history, jus different distractions, but the vice grip does seem to be ramping up now so the next few years should be interesting.
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