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  1. Wondering if people realise that you can find Davids deleted youtube channel video on https://www.altcensored.com/channel/UCAhmDfQ1LfOYECmNNWgXJ7Q# Also has Max Igan and Stefan Molyneux aswell. Great Site
  2. Right. just need some clarification here please. Noticed wiley getting nailed for antisemitism by Rachel Riley and Tracy Ann Obermann. I cant stand either of them. All i need to know is. Are the Rothschilds Jewish? Or are they Sabbatean Frankists hiding behind the jews. Are the government of Israel . (the state) Netanyahu. Jewish also. just want some clarification because i thought they were not,. Like David says Any help here would be appreciated thanks
  3. Noticed this interesting video with a pastor called Carl Gallups about the Arch of Baal or the Palmyra Arch world tour to london, new york and dubai. Really worth a watch
  4. Nothing mainstream for me. Only UK Column thats it.
  5. Geoengineering Aerosols or stratospheric aerosol injection (chemtrails really) . Goes on all the time. Apparently it dims the sun. Wonder where ive heard that before.
  6. Hello there All. My Name is Robbie from Liverpool. Have been trying to register on here for ages. I really stumbled across David after the covid 19 scam began after watching Rose Icke I on london real and have been really fascinated by his work. Ive watched all london real interviews. And am in halfway through one of davids books. And actually sat through the whole wembley awaken 9hr live event and when i saw how emotional he got right at the end made me realise that the amount of effort he must have put in just to wake people up was really commendable and thought i could help the cause. Straight away i saw the connections that david made with regards to covid 19. Completely 100% on board. Very interested in talking to people who have similar views as most people ive spoke to just go on about the reptilians. Which annoys me. And as for billy boy gates . I cant wait for him and his vaccines to go straight to GITMO for life. Cant wait to talk to people
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