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  1. Does anyone even know where they are actually from?. If they are of Islam religion. (I assume they are)


    Dangerous if they are in my view.


    Maybe they have Covid 19 to inflate numbers. Who knows?






  2. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    I like how Nigel Farage has reinvented himself as an 'investigative journalist' 😁


    Cynicism aside, this is yet another example of taxpayers money being siphoned off to private companies, in this case a £2bn contract for Serco.


    And with all the secrecy surrounding this, it has all the hallmarks of a Common Purpose operation.


    There is probably more to this than just 'illegal immigrants' and 'refugees' though.

    Thats what i was thinking. Just the fact that serco get $2bn for this could mean Common Purpose actions. UK column had mentioned that this week

  3. Whats going on with these illegal migrants coming to the uk.


    Just seen a shocking video from Nigel Farage. Show that not only are these people getting catered for by us and even getting tours of Anfield. They are also not following the stupid guidance that everyone else has to




    here is the video



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  4. Just watched renegade which was a quite brilliant film. 


    Didnt realise Simon Dolan actually co-produced this film with David.  Interesting .


    wew know what work hes doing to attack our shitty government. So kudos to both 



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