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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8662075/Cambridge-joins-coronavirus-vaccine-race.html


    So cambridge university have joined the vaccine race but it doesnt need an injection.


    Im sure ive seen this type of administration of a vaccine somewhere. 


    Its the DNA changer. jet injection system. they also say its safe and has appeared to work for SARS. Amazing


    Here is the DIOSynVax Website.  https://diosvax.com/


    Who is a partner of this company.


    Youve guessed it .......BILL GATES






  2. Boris Johnson is really getting on my nerves. it seems someone is bullying him big time as hes already changed his mind about masks in schools.


    So a real question.


    Apart from the elites pulling the real strings.


    Who do people think is bullying Bojo into making these u turns within 24 hrs of him supposedly standing firm on the issue.? Any Ideas?


    I know jimmy Krankie has an idiot of an advisor. Devi Sridhar who has been on the WHO and currently sits on the World Economic Forums Global Agenda Council. Thats who tells her what to do.


    What do people think???


    Dominic Cummings????




    Bill Gates???

  3. 4 hours ago, BlueSky said:

    I was trying to find out if this is actually real. I couldn't. Nothing would surprise me these days though. I like this guys take. That collar would be a health and safety hazard. I remember when my cat had one on, she couldn't judge distance. They'd be a lot of people with food ending up in their lap.




    Link above in my post.


    Actually posted by Dr Sherri Tenpenny on Twitter

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  4. Just watched Endgame 2050 documentary. The biggest piece of shitty global propaganda ive ever seen.

    Including most of the Main Points of the UN Agenda 21/2030 and America 2050

    The usual suspect categories include :-

    Population Growth/ Eugenics
    Climate Change / Co2 Emissions

    And the woman presenting it so fuckin annoying




  5. Seems the UK government have found their scapegoat for the coronavirus response. As Public Health England has been scrapped.


    A new institute will be installed based on the german Robert Koch Institute.


    Everyone knows who the real enemy is here and blaming PHE was an easy way out

  6. Liked the way Trump did this. just to keep them guessing


    Im on the fence whether he is a part of this. But if it is true the next few months should be spectacular!


    The only things that bother me is the Warp Speed Vaccine campaign. But that could just be a decoy to sway voters . Just like the sudden mask u turn.


    What he said in Ohio about how he had pissed off a certain number of rich people. Has me swayed towards the Q phenomenon.

    We know that George Soros has him in his sights and im pretty sure Bill Gates and China wouldnt approve. We all know the democrats will do absolutely anything to regain power. 


    Im on the fence whether he is a part of this. But if it is true the next few months should be spectacular!


    ID say id believe about 60/40.







  7. Does anyone even know where they are actually from?. If they are of Islam religion. (I assume they are)


    Dangerous if they are in my view.


    Maybe they have Covid 19 to inflate numbers. Who knows?






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