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  1. The 2 scenes from that i think are brilliant are the depopulation discussion and the jenga 9/11 explanation. Through simple examinations of these events 

    when Rik says even a child could see it. Is absolutely spot on.


    Im addicted to the other scene because Im astounded at how accurate it is and shows exactly whats going on and whats planned. Id have to agree that it was a little bit too coincidental that not long after this Rik dies of a heart attack. And in my view a british tv comedy legend. RIP Rik the peoples poet.

  2. 5 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    It's definitely a scam then. Fleecing companies for unneccessary tests. Makes you wonder what they are doing with all this genetic material being collected.


    And this is the thing then (in the eyes of people who believe these tests are 'real' and actually 'work') a 'negative' result is also meaningless, because you could get 'infected' at any time after that test. Be careful, they'll be using that argument to push for constant testing!

    And thats exactly what i was negative for covid.  Which I knew anyway

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  3. no and whats amazing is we had to go to work the following day. Ive still no test results. 

    They spent £50000 on the testing for technically 1 days protection and now its really pointless. Just like every other measure for a test not testing for a virus

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  4. Well i had something happened to me.


    On Wednesday we were informed by our Plant Manager that they had a private company in to do Covid-19 testing within our plant. At first it was voluntary.


    The following day after saying I didnt want it because i had no symptoms and after all it was supposed to be voluntary.


    They came back to me saying and others that the test was mandatory and we would face disciplinary action. As we had refused a reasonable request on Health and Safety grounds.


    Cause i have 3 kids and with the current job climate . i had to accept the test.


    You can see plain and clear what they are going to do when that fuckin vaccine comes out.


    has anyone else experienced anything like this

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  5. 3 hours ago, Smokestack Lightnin' said:


    David was mightily relieved to learn that you are not planning to 'waste' him Apophis. 

    Just out of interest, were you planning a  'Goodfella's' style quick one, two hit job (messy)..... luring him to a field and considering the baseball bat technique ending in the manner of a Joe Pesci style demise before burying him (too many witnesses) or perhaps some carefully placed Novichok on his keyboard (recommended and my personal favourite) ?  

    Im not talking about me . Am I !!!! 

  6. I think the police turned up at that time on purpose. For some reason, i feel the police and establishment think that David Icke or Piers Corbyn are not a threat to them and its now more obvious than i first thought. They were after the real threat. Which would of been Dr Heiko Schoning.


    When they turned up Dr Schoning was speaking. And he was stopped before he really started. Then when they moved to speakers corner on Hyde park he was then arrested. Now seems blatantly obvious who was there target from the start.



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  7. Im not saying that. Truths need to be told.

    But what im saying here is that for new followers to listen to David Icke, they are getting brainwashed with snippets like the Daily Mail and Wikipedia that hes a nutter. Do you get what im saying. 


    So its easy for them to disregard every thing that is said. 


    Im 100% for the all the things youve said above. But it seems like people are just using the things he has said in the past.  To just not listen when his name is mentioned.


    Im behind David all the way. Hes quite brilliant

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  8. I was just listening to the Richie Allen radio show and he was mentioning how he feels (me too ) that maybe the establishment know that David Icke is not a threat to them. This was because i think they arrested that german doctor. and not him. Who i think must be very important to the whole event.


    Anyway as Richie said. Just the fact that David has previously said that the queen is a lizard and he was the Son of God. This immediately in the eyes of the public says that once David Icke is mentioned . The phrases of 'Son of God' and the 'Queen is a lizard ' and ' he is a nutter' are the first replies back. And ive seen heard that first hand personally this year when i mentioned his name. And was even ridiculed.


    And Its so easy for people to access the wrong information if they dont know who he is. Like Wikipedia or even


    The article from the Daily Mail yesterday which had this snippet on it . And there you have a complete section highlighted stating these comments.




    So its that easy for people to associate this with him and so less people will go along.


    So what do people think. Im not saying in any way get of rid of David by any means. But maybe we need someone known or unknown to promote his message whilst he still has 100% input. Until we get the tide to turn.


    Any suggestions

  9. Just noticed that this man Dr Heiko Schoning. Was arrested at Hyde Park after the trafalgar square protest.


    Dont know if this is coincidence but As the riot police turned up at trafalgar. It just so happens that Dr Heiko was speaking when hthe police arrived.


    Now hes been arrested at Hyde Park. He must have some major information about this whole thing. Why would they arrest a german speaker?????



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  10. I was listening to Richie Allen during the week. And he had a guest on called Mark Windows.


    His website is windowsontheworld.net.


    I was extremely intrigued by the knowledge that this man seems to have. Like David Icke.


    He seemed to be right on everything with the pandemic, Agenda 21 , Sustainable Development, Global Governance and change agents that the government seem to have.


    I watched an hour long interview with him was amazed just how much he was "informed".


    Was wondering if anyone else had seen this fellow or heard of him and if you havent i recommend people do !!!!

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  11. During an interview with talk radios Julia Hartley Brewer (Very good) 



    She interviews Dr Mike Yeadon the former Chief Scientific Advisor for Pfizer for a 2nd time (17TH SEPT) who is the medical equivalent of Sir Patrick Vallance at GSK from SAGE.


    Here Dr Yeadon mentions what David has been saying for months that the PCR test is not testing for a virus but genetic material.  Must Watch



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  12. I dont know how many people have seen this . But i


     stumbled across this.


    The Largest Scientific Experiment.


    Large Hadron Collider. or CERN.


    Apparently it may have the ability to open portals to parallel dimensions.  Reports mention the possibilty of encountering a higher level of intelligence within these realms. So as David mentions the Archons.  I wonder if this could be the driving force behind the global web.



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