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  1. Well i found this piece of information..


    It was a lecture from Ralph Epperson about the new world order....


    He states  that Communist China is already a part of the new world order.


    I believe this is true because all we hear in the media and the WHO and others is that we should follow Chinas handling of the pandemic...


    China today west tomorrow.... New world order has already begun

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  2. Stumbled across this 7 parter on bitchute.


    Made by a lecturer Ralph Epperson on the New World Order..... made in 1994.


    He mentions Dr R Day and his lecture in 1969 which David has mentioned


    Ive only watched part 1 so far and this video is very accurate when it comes to predictions made and current events


    Part 1    https://www.bitchute.com/video/6SY1agIdRuoV/

    Part 2    https://www.bitchute.com/video/eloQkjUySWFJ/

    Part 3    https://www.bitchute.com/video/woaIdyVZG56t/  

    Part 4    https://www.bitchute.com/video/JHx932CCgmda/

    Part 5    https://www.bitchute.com/video/psqt3I1FkUHO/

    Part 6    https://www.bitchute.com/video/p7yWQBiD3g1T/

    Part 7    https://www.bitchute.com/video/emY9htkBcPl9/


    Starting part 2 now,.... The quality is not brilliant but the information acquired is worth it.





  3. Was looking through bitchute and found an interesting series called


    Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccines.


    It lead me to this website


    https://www.janaesp.com/ ...  Created by a philsopher called Jana Espiritu Santu


    This series gives in depth story about vaccines especially Hepatitis B and AIDS.. What you will hear is extremely important for this day and age.

    Its 7 parts but i would advise watching all of it...  Its deeply exposes the truths behind vaccines and how the pharma companies have created this vaccines to cause harm to the world... Also explains how Judy Mikovits and others were demonized by the respected peers.


    Watch Part 1: vimeo.com/464836111
    Watch Part 2: vimeo.com/440146171
    Watch Part 3: vimeo.com/468507595
    Watch Part 4: vimeo.com/458348004
    Watch Part 5: youtu.be/kv6ChgzbfjQ
    Watch Part 6: youtu.be/ac4i72ynTuw
    Watch Part 7: vimeo.com/489828554


    Enjoy its amazing informative and disturbing....


    Please Watch



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  4. This video gives rik mayalls one by one scene even more amazing accuracy. Including the georgia guidestones "to balance with nature the population  must be 500,000,000..... And even more insight that vaccines will be used for the depopulation agenda 2030. Lead of course by the "peacekeepers" The United nations. And also in that video he states that the armed forces will kill us. The fall cabal says the UN uses the blue helmets to go into destabilized countries like they did with Sierra Leone. 2006.. Could these be the UN armoured vehicles that were spotted in Ireland a few months ago.....



  5. Just watched the latest fall of the cabal the sequel episode.


    It mentions the Above book. Which i now have. 


    This has a very sinister story of today and maybe predicts the future which ends in the NWO.


    People should read this because i think its very relevant.


    Here is the link to the video





  6. Ive just

    1 hour ago, HistoryIsComplex said:


    Bitchute.com went down/was shot down right after I watched this:


    The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal Part 3 claims:


    - Adolf Hitler's Grandmother was a maid working for the Rothschild Family in Vienna

    - She became pregnant with the father completely unknown - possibly through rape

    - Years later the working class family mysteriously inherited a lot of money and changed its name to Hitler/Hiedler

    - Adolf Hitler was actually a Rothschild by blood

    - Hitler had Austrian Chancellor Dolfuss murdered when he started investigating who precisely Adolf Hitler's family is



    I just watched and downloaded it earlier. Bitchute is backup!


  7. On 10/18/2020 at 7:53 PM, rideforever said:

    The NHS and everyone else kows that 40 is the absolute limit of amplification cycles.  It's in the textbooks on virology.

    If the NHS is using 45 it is criminal.

    In fact responsible labs are using 25-30.



    What is not advertised by the vaccine companies and is hard information to get ... is that the test actually introduces mutated RNA strands into the sample ... and these mutations can test positive for Covid or any other virus ... even though the patient does not have any Covid RNA in his body.

    The way the test works is by copying RNA strands in the patient's sample, millions of times.  And this is done over and over again in cycles.  Until you have a large amount of RNA strands.   Then right at the end a test is done to see if any of them match the Covid signature.

    The problem is that when you copy the RNA sometimes errors are made.   These are called Artifacts.   Say you copy the sequence ABCD, and you copy it a million times, mostly you get ABCD, ABCD, ABCD, but sometimes you get an error like ABCC, or ABCABD, or whatever.   The copying mechanism sometimes goes wrong.   And it can go wrong millions of times in a test.   Then you do another cycle and these errors are re-copied millions of times.

    Why do errors happen?  It happens when at the molecular level the strands are incorrectly indexed (means they slot into the wrong place, in the notch above or below where they are meant to).  Or it can happen because there is not enough time to complete the copy and the cycle is stopped, so you have incomplete copies.

    Anyway all this adds random genetic RNA copies into the sample.

    Then in the next amplification cycle these artifacts are re-copied millions of time.

    If you continue like this ... you end up having so many random bits of RNA in the sample that you could test positive for any virus in the world, because something in the test tube will match it.

    That is why the number of cycles must be limited and be under 40.  Even 40 is pushing it.

    Anyone doing 45 is doing crime.

    This means people who do not have Covid, or perhaps have a miniscule amount, are given the flashing red positive test ... rushed to hospital and then die there.

    Insane but ... many things are insane in this world.

    As stated on the Public Health Covid 19 testing document. They are using 45 cycles

  8. I got tired of listening to the scam of the PCR testing regime . So i decided to have a little dig.


    Didnt take me long to find this website




    As i scrolled down i came to this part which basically exposes this scam.


    So we know the NHS uses 45 cycles . Here it says that more than 45 cycles is not recommended as non-specific bands appear. Also giving drastically lower PCR efficiency . So the NHS is using the absolute maximum it can to get its results.


    The part of it that exposes the scam is the one sentence....


    Conversely low cycle numbers are PREFERABLE for UNBIASED amplification and accurate replication of target DNA.


    So this article confirms the UK government are using a BIASED amplification of the PCR test to further the fear and get us to lockdown. This is HUGE!!!!



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  9. Just a follow up on this.


    Well it seems that my recent test now comes under this.


    Whats interesting is that there was 96% negative results out of 387 employees.


    Now if the test is being recalled. It could very well be because the test which was not up to standard. be the fact that it may have been run under the 45 cycles used by the NHS. Hence the 96% negative result. What do people think??



  10. Just got word that ALL our department were negative. Which is good news if you believe the testing. Which i dont. 




    Another colleague of mine (same department) had been complaining of a sore throat since last wednesday (not a symptom of covid-19). His job entails delivering parts to various parts of the factory.  he had numerous close contacts with all members of our department (who at least 2 days later were negative).


    So he never came into work wed gone as he had booked a test with the NHS test and trace. He got his test results before we had our tests and he was POSITIVE. So now we had a positive case walking round our entire factory mingling with others for at least 4 days before he got his test. Yet all our results were negative. 


    So in my view as my test and others in work were done by a PRIVATE company. And the other colleague was done by the NHS test and trace. 


    It is possible to assume that the PCR test used by the private company must of been set to be cycled below the threshold for positive cases. Which was 36 i think.


    We all know that the NHS uses 45 cycles of PCR testing. Its on their covid testing document. Hence the fact that the was positive and they want everyone on the Test and Trace scheme. FRAUD is real, we knew that anyway

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  11. The 2 scenes from that i think are brilliant are the depopulation discussion and the jenga 9/11 explanation. Through simple examinations of these events 

    when Rik says even a child could see it. Is absolutely spot on.


    Im addicted to the other scene because Im astounded at how accurate it is and shows exactly whats going on and whats planned. Id have to agree that it was a little bit too coincidental that not long after this Rik dies of a heart attack. And in my view a british tv comedy legend. RIP Rik the peoples poet.

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