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  1. On the website has 2 job oppurtunities for Covid 19 Test Site supervisors. £18 a fuckin hour.... for as it states standing up for 12 hours..... cheeky bastards
  2. So its a recruitment agency. Makes sense. Just like the Met and Lincolnshire police have G4S.. But why.,.... are these mates
  3. This video gives rik mayalls one by one scene even more amazing accuracy. Including the georgia guidestones "to balance with nature the population must be 500,000,000..... And even more insight that vaccines will be used for the depopulation agenda 2030. Lead of course by the "peacekeepers" The United nations. And also in that video he states that the armed forces will kill us. The fall cabal says the UN uses the blue helmets to go into destabilized countries like they did with Sierra Leone. 2006.. Could these be the UN armoured vehicles that were spotted in Ireland a few months ago.....
  4. People really really need to look at this part of the series. Exposes the UN and the WHO as Cabal.... Outstanding work by Janet Ossebaard https://www.bitchute.com/video/uqRIoxRxua1b/
  5. All of that post is whats happening everywhere or soon to be
  6. Just watched the latest fall of the cabal the sequel episode. It mentions the Above book. Which i now have. This has a very sinister story of today and maybe predicts the future which ends in the NWO. People should read this because i think its very relevant. Here is the link to the video https://www.bitchute.com/video/YYTLpdXdiEVh/ enjoy
  7. A quite brilliant speech by Robert F Kennedy. Quite moving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xaui8nZ-140&t=243s
  8. As stated on the Public Health Covid 19 testing document. They are using 45 cycles
  9. I got tired of listening to the scam of the PCR testing regime . So i decided to have a little dig. Didnt take me long to find this website https://www.thermofisher.com/uk/en/home/life-science/cloning/cloning-learning-center/invitrogen-school-of-molecular-biology/pcr-education/pcr-reagents-enzymes/pcr-cycling-considerations.html As i scrolled down i came to this part which basically exposes this scam. So we know the NHS uses 45 cycles . Here it says that more than 45 cycles is not recommended as non-specific bands appear. Also giving drastically
  10. Just a follow up on this. Well it seems that my recent test now comes under this. Whats interesting is that there was 96% negative results out of 387 employees. Now if the test is being recalled. It could very well be because the test which was not up to standard. be the fact that it may have been run under the 45 cycles used by the NHS. Hence the 96% negative result. What do people think?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-53705229
  11. This is an outstanding video on the great reset by Dave Cullen I recommend people watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tInLlsPdZO0
  12. Just got word that ALL our department were negative. Which is good news if you believe the testing. Which i dont. Yet Another colleague of mine (same department) had been complaining of a sore throat since last wednesday (not a symptom of covid-19). His job entails delivering parts to various parts of the factory. he had numerous close contacts with all members of our department (who at least 2 days later were negative). So he never came into work wed gone as he had booked a test with the NHS test and trace. He got his test results before we had our tests
  13. this video is huge. Explaines pcr pandemic
  14. This is an article from the lancet showing the hidden problems and costs of false positive tests. Very interesting indeed and from a mainstream source https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanres/article/PIIS2213-2600(20)30453-7/fulltext
  15. Mark Windows says that David is not controlled opposition but hes more easy to discredit than others. Thats not my view either!!!
  16. The 2 scenes from that i think are brilliant are the depopulation discussion and the jenga 9/11 explanation. Through simple examinations of these events when Rik says even a child could see it. Is absolutely spot on. Im addicted to the other scene because Im astounded at how accurate it is and shows exactly whats going on and whats planned. Id have to agree that it was a little bit too coincidental that not long after this Rik dies of a heart attack. And in my view a british tv comedy legend. RIP Rik the peoples poet.
  17. Was listening to Mark Windows and he says these protests are 100% infiltrated and controlled. He did actually mention Piers Corbyn as controlled opposition and even David Icke but that was due to the fact that he thinks Icke is easily discredited
  18. And thats exactly what i was negative for covid. Which I knew anyway
  19. They are 100% infiltrated. And steered into oblivion.
  20. no and whats amazing is we had to go to work the following day. Ive still no test results. They spent £50000 on the testing for technically 1 days protection and now its really pointless. Just like every other measure for a test not testing for a virus
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