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  1. On 8/20/2020 at 1:45 PM, screamingeagle said:

    it got hijacked in the 50,60 by marxist,through universitis 


    Indeed ! All these leftist loons need to look up Emma Goldberg ... she found out the social utopia was an utter horror show. Dumb cunt really and spent her life trying to get back to the USA after being booted out with her commie ways. America needs to duplicate the deportations of yesteryear, pretty much the whole left needs to go.

  2. When this whole thing kicked off, sure people voluntarily obliged to help slow the curve and protect life. Now the cat is climbing out of the bag and the whole world is seeing this was a sham from the start. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice ... """ We (as in the whole world) need to stand up to this and hopefully all the crooked controlled news media who can be proven in court as advancing this agenda need to be locked up for life if not outright executed for worldwide terrorism !

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  3. 1 hour ago, Number6 said:

    like how they say 'strengthen the health system'. Lol how about teaching people how to strengthen their immune system. Nothing but negative comments from these so called medical professionals. Fear fear, and more fear. 


    If the Gov't really cared about health, smoking cancer sticks and alcohol poison would be illegal worldwide ! Instead every smoke shop and liquor shop was deemed essential. LMAO ... and don't forget all the other nicotine products. It would also be 'green' so where are all the climate change peeps demanding no more smoke to be put in the air ?

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  4. On 6/3/2020 at 1:13 AM, jonesthepost said:

    The atrocities perpetrated on humans and animals have been happening since time began.

    I laugh when people spout about Jesus and god; how these beings are going to save everyone; yeah right; when?


    Indeed people make mistakes or just outright sick in the head. They'll either learn from mistakes or continue on an evil path. Perhaps you won't be laughing in the end.

  5. On 7/28/2020 at 3:45 AM, bamboozooka said:

    Rep. Jerry Nadler calls violence from Antifa in Portland a ‘myth’



    Wow, that jerry guy must think everyone has no brain and is 'programed' by mass media ! On second thought, ::looksaround:: who could blame him for that.
    I do like the shocked look on his face, it's very telling !! (Like ohhh shit, this one knows the truth !!)



  6. Interesting. Always liked his films and got to talk briefly with his son Colin one day in 2017. I will say that a lot of wealthy people seem to have duel (if not more) citizenship. Might just be sick of the political climate here ... I know most are !! Seems that is the lefts agenda, .... to make so MUCH loud crying nonsense squeaks that the people will just go ahead and vote for them to make the "noise" stop.


    edit: TH and wife bought a home there in 2004 and another in 2018. His children are all considered citizens too.

  7. Hello, just made an intro post as well. Name is Brad and from Los Angeles ...

    6 hours ago, Chica said:

    Hi all!

    I have also been a 'lurker' on these forums since the start of this p*andemic. I have listened to David Icke's speeches and read a few of his books but not all. Where I live in S. America, in a small country, I see so much ignorance, even my family who are otherwise spiritually inclined are not able to embrace the enormity of the fact that we are being taken for a ride, and it's very lonely with nobody to discuss or share my thoughts. These forums give me some hope and the first thing I do before I read any MSM news in the morning is to go to DI website and see the new nonsense that the 'governments' are spouting- and that gives me the courage and right perspective to read the latest fear-mongering news published in the newspapers. 


    This ^ is pretty much my sentiment too, minus the reading of DI books. Finally joined to hopefully add content and another voice for decency to show the wicked they're not wanted and all is not lost. (yet !! ..  ::sadlip::)

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  8. So for the last couple weeks I had to go to bit chute for finding "real" latest news as, this site was down. So glad to see it back up as there is very few places to get uncensored news.

    I know people that can't go a day without CNN/FOX (insert favorite mainstream here) telling them what to think/feel on todays events. Sad really and they get offended when you question their dependency on it. Weird, it's like a sort of religion with these people (that I know) and yet, they are quick to judge and not believe in a higher power. 


    I ran across this place in March or whenever the Floyd crap started. It truly amazes me that the braindead take arms about this, yet could care less about the countless murders in ghettos across America. Anyway it was here that I first found real news/video clips of what was happening on the streets, as I don't have FB/TW/INST ect. Don't have cable tv either and it's laughable to watch CNN/FOX type "programming" which exactly is what that's about. I was surprised how much was being suppressed because when I'd share info on what I'd seen, nobody was aware ?!!


    So just joined and hope to contribute, I will say politically I'm in the middle and have never really thought about conspiracy stuff, so while it's interesting/entertaining I'm not sold on any of it. Still I read the rules and will respect others viewpoints. I don't follow DI and have really never heard of him until finding this place ... but after some reading he reminds me of an Alex Jones type. Never got into AJ but one radio show I did always like was Larry Elder ... just good common sense stuff that shouldn't even need explained. How bizarre our world has become.


    Let freedom ring loud and proud ... the world together has got to step up against these anomaly agenda organizations who love to dictate their filth. 


    See you on the boards !



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