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  1. Nice pic, you can almost see the strings on all the mayor's and Gov's in all the riot cities. More propoganda .. https://www.newsday.com/opinion/coronavirus/rich-people-cut-in-line-coronavirus-vaccine-covid-19-health-care-system-opportunities-1.50097354 Anyone who believes that deserves the shot, lol at all the ways the media is tricking the peons. Sad.
  2. I saw a video of her explaining it away, but looked somewhat different and wasn't sure how to spell her name ?! Very fishy indeed !
  3. Search Young Pharaoh on YT, Bitchute and Odysee been awesome to see this guy doing actual journalism (albeit crude and vulgar) rather than the hacks on lying tv's ... bbc, abc, nbc, cnn, fox, etc.. the lot of 'em !
  4. This guy had it figured out for awhile now ...truth is coming God willing !!! www.bitchute.com/video/chk8x8yllmRY/
  5. https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2015/01/20/conspiracist-filmmaker-family-found-dead-murder-suicide-spurring-fresh-theories https://ross-elder.com/2015/01/22/the-death-of-david-crowley-the-gray-state-conspiracy/ The fact this guy and family were murdered speaks volumes !!! His movie had the vax rollout and immune passports ...everything and this was 2015.
  6. I will die before accepting the poison !! https://www.looper.com/90552/ending-total-recall-explained/
  7. I think big news of a person like say 'J. McCain' was put to death and then news of some high profile celebs spilling the beans ..will force the cabal networks into retreat mighty fast !! So major civil unrest may be avoided ! The old saying a "lie will travel around the world before the truth has a chance to put it's pants on" is so true. I see truth coming sooner than later !!!
  8. lol look at this propaganda ... https://abc7.com/vaccine-covid-buy-rich/8900741/
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lnblkj8qvik&list=UUzA3M_Fgox9IBr9-XJ4qp8g
  10. 1. The process used for COVID testing has always been deemed “an invention”, as it was never qualified as a test. This invention is called PCR, standing for polymerase chain reaction. 2. The inventor of PCR, Kary B. Mullis, said “these PCR tests cannot detect infectious free viruses at all.” That’s direct from the inventor of PCR. 3. The PCR was invented to merely have bits of genetic material in a sample multiply until those small broken pieces were numerous enough to see under a microscope. PCR just helps scientists observe small things in greater quantity. Where those bits of genetic material came from, what they do, do they make people sick etc…..the PCR process is not involved in that determination what so ever. 4. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (the complete genetic sequence) must be isolated in its entirety. This has not yet been done with COVID 19. This is correct. No complete virus has yet to be isolated and that’s supposed to be the first step before any other steps are taken in such a process that ends with a viral declaration…let alone a pandemic declaration. 5. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (which has never been isolated for COVID) must be transferred over to another animal or human host…..and that virus MUST cause the exact same illness in the host. This has not yet been done with COVID-19. The COVID19 virus has not yet been proven to cause disease, person to person. Why are these steps being bypassed? 6. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, the entire virus (which has never been isolated for COVID-19) must not only infect the host with the exact same disease, you must also find the complete genetic viral sequence in the infected tissue of the host and then re-isolate the entire genetic sequence from infected tissues of the host. This has not yet been done with COVID-19. Disease transmission person to person, has not been proven for COVID-19. This is the easiest criteria to organize yet it remains undone. 7. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, you must also have a control group, so you can make sure that what you call a virus isn’t just regular human genetic material, shared by all humans. If you find the exact same 80% genetic material strand in the samples of HEALTHY CONTROLS, what you’re looking at CAN’T be the cause of the disease because it’s just regular genetic material found in all humans…both sick and healthy. In order to finger any virus as the cause of someone’s illness, you need to find that particular complete viral sequence IN THE SICK ONLY and not in the healthy. This has not yet been done for COVID-19. Why is the gold standard of testing (having a control group) being bypassed? 8. In the case of COVID-19, scientists have indeed found a string of genetic material (not a complete sequence) that shares 80% similarities with SARS-COVID (a sequence said to cause SARS) and therefore the original Chinese scientists have declared that this string of material reflects a COVID infection. (but also did that without testing any healthy people, to see if healthy people also have the same genetic material) Humans share 97% genetic material with chimpanzees, 80% genetic material with cats and 50% genetic material with a banana and that’s why shared genetic material IS NEVER the standard used to diagnose any disease. This is why the Tanzanian President recently found positive PCR results when he secretly tested a goat, fruit and motor oil….because most things on earth share similar genetic sequences. We share 61% genetic material with fruit flies and 85% genetic material with mice. Shared material is never good enough to declare anything as concrete in real science. To declare viral disease you always need a full 100% viral genetic match to a past 100% viral genetic sequence in the past. This so far has not been done for COVID19. Why? 9. The PCR INVENTION shouldn’t be used as a way to diagnose any disease because it’s simply designed to make small bits of genetic material more visible under a microscope. Those small bits were always designed to be studied, not to conclude disease or no disease, winners or losers, black or white, go home or go to “a camp” etc. Where that genetic material comes from (from you or from a large number of friendly organisms that live inside you) in no way reflects if that genetic material is making you sick. This is why the PCR process has already been shown (in its current misused way) to declare 8 out of 10 people positive with COVID, when they’re perfectly healthy. Out of 10 people in a COVID testing area, 8 will be told they have COVID, 2 will not…..and there’s absolutely no basis to any of those declarations what so ever. The PCR can’t test for COVID, it never could and the inventor said so. So why are we using it? 10. This is the testing process being used to remove children from their parents, remove adults from their homes, destroy the economy, shut down the food supply, enforce martial law, destroy civil liberties, criminalize normal human activity and force an untested vaccine onto the public, while government officials have inserted into mandates (which are not laws) that both govenrment officials and vaccine companies are not legally responsible for any “failures” in this system where citizens are killed or injured,…..all the while knowing that the COVID death and infection figures (and the testing) are already proven fraudulent. https://bit.ly/2ztPLj4 Are you ready to go bankrupt based on COVID death numbers proven to be fabricated by government and media? Are you ready to have a child removed from your care based on a test that’s proven completely fraudulent? Are you willing to take an untested vaccine, while giving full legal immunity for death and permanent injury (and future cancers/auto immunity diseases etc) to govenrment officials and vaccine makers, based on fabricated death and infection numbers plus a fraudulent testing process? https://www.bitchute.com/video/vKp5MI2TrS4I/ Learntherisk.org
  11. Fuck no is all I can say ... we know where this is headed now https://www.bitchute.com/video/vKp5MI2TrS4I/
  12. https://www.bitchute.com/video/98ewCbPEuwFh/
  13. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwijprmzv9rtAhWTZM0KHVy_APEQFjAGegQIBxAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fthecontinentaldaily.com%2Faudio-tom-cruise-goes-berserk-at-crew-over-covid-19%2F&usg=AOvVaw32HSSdPq5l2rthUcgEJCGj LOL ... Good ole Tom Cruise knows it's all BS and yet here he is throwing his weight around against the lowly 'common man' aka people that believe in GOD. Enjoy your power now Tom, the ending has already been written ! Special thanks to this plan-demic and forum for helping red pill more people than ever before ! #learntherisk.org
  14. So does critical thinking for yourself instead of being a blind 'yes person' sheep = extremist ??? SMH O.o clown world is here folks !
  15. Def murdered and was professional hit ... RIP HERO !!!!
  16. Still in progress, no matter what the cabal networks are saying.
  17. Good question ... sure it has to do with why do human brains form the way they do vs. animals. IOW it's man still trying to understand wtf is going on?!!!
  18. Never been to NZ, but looks like a paradise compared to all the virtue signaling signs, here in USA cities. No, I don't care about your beliefs on lgbt, white priv, systemic r, climate change, etc...
  19. You should ask him now if he feels like an idiot !! That is if he even will remember ... sheep have short memories, and the fool is probably still muzzled in his house watching the latest bs on cnn.
  20. Man, that is hard to decipher him talking in the video. Must be high or drunk on the Old English, what an evil fucktard !! Sad part is police actually protect worthless people like this also ...smh.
  21. If this is posted elsewhere, sorry for double-post but this seems to be the truth ... runs deep !! The original phone call links are in info under video on jootube as a part 1 and 2 ..over 3hours long ! This vid is condensed but covers main points.
  22. Any more Tom sightings ? ...starting to think he really might be dead ?!
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