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  1. Ivermectin ftw if infected otherwise must watch this tell all video of what's to come ! Future looks BRIGHT .. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Wd4586JBhoPM/
  2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Wd4586JBhoPM/ Answers everything !
  3. Bill gates doing slight of hand. He is as fake as the seattle new years eve lightshow that many believe happened LMAO fucking sheep still listen to the brainwashing.
  4. Thanks for starting this thread ...this is the reason I found this site! I'm in law enforcement and it puzzled me so much because I KNOW FOR A FACT, no real cops get into this to suppress black folks or anyone else. Sure there might be some bad apples but the whole story reaked of lies the way it went down. Anyway thanks Odds, I can and do see the 'acting' now and it's real. Same with shot in the neck girl at Capital. LOL I almost went and had friends there, it was a peaceful day and show of unity, and plenty of Pats holding and stopping the unruly trying to cause deception ,,,which is now why I believe we were all called there in the first place by POTUS. From what i thought was a failed day, it was not !!! ... just more evidence to expose media and leftist lies to the many 'still' brainwashed sheeple.
  5. From the own link you sent ... sums it up ! "You are missing the point. The whistleblower was just a worker bee. He was just one small dog in the wheel of this huge conspiracy and you are wrong on many points. Dominion voting systems does use servers in Germany thru a company called Scytl. Just wait a a few days and you will see that this is for real. And the affidavit letter is just that. It’s an affidavit which is just a legal document written up by a lawyer and signed by the person who is making the statement under oath. The affidavit will then get filed with a court. This isn’t an official court document until it’s filed."
  6. Confession .. https://video.parler.com/2D/Bx/2DBxP47BODS3.mp4
  7. The cabal is so big that they could come right out and say it (basically do) and there isn't a damn thing 'we the people' can do about it. In GODS hands now
  8. https://www.bitchute.com/video/pDjnQCqAbMyt/
  9. Pam is nailing it all out too ... facts lives matter
  10. No need to delete the more this is up everywhere the better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. This should end the thread ...now we all KNOW !
  12. So now we all know ... only fools beLIEve otherwise becase they don't KNOW ! Cat is out of the bag so it's on everyone of us on how we proceed. Humanity or Slave ...the choice is yours for now.
  13. https://forum.davidicke.com/uploads/monthly_2020_12/874931435_Coronawhatisavirus.mp4.6f94943619cd901873ac72055fc30dc2.mp4 This needs to become viral !
  14. So just did a search on duck duck go ... about virus being dead and can't really 'catch' a virus. The amount of info that is opposite of ^that vid is incredible ! No wonder nobody knows what to think anymore !
  15. What is this guys name ? Awesome information and that makes me mad that nurses are brainwashed into getting vaccine shots ! Hope he doesn't end up like Brandy Vaughan !!!
  16. Wow misshapen head and horse teeth ... people actually listen to it ? Safe to say we're well past due for these evil ones to receive holes in their head.
  17. Odysee is making waves too for uncensored content. https://odysee.com/
  18. Bingo .. no doubt that Eps is alive, his 'death' was necessary to get work done behind enemy lines. I will be the first to admit wrong on everything if news of mcstain (john mccain) doesn't come out about his execution. Too many slips of the tongue to be false.
  19. Indeed on MP ... at this point it's either risk going against cabal and die for sure or stay on the sinking ship in hopes the evil lives on. The bankers are throwing last darts ...I see the damn bursting and will be bigger than we can imagine ! Down with the fed (cabal) !!
  20. Haha look at their faces both dems and reps ...burn in hell for all the lies and deceit, not to mention countless murders !!!! Truth is coming !!
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