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  1. How come all the propaganda pushers look like major cucks ? Not a single shred of testosterone to be found. Hope they all choke out on a plastic dildo.
  2. Get a $1,500 stimulus check for Covid vaccine? How one plan would work (cnbc.com) Major red flag !!! Propoganda up the wazoo ,now cash ?! Sadly many will follow the herd off the cliff.
  3. https://t.co/LGOoPPYpZr?amp=1 F billy and his chalk dust
  4. My point is look beyond the stage or just keep swallowing what they show you ... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/070/862/668/original/5dabf9eed54cb2e9.mp4
  5. Deception at the very least ... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/070/862/668/original/5dabf9eed54cb2e9.mp4
  6. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4 Wonder where this took place ? edit: found info .. Not many views ??!! Sad. that jet pack looks like fun
  7. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4 If you can crack the secret hidden deep in the rainbow, then you know how deep the lies really were. Think big. Satan tried defiling the rainbow for this very reason. Unfortunately Hillary wasn't able to shatter the glass ceiling. We win because we won. Enjoy the show.#NCSWIC Elon Musk is a rich man. He's never been to the moon. Why? Think NASA, CIA, and DISNEY. All connected. All above info is from Ghost Ezra .. https://anonup.com/@GhostEzra Enjoy
  8. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4
  9. Not going to listen to this idiot but just looking at his pic and you see an image of a clown. Nice mop you got there, now fuck off.
  10. The guilty always project, so the real "Conspiracy theorists", are the cabal and their mouthpiece media. Need to hang or Defenestration these cucks.
  11. Too bad that was a pie and not a pickaxe
  12. Exactly and get some chickens and grow whatever vegetables you can. I could live off a few eggs a day and water if need be.
  13. The lack of people willing to get the jab, coupled with freedom marches. Word is getting out .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfpVIM1Iat4&t=482s
  14. Everything is getting more obvious ...the elites are panicking because so many sheep are waking up !!
  15. Ben is controlled opposition shill. Part of the problem.
  16. Holy crap !! That Jaz Coleman is spot on !! ..and this was from Nov 2020. Thanks for sharing,,,will pass it on !
  17. Yanked suspected chimo and ccp puppet off the stage. Perhaps the white hats really are cleaning up the scum behind the scenes.
  18. Sorry if posted elsewhere here but this is a top vax expert with no left or right agenda, just going by the pure science ! If this gets censored then you know for sure that corruption is in play !!
  19. Ilana Rachel Daniel on The High Wire show - YouTube
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