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  1. The guilty always project, so the real "Conspiracy theorists", are the cabal and their mouthpiece media. Need to hang or Defenestration these cucks.
  2. Too bad that was a pie and not a pickaxe
  3. Exactly and get some chickens and grow whatever vegetables you can. I could live off a few eggs a day and water if need be.
  4. The lack of people willing to get the jab, coupled with freedom marches. Word is getting out .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfpVIM1Iat4&t=482s
  5. Everything is getting more obvious ...the elites are panicking because so many sheep are waking up !!
  6. Ben is controlled opposition shill. Part of the problem.
  7. Holy crap !! That Jaz Coleman is spot on !! ..and this was from Nov 2020. Thanks for sharing,,,will pass it on !
  8. Yanked suspected chimo and ccp puppet off the stage. Perhaps the white hats really are cleaning up the scum behind the scenes.
  9. Sorry if posted elsewhere here but this is a top vax expert with no left or right agenda, just going by the pure science ! If this gets censored then you know for sure that corruption is in play !!
  10. Ilana Rachel Daniel on The High Wire show - YouTube
  11. Thanks, yes there is so much BS and long winded propaganda articles designed to confuse people and reassure this gene therapy ( mrna 'vaccine') is totally safe. What a lie. We all need to make people aware of what is happening in Israel as this sick fuck can't be trusted https://rumble.com/vesotr-frankly-in-five-covid19-vacs-israel-mandates-and-chickens-coming-to-a-count.html MUST WATCH ^^^^
  12. https://rumble.com/veos2r-all-about-mrna-so-called-vaccines.html Dr. Hotze is not lying, here is the truth. If he is lying then why is this censored ? umm just post what fact is he wrong about ?
  13. http://www.annavonreitz.com/ Watch and you will finally know the truth on all the fuckery ... https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/Pauq9C4dmEan4c5kCUJ3bqap7mUsI4H0JHsRFukJGeEgiG2AricPbQP1AAbU8iQ6GDxSgXp335GuZwKO.hdhS8MTXiaBr7b8S?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=7cd_QbieTuyhxPIRe0g5dQ.1615995626469.968680895acc7a72819db945898f1b17&_x_zm_rhtaid=125
  14. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/Pauq9C4dmEan4c5kCUJ3bqap7mUsI4H0JHsRFukJGeEgiG2AricPbQP1AAbU8iQ6GDxSgXp335GuZwKO.hdhS8MTXiaBr7b8S?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=7cd_QbieTuyhxPIRe0g5dQ.1615995626469.968680895acc7a72819db945898f1b17&_x_zm_rhtaid=125
  15. People going cra cra https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/UrWjjFsVO6AzxnaMlL4l_13_ca5af06a73eb71735dd75e4c38891b06_video_original.mp4
  16. Wonder how long the cabal has been having snuff parties ? These people are sick, I don't want to even know some of the evils that have gone on.
  17. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/GKHjikt6iMSyucbw9Lcq_14_a60faa471398448b0a956b4fc0519e22_video_original.mp4 https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/szRJcTOPn842kwWkcSnb_12_9791868fcf5aa3309c67d675686888e2_video_original.mp4
  18. Was telling a coworker of the craziness in Israel and he commented that he's ok with vaccines and already had his jab. I simply said if you want it, fine but forcing this crap is cause for war. The funny thing is this dude has terrible health and can barely walk. Diabetic and obese (prob why got shot cuz high risk) too. The irony is real !!
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