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  1. Dipshit looks like a full on cuck boy !! Those eyebags and receding hairline are exquisite. O.o
  2. It would be nice to see some extremist take these evil fuckers down.. the fake news could even sugar coat it and report charles died of natural causes and found dead in bed.
  3. * ..just another 2 fucking idiots that have no medical background whatsoever.
  4. Serious question ... would you have sex with a vaxxed person ? Just started dating this woman (2nd date) and she has already had it around a month ago. ..not certain I want to move forward now ??!! :(
  5. So has this cv19 virus been isolated or not ?? Doc I know says it has and gave me this link to cdc https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/grows-virus-cell-culture.html
  6. Well fuck mick and the stones .. he must be in on the gas lighting ! LMAO ..yeah and arguing with pro vaxers is somehow different. Just like an idiot who obviously sold his soul long ago ...no way this dipshit doesn't know what's going on. https://www.wmagazine.com/culture/mick-jagger-blasts-anti-vaxxers
  7. Par for the lefty course ... they probably get commie Stalin boners ! Sorry for your loss
  8. https://odysee.com/@SaltyCracker:a/jj:3
  9. Always thought it was odd needing a giant q-tip shoved up the nose. If covid is spreading by coughing, hence the mask, then a cheek swab should be all that is needed.
  10. of getting a flu with a 99.99% recover rate ?? lmao ... keep enjoying the lies and good luck with the experimental gene therapy.
  11. Awesome 10 minutes !! Repost I'm sure but the more views the merrier !
  12. How come all the propaganda pushers look like major cucks ? Not a single shred of testosterone to be found. Hope they all choke out on a plastic dildo.
  13. Get a $1,500 stimulus check for Covid vaccine? How one plan would work (cnbc.com) Major red flag !!! Propoganda up the wazoo ,now cash ?! Sadly many will follow the herd off the cliff.
  14. https://t.co/LGOoPPYpZr?amp=1 F billy and his chalk dust
  15. My point is look beyond the stage or just keep swallowing what they show you ... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/070/862/668/original/5dabf9eed54cb2e9.mp4
  16. Deception at the very least ... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/070/862/668/original/5dabf9eed54cb2e9.mp4
  17. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4 Wonder where this took place ? edit: found info .. Not many views ??!! Sad. that jet pack looks like fun
  18. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4 If you can crack the secret hidden deep in the rainbow, then you know how deep the lies really were. Think big. Satan tried defiling the rainbow for this very reason. Unfortunately Hillary wasn't able to shatter the glass ceiling. We win because we won. Enjoy the show.#NCSWIC Elon Musk is a rich man. He's never been to the moon. Why? Think NASA, CIA, and DISNEY. All connected. All above info is from Ghost Ezra .. https://anonup.com/@GhostEzra Enjoy
  19. https://anonup.com/upload/videos/2021/03/ZoVTUpdQdp56nYSGffMk_29_c705814f286679152e29aab08b49958a_video_original.mp4
  20. Not going to listen to this idiot but just looking at his pic and you see an image of a clown. Nice mop you got there, now fuck off.
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