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  1. https://odysee.com/@SaltyCracker:a/man-smacks-antifa-in-head-with-metal:5
  2. Women's sport rules : No you can't smoke weed, BUT you can have a penis if it identifies as a womans penis. lol clownworld 2021
  3. Odd .. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/24-year-old-columbus-blue-jackets-goalie-dies-after-fall-following-july-4th-fireworks-mishap/
  4. Bought and paid for or just a true idiot ...either way a bullet in his head would be the best option for society to put this behind them.
  5. Sad but sort of funny when these virtue signaling morons get their just rewards :)
  6. https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/article/2021-06-26/vanderbilt-nc-state-college-world-series-game-declared-no-contest-due-covid-19?utm_campaign=trending Moar cv bullshit
  7. Not a huge JR fan but this was good info. I've had Ivermectin on hand for a year now, best to keep some around for mult purposes. Also this confirms censorship going on, maybe the sheep will now listen ?!!!
  8. Understatement of the year !! .. and yeah alley uk is most def brainwashed and naive !
  9. Whatever it is, it would be better off dead !
  10. She will be dead soon anyway, I'm sure the spike protein will set her right come flu season.
  11. Agree, just like aids and even polio ...they spread it around thru vaxes but not every vax, just certain 'batches' for the target areas.
  12. I'm ashamed I got the flu shot but grateful I'm awake now. No more vax of any kind for me ! And if asked about history ...HIPAA all the way !
  13. Not really, over 4 thousand so far dead (that we know) and many, many times that injured.
  14. Is that a mini-hearse ? ...seems legit.
  15. ..and if push comes to shove, sue the company if they fire or keep harassing you. Or go the spineless route and get a fake jab card which would still be better than conceding to the poison.
  16. Yup, just like every animal on earth ...our gift of life is everything !
  17. So sad to see the pussification of ohhh canada ! Embarrassing to share borders with them really. Not that the faggy usa is much better but I'm inspired by Florida standing up to these tyrants. I still think the nazi govs like coumo and newsome will hang for crimes against humanity. One can dream anyway :)
  18. I'm in the States but think parts of Brazil or my favorite, Ecuador could be a good place to go. I say this through second hand knowledge from friends and past co-workers who were from these countries and planned to go back eventually. I have only seen pictures and heard stories but it would be scary leaving homeland.
  19. IMO the useful idiots are being taken out as they either know too much or just not needed anymore. Button up the loose ties.
  20. It is really amazing to me just how brainwashed the sheep really are !! My own brother got it to travel and brought up polio ?!!! Did you get tested ? ...umm fuck that I feel fine ! Research says that was a bunch of ddt pesticides and vax had little to do besides making more people sick. edit: So that guys goal of becoming one of the oldest ever is pretty much fucktoast eh ? !!
  21. Off by an average of 58 days. Good charts to see all the bs of mask/sdistance.
  22. Exactly, fucking poison !!! Check the safety data sheet .. https://www.caymanchem.com/msdss/33474m.pdf
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