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  1. Yup this 1994 talk proves covy is another cabal attack sham
  2. ?? who knows for sure, but the elite know they can turn the screws on the sheep at will. We can only hope white hats are kicking ass behind the scenes, but somehow I doubt it. More like two evils and a greater deception will be along soon.
  3. A guy I know just died today from 'covid' symptoms. Was a year away from retirement in military and fully jabbed because he had to. It is my speculation that the jab did him in.
  4. Same club, except I can't even reply anymore. They don't seem to like " RedPillers ".
  5. Not mrna unproven tech ...nope... will let sheep be the canary in coalmine.
  6. What a tool, I'm so done with all this bs. The great awakening can't be stopped .... Thanks GOD for exposing the evil.
  7. Thanks, good to see people getting the word out in comments. Sure it will be removed shortly.
  8. Indeed !! He has some vids questioning vax passports and wanting freedom but we know he is in "the club" !
  9. Eh, anything that proves the vax narrative false and halts the eventual controlled beast system is all good imo.
  10. This has been debunked and exposed by salty cracker who has more views than cnn
  11. What a good liar, but then, child molesters are some of the very best actors and that's being proven with Tom Hanks and others that Isaac Kappy blew the whistle on !! The funny thing is if you disagree with this scumbag, you're considered extremist ?? ... even though he is preaching extreme measures under the guise of safety and concern. Fucking sad anyone could be so brainwashed to buy this vermins garbage. Ohhh and nice propaganda background to reel in the plebs even more.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if certain people in autopsy roles are threatened or just bought off. The cabal seem to have chess pieces everywhere. Still can't hide the truth forever.
  13. ...the plot thickens, didn't know about the google connection.
  14. So if you need an autopsy to find cause of death, does this rule out murder ? Obviously they weren't strangled or stabbed/shot.
  15. You are correct Nobby !! edit: not sure on this guy as his net worth wasn't even over 5 million, I've heard anyone in double digits is usually corrupt though.
  16. This is 5hrs long but you will know it's the truth ! Sorry if it's reposted, it has been censored so save a copy while you can.
  17. LOL ... Indeed !! It's sad that some are so mk ultra'd that their brain can no longer function. Imagine believing a word from don lemonutz or the other cock gobbler.
  18. So my job just informed of mandate vaccine, with only 2 exceptions: medical and religious reasons. Get this though if you refuse you have to be tested daily and take special learning courses (propaganda) Umm Nazi Germany Anyone ????!! Want to contact a lawyer for discrimination, is this even legal ?
  19. Here a former newscaster spills the beans ... https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/079/935/932/original/94edfde05bf949c4.mp4
  21. In all of history, have the useful idiots ever admitted that they were indeed used like pawns, after the reality of the situation presented itself clearly ? This nonsense would end today if the idiots would wake up and use their voice to say NO MORE. It's not hard to do. I feel sorry for the brainwashed dolts :(
  22. Mike Avenatti busted https://odysee.com/@SaltyCracker:a/creepy-porn-lawyer-michael-avenatti-2:1
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