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  1. Never been to NZ, but looks like a paradise compared to all the virtue signaling signs, here in USA cities. No, I don't care about your beliefs on lgbt, white priv, systemic r, climate change, etc...
  2. You should ask him now if he feels like an idiot !! That is if he even will remember ... sheep have short memories, and the fool is probably still muzzled in his house watching the latest bs on cnn.
  3. Man, that is hard to decipher him talking in the video. Must be high or drunk on the Old English, what an evil fucktard !! Sad part is police actually protect worthless people like this also ...smh.
  4. If this is posted elsewhere, sorry for double-post but this seems to be the truth ... runs deep !! The original phone call links are in info under video on jootube as a part 1 and 2 ..over 3hours long ! This vid is condensed but covers main points.
  5. Any more Tom sightings ? ...starting to think he really might be dead ?!
  6. Indeed ! All these leftist loons need to look up Emma Goldberg ... she found out the social utopia was an utter horror show. Dumb cunt really and spent her life trying to get back to the USA after being booted out with her commie ways. America needs to duplicate the deportations of yesteryear, pretty much the whole left needs to go.
  7. I found this enlightening ... facts ruin a good story.
  8. BLM sheep are the true racists. I just saw a sign in a window of an apartment home, it said "End White Terrorism" wow. They should all move to Venezuela since they want socialism so bad. 1848 is calling ..
  9. Isn't Portland still having riots nightly ? Something larger has to be at play here, somebody is funding this terrorism.
  10. When this whole thing kicked off, sure people voluntarily obliged to help slow the curve and protect life. Now the cat is climbing out of the bag and the whole world is seeing this was a sham from the start. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice ... """ We (as in the whole world) need to stand up to this and hopefully all the crooked controlled news media who can be proven in court as advancing this agenda need to be locked up for life if not outright executed for worldwide terrorism !
  11. Indeed. BG seems to think he's a God of sorts .. strange what too much $$/power will do.
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2017/08/22/flat-earthers-declare-solar-eclipse-just-proved-earth-flat/#66db117f6921
  13. If the Gov't really cared about health, smoking cancer sticks and alcohol poison would be illegal worldwide ! Instead every smoke shop and liquor shop was deemed essential. LMAO ... and don't forget all the other nicotine products. It would also be 'green' so where are all the climate change peeps demanding no more smoke to be put in the air ?
  14. Indeed people make mistakes or just outright sick in the head. They'll either learn from mistakes or continue on an evil path. Perhaps you won't be laughing in the end.
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