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  1. If you speak out you're labeled an extremist or a kook. It is nuts but I'm calm because I see it all as a controlled burn. The controllers of the world need to do what they can to keep everyone from learning the true nature of this 'earth' dimension. Really I no longer care and just want to enjoy the years left ... would love to see Mt Zion though :)
  2. Good to see well known satanist and 'club' member Madonna going down. The blind actually think she took the covid shot lol---push it yes but that witch def didn't take it.
  3. https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/124/985/671/playable/c0f36f771e64f450.mp4 Excellent
  4. Interesting that the son died at 27 and her at 54, hope it's not some more masonic ritual shit. This pic from July seems a bit weird, and this from June on her instagram with tom hanks and rita ... something off with the eyes. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cf7fWi4PeSB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce2bVFeOIOn/
  5. Would be a true blessing if the almighty had a few of his own in the swiss ranks that would be willing to mow down the corrupt much like the fbi did to the country music concert civilians in las vegas. Then just blame it on covid or some patsy like they do. lol .... wonder if people would actually rejoice or feel bad for their oppressors ?!!!
  6. I know a guy only 22 and didn't want the shot. He was both a cop and military reserve. He held out for exemption. The were finally going to discharge him with dishonor and sadly he caved to the veil threats. He got the first dose of moderna and then lost sight in less dominant eye. He refused the 2nd jab and was kicked out of military. He is lucky to be still employed as law enforcement. These evil fucks want your life ruined !
  7. Surprise !! ... the main evil puppet from fda that tried to squash Burnzynski is the same david kessler that rolled out the covid filth under biden. David A. Kessler - Wikipedia Total p.o.s.
  8. This is good ... shows how the establishment could care less about our health
  9. What a nasty daft kunt that nurse is ....fuck off already !!!!!!!!
  10. Of course 'they' (the who's) do ... can't have healthy people rising up now can we.
  11. Good to see karma taking out the pushers of this mrna poison. It's very niiiice !
  12. Watch 17min mark to about 20 min mark ... good info for the blind
  13. Yup this 1994 talk proves covy is another cabal attack sham
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