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  1. This guy is next level. Just imagine that you've discovered David Icke for the first time and find his research/information mind blowing. This video here connect the dots of the death of Kobe Bryant & Chadwick Boseman. More more information in the video! Please watch it if you wish. Very powerful information.
  2. https://old.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/hzlra9/damian_lillard_is_sharing_videos_with_fake/ Lewis Hamilton and now this guy? Sport stars are waking up bit by bit. I know they got rid of tweets and shit about it but still, another good sign. They're only regular people who happened to be good at sports. I'm only sharing this because they have millions of followers. Also, Denver Nuggets NBA rookie: https://old.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/hzpjsm/michael_porter_jr_believes_the_coronavirus_is/ Sorry to use Reddit but this came as a surprise.
  3. How the world is controlled by the few. That's what made me look into further on everything.
  4. A world class F1 driver is waking up to the truth! I think he already deleted the tweet but here is the picture; https://imgur.com/a/6gIjbNN Though he did apologized later for it but obviously he was demanded to do so otherwise his reputation and career will be destroyed further. The absolute bloodshed that he received by the public was really sad. "He has completely lost my respect" etc... I know there is more important matters but when celebrities say this, it's a good sign in a way.
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