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  1. @sickofallthebollocks I posted this earlier in the thread but here it is again. If you're interested in "in depth" analysis I recommend:- https://holocausthandbooks.com/ There's a ton of videos on there and although the physical books are for sale the PDFs can be downloaded free. I believe the site belongs to Germar Rudolf the brilliant German chemist who had a promising career at the Max Planck institute until he published a rigorous analysis of the cyanide content of the Auschwitz crematoria concrete. When he didn't find any traces of cyanide where it should have been, he was obviously sacked and has since dedicated his life to exploring the truth about the greatest hoax of the 20th century.
  2. @motleyhoo gonna have to agree to disagree I'm afraid. I don't buy most of what Jim Marrs was selling. From a purely common sense point of view I don't see how a National Socialist worldview can possibly have had anything to do with creating the disgusting, unethical, immoral, transsexual, miscegenated, jew shit show of a clown world we have on our hands today. As far as I can tell there's no "mystery" about the third Reich. Hitler wasn't a Svengali, who hypnotised everyone, just an extremely bright man who could speed read a book in a day and then discuss it in the evening quoting extracts with page numbers. There was no hoodoo, no shenanigans and no brains in jars. Yes they had an interest in paganism sure but it was tied to their views on what constituted a traditional Germanic society, hence the use of the swastika, and sig runes etc. So many thousands of lies have been told about it over the last 75 years (the endless jewish Hollywood films for a start) but at it's core the ethos of National Socialism was wholesomeness, the family and the land. I would urge people to look into how big they were on animal rights, holistic medicine and environmental issues. Many of the top people were vegetarians for ethical and health reasons, doesn't sound like loonies infected with "things" to me. Lastly take a look at these two guys, which one do you think looks more likely to create a hideous, degenerate cesspool of a world? And then there's this And, finally, this
  3. I hope they do bring out the army. I think that would be a classic case of "overreach". Turning troops on your own people has never worked out well for tyrants throughout all of history. Imagine if anyone was shot. Try justifying shooting your own people in the name of "public health" They would have serious problems with morale within their ranks and of course they would be greatly outnumbered. If a thousand people got the better of a hundred squaddies then, as in all revolts they could seize their hardware leading to more and easier victories etc. It's for these reasons I'd be very surprised if they tried it, unfortunately.
  4. @keii No idea how it works over there I'm afraid, but here in the UK people are just not wearing them and the police have only issued something like 13 fines across the whole country including on public transport which has had a mask mandate for longer. The reason being, exempt for health reasons (your private business) is exempt and there's not much they can do about it (yet).
  5. As someone pointed out in the Daily Mail comments. "Whitty's got the sort of face you expect to see when you awaken, chained up in a dungeon after being knocked out in an alley". Creepy looking sod.
  6. @motleyhoo Fair enough, I admit I haven't read up on the origins of chemotherapy. I think Marrs did great work on the Kennedy assassination but he should have quit while he was ahead. In all the interviews I've seen with him he seemed to take a very conventional view of "ze Germans" as in "they were evil". I am aware of Paperclip and have never found it particularly surprising that the allies "brain drained" German scientists, I mean the deal was sweet on both sides, allies get knowledge, scientists get a new life in the States with the alternative possibly being years in a Soviet gulag. However, I fail to see how the likes of Von Braun or some AG Farben chemists relocating to America perpetuates an "evil SS ideology" If only they had transferred some of the noble principles of honour and loyalty that were the central tenets of the Schutzstaffel we might not be in such an appalling geopolitical situation as we currently find ourselves in.
  7. I don't believe Adolf Hitler was anyone's tool or stooge and probably nobody's fool. There's been some very well researched investigation into these allegations in recent years. For anyone interested I would point you to the following link (for a start) http://entityart.co.uk/adolf-hitler-was-not-a-controlled-agent-opposition-rothschild-jew-iewish-controlled-opposition-lies-zionist-bank-funding-soldier-david-irving/
  8. You make a good point but unfortunately I disagree with everything you said. What are these "evils" the Germans are supposed to have committed? If it's all that old stuff about jewish soap, human lampshades, shrunken heads and experiments on twins then you're talking about things that were made up after the war by primarily jews, the US army psychological warfare division and the soviets.
  9. I decided way back when all this got going (probably around march) that the whole thing was media circus bullshit but I had a nasty feeling it was going to worm its way into my life whether I liked it or not. The imposition of mandatory muzzles was that worm, so having seen it coming I've had no trouble dealing with it. My policy is this, I will never while I can draw breath submit to putting on a muzzle, we don't have any in the house and won't be buying any, ever. If all the food shops said tomorrow, you can't come in without a mask, I would happily starve to death. I would literally have to be held down while they put one over my face and they'd have to cuff me to stop me ripping it off. My policy in a nutshell is simply this, these weasels can take all their fear, all their lies and all their pathetic face nappies and fuck right off.
  10. Personally I haven't seen any "excess deaths". I haven't been ill, my wife hasn't been ill, none of our family or anyone we know has been ill. No one they all know has been ill either. I haven't seen any shopworkers go off sick, the guy in the tiny cornershop up the road has kept going as normal, no one wears masks in his shop, no one has been ill. I haven't even heard so much as a cough or snuffle from anyone, anywhere for months. The British public have never sounded so healthy. NO ONE HAS BEEN ILL. Endless talk of "deaths" in the papers and on the telly though.
  11. Went round Aldi today it was just weird. It was fairly busy and I was the only person in there without a mask, but no one seemed to care. It was odd, no one said anything to me, no one gave me a funny look, the staff almost pointedly looked right through me. It was just like any, completely normal trip to the shops except all the other shoppers were dressed up like Michael Jackson. Strange. What did get on my nerves though was the old chap outside by the trolleys complaining that he "hated wearing these things" I told him he didn't have to wear it if he didn't want to but it didn't seem to go in. Later I saw him by the bananas pulling at the mask and puffing like he was trying to get his breath. Really pissed me off, some poor old person is going to keel over in this heat all because of their stupid muzzles.
  12. Your're absolutely right. I've noticed that people here in the UK seem to be terrified of what we call a "fixed penalty notice" basically a small on the spot fine. I think if you told the British public to jump off the nearest cliff or they'd be getting a £100 fixed penalty notice they'd be over the edge before the policeman had his pen out. What most people don't realise it seems, is that shop owners are liable to a £5000 fine for bothering people about not wearing a face nappy.
  13. That's interesting he would say that, confirms a lot of things I'd read about Mr.Churchill. David Irving's "Churchill's War" https://www.bitchute.com/video/d86gllYzBb2K/ really opened my eyes, it's long but well worth a watch . Also the book "No More Champagne" by David Lough is fascinating in that it shows how terminally short of cash Churchill was for most of his life, which obviously left him very vulnerable to corruption. To quote Churchill himself in a letter to his mother "We are damned poor". It's such a shame, remembrance day always makes me very sad. I can't help feeling that the brave men and women who fought for the allied side were duped and that they wouldn't think much of the world they fought and died for.
  14. Personally I'm not an "exterminationist" If you want soldiers to fight and sacrifice their lives you need to make them believe in a cause worth dying for, hence the reason Hitler and the third reich had to be portrayed in allied propaganda as these baby eating demons who liked to gas children. After the war I believe an awful lot of lies were told at Nuremberg in order to justify in the eyes of the world, the systematic carpet bombing and huge civilian death toll inflicted on Germany by the allies (not to mention the mass rapes by the soviets). If you take the view that there's a distinct possibility the jewish holocaust is a monstrous lie, the "good war" suddenly doesn't look so good after all. It always makes me laugh when people in Britain hold Churchill up as a hero and regard Hitler as the blackest villain in all history, when it was Churchill who lost the empire, bankrupted the country and unnecessarily extended the war for his own ends and the ends of his zionist paymasters, while it was Hitler who warned us "If we fall all of Europe falls with us" and look how right he was, except it wasn't just Europe but the world. For anyone interested in further reading I would recommend https://holocausthandbooks.com/ and the movie Hellstorm https://www.bitchute.com/video/DQsmGtKmArLD/.
  15. @Reapse What exactly did the Germans do wrong? Check your history. A picture of a Stalinist commissar or a Chinese Maoist would have been more appropriate surely? People are quick to vilify "Ze Nazis" forgetting that it's a Zionist conspiracy we face today, which the allies, the "good guys" of WW2 helped to create.
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