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  1. Wasn't trying to straw man you or have any ill intent, Tom.And yeah, you can make a joke about my name or think I'm a phoenix, I don't mind. I just thought your forum name was interesting because destruction of nature is a theme in Tolkien's work. I agree we live in a complex world. I'm not for a return to hunter-gatherer days, I wish there to be some balance/harmony between modern life and protecting what wilderness there is left. It's for the benefit of ourselves and for the sake of other organisms. I like a diverse world and a diverse countryside, not just a few crops. Simi
  2. I think it exists because there are specific symptoms you usually don't find in the flu, like the dry cough and the loss of taste and smell. It's a new strain of corona.
  3. Your username is Tom Bombadil, a character created by Tolkien. Surely you must know Tolkien didn't like the destruction of the natural world and it's a theme throughout his work.
  4. Yes, I've been through true wildernesses. I have also lived in the rural most of my life, and I have seen species decline because of modern farming practices where one crop is allowed to grow and the soil and streams are polluted. I prefer a diverse world, not a ''dominion world'' of human+cat and dog+cow+food crops+chicken. I like that there is still wilderness. I hate predictable landscapes be that neatly controlled cities or countryside with no forest. The controlled world comes from Yahwist version of our world, ''be fruitful and multiply'' and ''I give you dominion''. It kills the sp
  5. The size of the world population is created by modern farming. Without the 70s revolution things would have been very different. Not like human ingenuity or self sufficiency doesn't exist, or does it? Nah, just dumb people sitting on a chair that tell the God-fearing farmers what to do! (I mean seriously...). Anyway, just bulldoze nature and do what Yahweh commands us to do.
  6. I have different views than you. Modern farming and development comes from a Yahwist ''dominion over the world'' mindset. A thirst for endless progress, which is what the urban elites want. You say it feeds the world, well at the same time it has also increased world population so what does it solve when it increases demand? I'm not against wild animals. Maybe you do because of your occupation. But I want a world of variety, being able to go to a forest that isn't merely a managed parkland with only deer and mice. Forcing farmers to squeeze their land, maximize yield, 'then have customers pay
  7. I was a hardcore gamer for years and still did fine in school and then in college.
  8. This reads like the ramblings of a schizo.
  9. Just because it's part of the sustainable development goals does not make it evil or sinister, for goodness sake. Why is modern farming destructive? Well obviously we spray our crops with pesticides and herbicides and we produce maximum yield for lowest price which brings us to large scale farming where only one plant is allowed to grow at the cost of many other living beings. But maybe it is all very evil, to care for our environment. An evil and deeply sinister agenda indeed..... I would say a tier system would help give farmers a chance to practice more sustainable f
  10. Maybe I'm mad but I've pondered if it's worth dying for, to keep our own sovereignty over our body, to be a martyr for our basic human rights.
  11. ''We'' will die out but it's of our own doing. If you think about it... the elites prefer black and brown working class over white working class people. They see the white working class and their values and beliefs as relics of the past, of a ''white past''. It is about those white people that ''cling to the past'' and the white elites feel embarrassed to be associated with other less affluent white people. Meanwhile, those same affluent whites have lower birth rates. Also, a large chunk of the white populations are older people. So, long term you're looking at extinction, as far a
  12. They know the majority is compliant so this is all a nice test and we'll end up with less freedoms next year. The vaccine is very likely going to be mandatory if you want to air travel and go to cinema. You have some of your freedoms back but you'll be more enslaved as well.
  13. They're not gonna use the army to force vaccine you. They will make it impossible to travel or shop without being vaccinated, so we'll keep our ''freedom to choose''. LOL...
  14. There's a lot of self-hating whites and they (and jews, BLM) will push this though. White history is automatically ''racist''. They want you to hate yourself and your culture. Once whites become the minority they will be eliminated entirely, I've little doubt about it, and Europe will be a dystopian wasteland.
  15. Our culture is too individualistic and in the long run that means we die out as a group. You don't see countries with a black majority, or Japan or China, waste time on silly things as ''diversity''. They fight on, don't ''turn the other cheek'' and boast about being virtuous and compassionate. White people are simply too weak and police one another on who can be more virtuous and think outside of the group. Ultimately, it's a race of people that kills itself. Unless of course it wakes up in time.
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