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  1. Most people are hypocrites and inauthentic.
  2. Wow, she's awesome. Handles herself very well, speaking plain truth.
  3. Oh they'll target us.. sooner or later, first by excluding us from participation through the passports, then by blaming any ''new strain'' on us. We're in for a ride, guys. We'll be the ''criminals''!
  4. Fucking sad, all of this. It's a very bad nightmare that doesn't seem to stop.
  5. Still think the Jews will lose 'the end game' here. They can play woke but they can't hide their own light skin.
  6. Of course they target Tucker Carlson. They want white people to be obedient leftists that apologize for being white. Notice also whenever native European cultures are demonized or ridiculed, there are Jews behind it. One has to wonder why they haven't all migrated to Israel yet..
  7. Religions do and have done bad things too. Should you hold that against every religious person? I like to go beyond this group think. Couldn't care less if someone's a royalist or not. The royals have a lot of soft power and if they didn't then the PM would have even more sick power.
  8. She's also a vegan so that's not good either.
  9. I hate how social media strengthens bad characteristics like vanity, attention seeking, virtue signalling. This so called ''connected'' world is a delusional world. We live in a world where vain attention seekers like the Kardashians have become billionaires.
  10. That Twitter response is so dumb. As if that's relevant to the man's experience....
  11. Far more people have claimed that they are God themselves, or can become God. It's a common theme across the globe in religions. It's the ignorance of the public and the circumstances of exposure that David got singled out. Many people have such beliefs, David just happened to be on the screen. I've never thought much of it.
  12. BLM is the religion of English football. Even after almost a year they still take the knee. All for a drug abuser. All brainwashed by the MSM. Biggest fools ever. Then again, no surprises, because this has been in the making for many years. The FA fined footballers already back in 2010 for saying 'bad' things on Twitter. There is simply a Woke Consciousness within English football.
  13. They're called vaxholes. They brag and virtue signal to the world about ''doing their part''.
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