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  1. There's been a lot of talk in Belgium and the Netherlands recently about Replacement Theory. The media is freaking out because the info is trending on twitter. The fact is the major cities are majority non-white and not natives. Many of these people do not hold the same views on democracy, freedom of speech (fear of blasphemy with them) or homosexuals. Many native white people are of course naive and blame white people that point any of it out. Every ethnicity can have their own culture and customs but never ethnic whites.
  2. I agree that the adverse side effects are rare. I don't know anyone vaccinated with the issues posted here. However, I also don't know anyone who is dead or extremely ill due to covid. With covid it is also rare to die or get very very sick, as any govt stats can show us. ''Worth the risk''. You can't really know. If you are the unlucky one then that's what you are. Again, this applies to both the jab and the virus. There's a lot of uncertainty and there are two camps on the extreme sides of the covid discussion that want complete security. Camp A: Jabs are 100% bad for everyone. They will all die from it. There is no virus or it's just a cold, and ivermectine/HCQ would have stopped it (even though it wasn't an issue or didn't exist.....) Camp B: Jabs are 100% safe and everyone needs to take them, or be penalized. The virus has a super high death rate. It's basically CNN versus Breitbart. Their views are the winners in this media era. And since there is little conversation going on (for years now between different demographics and classes) people on both sides just radicalize more and more and more.
  3. Daily Mail is pretty much mainstream media for conservatives and populists.
  4. The Daily Mail has been posting these stories for over a year now. Adverse side effects have been recognized early on. The problem is with politicians who lie and tell the public the jabs are 100% safe.
  5. It's my observation that this happens on all sides.
  6. I see no reason to take the shots.
  7. So how does that fit the conspiracy narrative if these institutions give warnings about the jabs? Guys... it's always been about a rushed, panicked response to a new virus. This led to fear and censorship, and I also believe it led to a blooper where the cure (induced spike protein) creates issues similar to the virus itself. My god, throughout these two years I've been right most of the time, in contrast to conspiracists and also sheeple that favour censorship, jab mandates etc.
  8. Russia made a mistake going into Ukraine. They may think they 'own' Russian minorities in Ukraine, Georgia and wherever but that's just not how it works. If they want to aid the Russians and their culture within Ukraine then they ought to use soft power measures. Starting a war and talk of ''denazification'' is a load of rubbish and part of the ''WWII complex'' that so many white people have for so many decades, like everything has to be compared with WWII for god's sake. People are recreating roles and a theatre where they can play the role of a Nazi-destroyer, or Saviour of Christianity, or Champion of the Jews, and all sorts of other identities. You get black people identifying with slaves from centuries ago and demanding money, and you get white people taking up the mantle of the slave owner and apologising. Maybe history is just dead and that's why people are recreating these roles and revisiting these tropes. Or maybe this has always happened in every era, where people abuse history to fatten their own pockets.
  9. You gotta be joking there. This forum is full of threads that lack any scientific evidence!!! Flat-earth, no virus, religious stuff. I already said MANY times that I do not have the evidence of covid19 that people want. These type of sceptics need to see the virus in a lab, and then obviously differentiate it with other viruses. Only THAT will satisfy them and that isn't something I can provide. But people read over it, deliberately, and behave childish and I know some guys enjoy it 100%, because I bet in their daily lives offline they can't do that because they will get ridiculed so back down. But online it is so easy to do with someone who says that there's a virus. I said many times I go by my own experience, the difference with flu, the type of symptoms I had, and many other people I talked with who experienced it also (also specific symptoms that are typical to either delta or omicron).
  10. And since you showed an interest in it, I'm sure you have looked it up.
  11. Of what? Percentage of people getting infections during epidemics? I'm sure you can find it yourself.
  12. People can get illnesses that way, yes, but they can also be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People simply also catch viruses and healthy people can get sick from it. Then there is different strains and people with and without antibodies. There are many factors involved. ''But I've never caught a flu in a decade!'' doesn't mean ''I am healthy, no virus can ever get to me''. Not everyone gets infected, from what I recall reading about it is that not even the majority catch flu during a flu season. You can check stats about flu epidemics.
  13. It's strange how that works, even when many unvaxxed have antibodies by now. Surely these vaxxed ought to understand, at least by now, they can no longer blame any spreading of the disease on whether one is jabbed or not. I see many countries still follow this nonsense where only vaxxed are allowed inside, such as US and Canada.
  14. Nothing strange about any of that, and you can experience all of that during an infection (covid or other viruses), also when you haven't taken the jab.
  15. The irony here is that you easily describe most people that believe everything the ''alternative media'' says. You think those guys don't rely on fear and panic to sell their stories, books and keep subscribers? Lets not be naive......... You're not helping ANYONE with your virus denial. I even read rabies denial on here.. What I believe is happening is some people can't take the stuff that is happening in the world so their mind is closing off and goes into denial mode. It becomes more attractive to believe in a world where there are no viruses and it's all just made up. Then you think you are in complete control. Stuff from the external world becomes imagination.
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