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  1. It absolutely is virtue signalling. Have you ever been in a white majority group and then have one black person? If you stand back and observe you can see there are people virtue signalling trying to outdo each other on who is more friendly and tolerant. I'm positive non-whites notice this when they are in a mostly white group. When I was still on FB, I saw people really making a scene of it, sharing pictures with famous black people who did some justice cause, and the white person tried really hard to show how good her views were. This is the Pharisees all over again.
  2. It will be cheered on by all the self-hating whites, the ones that kneel before blm and feel they have some innate sin in them for simply not being black. You just can't reason with those people. Glad I'm not on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. This may or may not be controversial here, but I prefer countries/societies that stick to one culture, broadly. It creates stability. Just looking at all the European cities can tell me enough. That replacement in London is not anything about extinction though as more white people move to the countryside. I think the biggest issue is there's a lot of progressives, white progressives, that hate their own race. They have this 'white guilt', and they also hate their history and Christianity. They also hate the rural and are often urban dwellers. They have such a hate for their own roo
  4. Oh yes, I am sick of it. Governments also use this style all the time. I loathe it so much.
  5. Damn right @Macnamara. Jews are at the forefront in this whole Identity Politics scheme. Note also how anyone criticizing Soros is labelled an ''anti-Semite''. How convenient.
  6. So if I get this right, @WanderingMinds, you are one of those Christians that looks up to the Jews as a very special people? P.S. the dig at David Icke and equating reptilians with Jews was uncalled for. He's been talking about it not just in relation to certain families (which happen to be Jewish). Check the interview with Credo Mutwa. If you make the conclusion that someone else believes the Jews are reptilians then that's your paranoia IMO, being hyper-sensitive and seeing monsters everywhere like the ADL does.
  7. @Traveller I think you and me have very different worldviews. I am not someone that seeks to transcend the self or nature. I see tribes in this world fighting for their own culture and beliefs and I see many of ''us'' (Europeans) doing the reverse, thinking that we have transcended it all. But look where it has brought us today after decades of thinking we're above it all. It's about community and culture, and if you don't protect your own you get overrun by the next tribe. At least the Jews understand this and besides the Israelis whom don't hide the fact, many Jews are underhanded and s
  8. Even when all nations would be united then it's only a matter of time before there is quarrel within and populations create their own nations. The Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the EU. There is a trend towards centralization, then decentralization, then centralization again, etc. etc. etc. It is a natural cycle of civilization.
  9. Who are ''you guys'' and what is this ''progress and research on social media''? By the way, I'm not particularly religious and don't live by any such code so it has no effect on me what you're trying to do here. I am only amused by the caricature you have of me.
  10. The Simpsons???? Huh, did I miss something? Haven't watched in a long time.
  11. LOL @WanderingMinds. Trying to tame people on here? Telling the Christians to be good boys and girls? We've been red pilled about this topic. It's too late, pal. The Jews control the mainstream media, Hollywood, politics, humanities' departments. They are the original Wokesters. They were the first group to demand there be no debate about them for it would be ''hate speech''. Now Jews are again instrumental in helping other groups get there too. The Jews are deeply afraid of the white men, they are hyper-conscious and paranoid.
  12. One engineer can do the work of tens/hundreds of workers. Therein lies the problem. We're sleepwalking towards technocracy.
  13. There's lots of people around that hope for a vaccine. Doesn't mean they're all part of a plot. I'm sure you got friends and family who may hope for a covid vaccine too.
  14. I like him. Has been the main voice of Brexit and exposes the illegal migration. Okay so he could do much more but who else has done what he has done?
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