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  1. No surprises. Andy Ngo has posted many pictures of Antifa members, transgenders aren't rare among them. Wonder how many of our ancestors would react if they knew that in the future there would be trannie rioters plotting for the destruction of civilization...........
  2. The worst thing about Raheem is his diving. He's the sort of player that always looks for the chance. I just can't watch him.
  3. Yes, great game. A few issues here and there but a blast of an experience. I enjoyed the simpleness of it, no grand world-destroying stuff. I liked all the simple stuff like doing routines in the monastery, lol. I thought it was very immersive. Yeah, too much magic can hurt a fantasy setting and reduce immersion. Makes armour and melee weapons irrelevant so logically a high-magic setting would make warriors an endangered species. Destructive magic especially should be exceptional and rare. I like playing a warrior and use a bit of magic, like how I played Witcher3.
  4. I think my first game was Mario All-Stars back on the SNES, then Warcraft II. Not gaming much at the moment. Over the years I've become more and more 'specialized' in what I want, which is adventure/RPG games. Preferably in a pre-modern setting so historical realism (like Kingdom Come Deliverance) or fantasy (Witcher etc.) are my genres. Not much excitement in recent times/years.
  5. ''We get our freedoms back'' the sheep sing enthusiastically, ''we're going back to normal!''
  6. Of course they are. And they replace it with gangsta music that glorifies rape and murder, and women dressed like hookers.
  7. They can't make anything spectacular themselves so how to cope with it? Delete white people and take the credit for what they've done. Really sad bunch of folks.
  8. More jail time for ''offensive'' words. You can't make this shit up.. Speech Police now. When Elon Musk's technology is mainstream they'll come up with literal Thought Police next.
  9. ''Sisters of perpetual indulgence'' The whole lgbt+ thing looks like a cult of Slaanesh from Warhammer.
  10. Yes, they love their ugly architecture and ruining the landscape. Ugly inside, ugly outside.
  11. Higher education has become a total joke, and we know who own it from the top, at least in the USA. And what happens over there is brought to Europe thanks to the internationalist approach of 'universities'.
  12. That all that crap is in a paper like Scientific American is already telling enough.
  13. Not crazy at all. The ''green'' movement was originally a conservative movement and it was about preserving plants and animals, it wasn't about energy politics and socialism. Original greens were religious people, moved by a sense of stewardship.
  14. Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries https://archive.ph/H8kw7
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